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Xie Qingyan frowned.

“What is wrong with him They didnt grow up together, so how can they be comparable to each other Just like our little boy, Xiao Yang.

He was brought up in a normal family.

He will not have the knowledge and experience his brothers have, but he is still one of the best on his own.

He has a great voice, and the songs he sings are touching.

As a mother, I would never think Xiao Yang is worse than any of my children.

As long as he is still alive and is a man with morale, I feel more than lucky to have him as my son.”

“Mum, forget about it.

If he knew all these, he wouldnt have done them in the past.

Not only is there something wrong with him, but he is also an ambitious man.

He knew his grandfather was rich, but he never came home.

Do you know why”

“Why Did he want to depend on himself To prove himself”

After hearing what Xie Qingyan said, Di Jingkun held his head up with pride.

“Mum, do you really think hes that type of person If he was, he wouldnt have fought dad in the first place.

Dont you remember what Cheng Shuyu said before she was arrested They always wanted to return home to the royal family in Country B.

They wanted the royal family to acknowledge them.

“It has to be noted that those from the royal family could be the ones who killed our grandparents and may also be the ones who took him away.

In order to return to them, he didnt care about all these.

Do you still think he is someone who refuses to return home just to prove himself

“He didnt come home because he thinks he isnt good enough yet.

Plus, he has been away for so many years.

Even if he went home, he would not be able to inherit what our grandfather had.

In the end, not only would he lose the inheritance, but all of the things he got outside would have been also given to my father as a tool to protect him.

This is why he never came back.”

The schemes inside Di Jingkuns mind were all dissected in the open by Di Jinqian.

It was accurate and so on point that it made him angry.


“Well, my bull** is still better than what you have done so far!” Jinqian had been pissing him off so badly, and when he finally had the energy to say something, Jinqian managed to shut him up within 0.1 seconds.

Di Jingkun felt that his chest ached and his body hurt.

He was trembling from the loss of blood.

God knows if it was because of the pain or the rage.

“So, thats why.” Di Jingxuan nodded his head.

“When I realized that the person who had been scheming behind my back was my twin brother, I always wondered why you never came back since were biological brothers.

Even if it was a misunderstanding when you first attacked me, you should have come home instead of fighting against me when you realized that I am your brother.

If you did, I would have helped you.

“Hmm….Di Jingkun, what should I say to you You have never seen what I can do.

If you have, you would have known that with what you have now, you would never be able to catch up to me in your lifetime.”

“How can you say that I cant What right do you have to say that! Di Jingxuan, you were only luckier than I am.

If we switched positions… If you are taken away and I stayed with our father, I would have inherited his businesses as well and brought them to a new height.


It might be impossible to earn 1 billion on your own but…”


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