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“Teacher, Ma’am.” Jiang Hanfei walked in.


“Hanfei, just now, Luo Luo opened her eyes.” Mother Su said the good news to Jiang Hanfei.


“It’s wonderful.

Congratulations, teacher, and madam.

She woke up so quickly because of your unfailing care.” Jiang Hanfei spoke sincerely.


So, the three watched Su Yunluo’s bedside, waiting for her to wake up without blinking their eyes.


On the following day, Su Yunluo finally woke up.


Mom.” Her voice was low and somewhat inaudible, but it was enough to make the parents happy.


“That’s great.

You’re finally awake.” Su Yunluo’s mother said with a choked sob.


“It’s good to be awake.

It’s good to be awake.” Father Su, who had never been a crybaby, had red eyes at this time.


Su Yunluo’s eyes turned to the left, and she saw a gentle Jiang Hanfei.

“Brother Hanfei.” She raised her hand and struggled to grab one of his fingers.


“Luo Luo, welcome back to the world.” Jiang Hanfei returned her grip.

There was a mutual understanding of love in his eyes.


The doctor gave Su Yunluo a comprehensive physical examination.

Su Yunluo had been in bed for almost half a year, so her hands and feet were weak and needed to be rehabilitated.

Other than that, the organs in her body were functioning well and had no major problems.


Therefore, Su Yunluo’s daily task was rehabilitation.

To let Su Yunluo get better faster, Jiang Hanfei consulted with her parents and found the most prestigious doctor to make a one-on-one rehabilitation plan for her condition.


On this day, Jiang Hanfei came to the hospital as usual.

Su Yunluo was doing balance training, and the doctor was standing by the side to guide her.


Su Yunluo was so focused on her training that she didn’t notice him; Jiang Hanfei nodded to the doctor to say hello, and then stood not far away and watched in silence.


Ten minutes later, the doctor spoke and shouted to stop, “Miss Su, today’s rehab is over.

We will continue tomorrow.”


Only then did Su Yunluo see Jiang Hanfei.

“Brother Hanfei.” She looked surprised.


Jiang Hanfei came over and gently kissed her lips.

“It’s been hard for you.”


“It’s not hard.

As long as I can get better, it’s worth it,” replied Su Yunluo in a good mood.


“It’s almost noon, so let’s go for lunch.

What do you want to eat” Jiang Hanfei embraced her.


“Let’s go eat hot pot, okay” Su Yunluo proposed.


“Okay.” Jiang Hanfei responded.


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