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But right now, both his legs have turned into burger patties, and the only thing that makes him a man is gone.

Di Jingkuns rage is currently at its peak.

“You still remember that youre my brother Di Jingkun, let me ask you this.

Since you knew you were my brother, you should have known that our parents didnt lose you intentionally, just like Qianqian and Xiao Yang.

Both of them grew up in pain and suffering, but when we found them, they returned home immediately and stayed with us even when we were the ones who lost them.

“But, this will only happen once.

From now on, we will protect and love them more than our own life.

This is what we call a family.”

Di Jingxuan looked at the man covered in blood and continued, “But, what about you What have you done When did you know about your identity I clearly remember the very first time I got disturbed by you.

I am sure our father was still alive.

You knew you had parents, a family.

You knew you would have someone to love you as soon as you returned home, but you never returned.

Not only did you not come home, but you also decided to stir up trouble for us.

People like you really deserve to stay on the streets like rats.

You could have lived a normal life but you chose not to.

You knew the culprit who put you in this state was not our father, and it wasnt me, but you let them go.

Instead of fighting our enemy, you fought us instead.

Di Jingkun! Do you have ** for brains!”


Di Jingkun glared at Di Jingxuan and said, “How dare you speak to me like that! Do you think youre that great! If you are, why didnt you arrange more bodyguards for our father! You are the one who was useless, and it led to his death! Hes dead now! How am I supposed to return home You are the one who caused all this mess!”

“Is there something wrong with your brains! If there is, you should get it fixed! The person who took you away from your family is also the one who killed your father! Even if they are not the same person, they definitely work for the same people! Instead of hating them, you are blaming it on my husband Who knew those people would be crazy enough to hack a boat with thousands of people on it just so that your father would stay in Country B Instead of finding them and killing them, you have the audacity to blame my husband Alright then, if it was you, how many people would you bring along with you!”

Xie Qingyan stared at Di Jingkun as she continued, “Lets see.

According to how you tried to kill my husband and my daughter, you would only send 15 men at most.

Huh Di Jingkun, its not that I want to humiliate you, but my husband sent at least 50 men with his father.

Each of them is as good as the one you have, but when it comes to a sinking ship, forget about having 50 men.

Even 500 of them would be useless!”

“Mum, why bother speaking with him Cant you see This is a selfish, petty, short-sighted, evil man.

Everything hes saying is just an excuse.

If he wanted to come home, he only had to look for his grandfather, but when he spoke about how great our father was, he wasnt happy with it.

So, he decided to go on his way so that he could be better than our father.

“But, how could he be better He is the son of a dragon, but he ended up being a dog.

No matter how hard he tried to buy an empire, he would never be better than our father, so he started hating our father.”


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