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Qiao Yanqi and the two consorts were furious.

They had done everything in vain! They had even offended someone they couldnt afford to!

Qiao Yanqis eyes widened as she said in disbelief, “Impossible! This woman is clearly…”

“Who is it Is it me” Xu Qings mocking voice came from behind the crowd.

Everyone retreated to the side in fear and subconsciously distanced themselves from her.

This also allowed Xu Qing to walk in smoothly.

Xu Qing was still wearing the clothes she had come in.

She wasnt wet at all, and even her hair wasnt messy.

She looked noble and elegant.

Looking at Xu Qings smile, Qiao Yanqi understood now.

They had all fallen into this womans trap! This woman fooled them on purpose! How vicious.

How could Brother Hui like such a vicious person


“I went to look for my children just now, but I couldnt find them after searching around.

I saw so many people here, so I came to watch the commotion.

I didnt expect it to be so exciting!” Xu Qing walked to the Eldest Princesss side and smiled.

The Eldest Princesss eyes were filled with admiration and relief.

Fortunately, Xu Qing was fine.

Otherwise, Qiao Yanhui would definitely tear down her house!

“Its good that youre fine!” the Eldest Princess said meaningfully.

She knew that Xu Qing felt that it wasnt that simple.

This was good too.

This way, Qiao Yanhui wouldnt have such a hard time protecting her.

“Mom.” Xu Hanxue ran to Xu Qing excitedly and hugged her thigh while rubbing her face against it.

She really thought that something bad had happened to her mother just now.

If not for the fact that the woman on the ground didnt smell like her mother, she might have cried from anxiety.

She was really frightened to death!

Xu Tingdeng also hugged Xu Qings thigh with obvious worry.

Xu Qing patted the three childrens heads.

She had probably frightened them.

Xu Hanxue thought of how she had almost cried just now and pouted.

“Mom, Grandaunt said that those who slander you will be executed.”

If they hadnt witnessed it with their own eyes, it was difficult to imagine that such words would come out of a cute little girls mouth.

However, what Xu Hanxue said was true!

Moreover, the unconscious woman on the ground was arranged by Qiao Yanqi and the others, so Xu Qing didnt pity her at all.

If she was really just an ordinary person, she would be the one executed today.

Qiao Yanqi and the two princes consorts paled when they heard Xu Hanxues words.

They hurriedly explained, “We didnt want to say that the woman on the ground is the Generals wife!”

“You guys admitted to my brother just now, but youre still lying to us now.” Xu Hanxue straightened her neck and said indignantly.

The three of them blushed when they heard a three-year-old child accuse them.

But no matter what, they couldnt be slapped or executed.

Otherwise, with their identities, how could they have the cheek to stay in the capital in the future! Even their families wouldnt be able to establish themselves in the capital! Their husbands might even ask them to get lost!

As Ao Lier stood in the crowd, she felt a headache coming on.

It seemed like todays matter couldnt be settled peacefully.

“I think they drank a little too much today.

They probably didnt do it on purpose.

How about sparing them” Ao Lier looked at Xu Qing.

However, her words made the three women widen their eyes.

So the Eldest Princess was actually helping Xu Qing

Ao Lier snorted coldly.

If she didnt do this today, with how protective Qiao Yanhui was of his wife, wouldnt he kill them all Now, instead of thanking her, they actually resented her.

What a group of ingrates! Ao Lier felt angry.

Of course, Ao Lier couldnt interfere with what Qiao Yanhui would do in the future.

She could only save these peoples lives today.

“Since youve said so, I cant punish them too severely.

However, the Qiao familys reputation is important after all, so let them slap themselves.” Xu Qings nonchalant words made the three women fly into a rage!

“Xu Qing, what right do you have to punish us like this! What right do you have!” The three women glared at Xu Qing fiercely.

“It seems that you ladies cant bear to hit yourselves Thats fine.

Xun Fen, Teng Nian, carry out their punishment for them!” Xu Qing said coldly.

Didnt Qiao Yanqi like to slap herself Then she would let Qiao Yanqi slap herself this time.

As for Jin Zhi and Sun Mi, didnt they like to set her up Then she would let them suffer the consequences!

However, Xu Qings only regret was that she didnt arrange such a scene for them.

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