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What was interesting was his eyes, which had been light brown since five years ago, changed.

Now it was a mixture of red and gold, exactly similar to Apollonia’s, and no one knew what caused it.

The Emperor began to spread rumors that Paris’ royal characteristic manifested late.

Apollonia had no idea how it happened, but that wasn’t her main concern now.

“Any news about Caelion”

Apollonia moved on to discuss another matter without even raising her gaze from that portrait.

It was easy for Apollonia to think and instruct at the same time.

Adrian was amazed every time she saw Apollonia like that.

How she thought about many things and did not miss even the smallest details were strangely similar to Duchess Petra Leifer, who was like Apollonia’s natural enemy.

‘Is it because they are relatives’

“I’ve received a long letter from the carrier pigeon.”

“What did it say”

Apollonia put her faith in Adrian.

She was allowed to read any confidential information in advance to inform Apollonia later.

“The war is almost over.

Lastly, they have to fight against the remnants of Rajan, but their military power is very weak.”

A year ago, the Empire waged a war, saying it would teach a lesson to the neighboring states who opposed the Emperor.

The Crown Prince of the Empire, Paris, was appointed as general commander, while Caelion, who had countless war experience, was appointed as vice commander.

The Imperial Army swept all five states in a short period and acquired great victory.

The Emperor made it seem like everything was credited to Paris, but in fact, most people of the empire knew that it was Caelion who made the most contribution.

To be exact, it was the contribution of Caelion’s adjutant, Count Biche.

The two had experienced countless crises together over the past few years.

There were dozens of assassination attempts from Petra and the Emperor.

Nevertheless, Caelion did not die because Uriel appeared like a ghost and blocked the attack.

When all their assassination attempts failed, the Emperor drove the two to war and battle.

They were deployed to defeat monsters, fought wars on the outskirts, and defended the northern border.

However, Caelion and Urial returned alive again and again without a single loss.

And they used this crisis as an opportunity to expand power.

This was also a crisis.

Because Paris always gave the two seemingly impossible missions at whim.

But they succeeded every time and consequently made their name known as heroes once again.

Thanks to this, Uriel’s status also rose from Baron to Count.

The two best warriors in the empire.

They were also known as the most handsome men of the empire.

“Let me see.”

Apollonia quickly read Caelion’s letter.

Adrian knew well that there was one news she was looking forward to besides the end of the war.

“Huh Is that all”

“It means that he’s doing well on his own,” Adrian said.

She finished Apollonia’s hair with one last brush.

“Since the engagement is broken, should we go on a trip”

Apollonia opened her eyes wide.

Soon, she realized the meaning and smiled.

“Where are you going”


Apollonia said.

She was still looking at two portraits.

“I should go meet Luana.”

“What about me” Apollonia smiled at her question.

“You come along, too.

But you have an errand to do first.”

Even before her words were over, Adrian wore her robe.

“You couldn’t trust the guy that you sent, so you want me to check it myself, right”

This time, Apollonia opened her eyes wide.

“You really….”

“Are you asking me if I could read people’s minds”

When Adrian asked casually, Apollonia’s beautiful red eyes grew bigger, and the golden color in them became clear.

Seeing that expression was the best thing in the world.

She was a master that Adrian genuinely admired and respected.

That was Apollonia.

Sometimes she felt like a person made of iron, but sometimes she was like a child.

“I’ll be right back, Your Highness.”

Adrian left the door with a smile.

Four people entered a dark tavern located in the back alley of the capital.

They were three robust young men and one woman.

“Hey! Bring me something to drink!”

The woman walking in the front shouted.

Since it was a small tavern, the party with three big men caught everyone’s attention.

She was short and skinny, with robes covering her body.

At first glance, she looked like a boy thanks to her short hair and sassy tone.

But upon closer look, anyone could see that her features were quite feminim.

“What can I help you with”

“These three wants beer.

I want milk.”

The tavern owner held back his laughter.

She shouted as if she was going to chug down a bucket of beer, but she only ordered a glass of milk.

Whether the owner laughed at her or not, the small woman and her group sat at the bar.


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