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After Zi Yi returned to her room and was about to go to sleep, after changing into her pajamas, she heard the sounds of a car being parked outside.

There was not even a need for her to think, to know that those people had located this place after tracking the traces of her car.

“It seems like they are really starting to become doubtful of us.”

Zi Yi sn​​orted and pretended not to know as she lay down on the bed.

Soon, there were sounds of knocking on the door.

Zi Yi covered her head with the quilt and had no intention to care about the knocking.

After the person continued knocking for some time, he suddenly stopped knocking.

Just as Zi Yi was thinking about whether Qin Ze had come back yet, Shadows voice sounded in her ear.

“Master, that man is trying to enter through the back door.”

Before Zi Yi had the chance to explode in anger, Shadow added and said, “Second Master has stopped him.”

“Hmm” Zi Yi flipped the quilt away and got down from the bed after hearing what Shadow said.

She then ran in the direction of the back door.

After she opened the door, Zi Yi looked at the two figures who were currently engaged in a fight.

Even without any light source from the moonlight, Zi Yi could still discern who they were.

Just then, she called out to someone, “Hubby.”

Lu Jingye said to her, “Go back to the room.

Dont catch a cold.”

Zi Yi responded with a nod and returned to the room.

Lu Jingye and Runges fight lasted for some time.

In the end, Lu Jingye landed a punch to Runges stomach and Runge took a few steps back.

That was when the fight finally ended.

He pressed on his stomach with his hand and asked in a heavy voice, “Who are you”

He knew the other party was using martial arts from China, but he could not identify who he was.

“Its none of your business to know who I am.” Lu Jingye purposely lowered his voice.

Coupled with the mask he was wearing, he was not worried about Runge recognizing him.

“If you dare to have designs on my wife, dont blame me for being ruthless.

I dont think anyone will find out, even if there is an additional corpse here.

And there especially wont be any problems for us who only came out to travel.”

Runge stared into the other partys eyes.

He was trying to identify some sort of familiarity with the other partys speech.

He was already suspecting that the woman in the room was Zi Yi.

Just then, he suddenly called out, “Lu Jingye.”

Lu Jingye did not respond to him at all.

He exuded an extremely powerful aura.

“Why arent you getting lost”

Runge was sure.

The other party was not Lu Jingye.

However, the other partys rude remarks made him feel upset.

“Who are you” he asked again.

Lu Jingye did not feel like conversing with this person who tried to do something to his wife.

He simply bent down to pick up a stone and threw it in Runges direction.


Runge was surprised.

The other party actually dared to throw a stone at him

He almost lost his reasoning due to rage and wanted to pull out his gun.

Just then, a womans voice sounded from inside the room.

“Hubby, why dont you send that thief to the police station He must be trying to steal something from our house.”

Lu Jingye responded affirmatively.

“I got it.

Go back to the room.”

Runge had never experienced being treated like a thief before and flames of fury were burning in his mind.

In particular, Lu Jingye continued to speak, saying, “My wife cant take the sight of blood.

You had better leave quickly.”

Having said that, he headed in the direction of the back door.

After the back door was closed, Runges facial features became distorted.

He clenched his fists and stood there for a moment before he turned around and walked on the road.

Inside the house.

Zi Yi, who had been standing behind the door, immediately threw herself into his arms as soon as he came in.

There was an unconcealable hint of joy in her voice.

“Ah Jing, why have you come”

“Didnt you say there was no one here to cook for you Im here as your personal cook.”

Zi Yis lips curved up at his words.

She stood up on tiptoe, hugged his neck, and kissed him on the lips.

Lu Jingye supported her waist and deepened the kiss.

The lights in the room werent switched on and the sounds of kissing reverberated throughout the house.

Because of the darkness the ambiguous sounds were amplified.

Just when both of them were about to lose control, Lu Jingye restrained himself and pulled away from her as he asked, “Little Zi, which one is your room”

“The one to the east.”

Lu Jingye carried her by her waist and walked to Zi Yis bedroom.

The bedside lamp inside the room was switched on.

Lu Jingye carried her over and put her on the bed.

Zi Yi put her arm around his neck, looked at his unfamiliar face, and said with a giggle, “Hurry and take off your mask.

Otherwise, I feel like I wont be able to kiss you.”

Lu Jingye was amused by her words and was about to straighten himself up.

However, Zi Yi held onto him without letting go.

Lu Jingye gently pinched her waist and said, “Naughty girl, let go.”

Only then did Zi Yi release her hold on his neck.

Lu Jingye stood up and headed to the bathroom.

While walking, he took off the mask.

“Ill go take a shower first.”

Having said that, he entered the bathroom.

Zi Yi lay down on the bed and her mind was on cloud nine.

The corners of her lips unconsciously curved up.

However, just then, there were sounds of movement from outside, which were followed by knocking sounds outside her door.

“Zi Yi, are you in the room”


“Did someone come by just now I saw some trees behind the back door that were damaged.”


“Are you alright then”

Zi Yi got a little annoyed and said, “Nothings wrong.

You can go back and sleep.”

Qin Ze had yet to finish asking his questions.

“Do we follow the people from the ranch to the base in the morning tomorrow”

“No need.

Well head there later in the day.”


“Im already asleep.

Dont talk to me anymore.”

“…Alright then.”

Upon hearing Qin Ze walking away, Zi Yi clicked her tongue and craned her neck to look at the door to the bathroom.

Lu Jingye just so happened to come out.

He glanced at the door and asked, “Where did Qin Ze go”

“We went to the ranch earlier.

He just came back now.”

Having said that, she pulled the quilt open and urged him to lie down next to her.

As soon as their bodies approached each other…

Instantly, it was like dried wood thrown into a bonfire.

By the time Zi Yi woke up the next day, Lu Jingye had already left the room.

When she washed up and came out, she saw Lu Jingye and Qin Ze standing there with their backs facing the door while they conversed.

Qin Ze said, “I didnt expect Major General Runge to be entering the base in this manner.”

Lu Jingye explained to him, “Hes heading there in secret and the purpose of which is to prevent anyone from knowing.”

Qin Ze laughed upon hearing this.

“Zi Yi identified him last night.

If we were to go in together when the time comes, I feel like we would encounter each other.”

“Mhmm.” Just then, Lu Jingye suddenly turned around and walked over to Zi Yi.

He looked at her disapprovingly as she was only wearing thin outerwear.

“The mornings here are rather cool.

Go in and grab another thicker layer.”

“Im not cold.” Zi Yi put her hands in his and said, “Feel it.

My hands are warm.”

Lu Jingye held her hands tightly and sure enough, her hands were warm.

He did not say anything else.

Qin Ze did not wish to be a lightbulb and so, he said, “Ill go check if the porridge is ready.”

Following that, he headed in the direction of the kitchen.

Zi Yi pulled Lu Jingye away and while walking, she told him her plans.

“A and Little Loli are already inside the research lab.

They have also identified who are the worm race.

When the time comes, we can secretly assist Runge and take care of those worms.

This way, no one will notice us.”

“Mhmm.” Lu Jingye agreed to her plan.

Zi Yi added and said, “I was planning to head to the research lab today.

But since Runge is also here, let him go in today and well go in the day after.

Just then, Lu Jingye looked in a certain direction.

Zi Yi followed his gaze and looked over.

They saw that Runge had yet to leave and instead, he was making his way over.

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