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“Aunt, theres only this room left.” Qiao Yanqi lowered her head and stood beside the Eldest Princess.

Her tone was filled with worry, but she couldnt hide the glee in her eyes.

Soon, everyone, including Brother Hui, would know that Xu Qing was a slut and despise Xu Qing! How could a person like Xu Qing bear the burden of the royal family Therefore, she was helping Xu Qing!

“Open it.” After searching so many rooms, she still didnt see Xu Qing.

This made the Eldest Princess a little tired.

However, before the servants could go, Xu Yuandeng went forward and kicked open the door.

His small face was filled with killing intent.

Even Xu Tingdeng and Xu Hanxue, who were behind him, seemed a little cold.

This shocked the Eldest Princess.

They saw a long-haired woman lying on the ground.

Her figure was very similar to their mothers, and her clothes were also very similar.

Xu Tingdeng and Xu Hanxue exclaimed, “Mother!”

Xu Yuandeng looked at the man on the bed with a murderous aura.

This made Xu Qings heart ache.

For such a young child to have such an intimidating aura, he must have trained himself with all his might.

She didnt know how much hardship he had suffered in between! This child probably toughened himself in order to protect his siblings…

Zhuo Wuyou sensed her emotions and squeezed Xu Qings palm to reassure her.

As Xu Qing gazed at Zhuo Wuyou, she felt an indescribable feeling.

She knew that Xu Yuandengs current achievements couldnt have been possible without Zhuo Wuyous help.

However, her heart still ached for the child.

Xu Yuandeng was the eldest son, so he had to take care of the entire family and protect his siblings.

However, he was still only a three-year-old child! He was at the age when he should be wheedling in his parents arms!

Zhuo Wuyou whispered to Xu Qing, “This is his choice.

This child is braver than you think.”

Xu Qing pursed her lips and didnt say anything.

Because Zhuo Wuyou was comforting Xu Qing in a low voice, Xu Yuandeng suddenly looked up and looked in a certain direction.

Then, he looked back calmly.

Actually, he had sensed Zhuo Wuyous aura just now! Since Zhuo Wuyou was here, his mother was definitely fine! As for the woman lying on the ground…

A mocking look flashed in Xu Yuandengs eyes.

Xu Hanxue and Xu Tingdeng also realized that something was wrong.

Then, they received a look from their eldest brother.

The two of them called out for their mother, but they didnt cry or approach that woman.

As Qiao Yanqi stood at the door, she didnt dare to look up, because she was afraid that her aunt would see her smile! She didnt know why that man was on the bed and “Xu Qing” was lying on the ground, but it was enough.

Many people had seen Xu Qing in the same room as a naked man…

“Whats going on Why is there… a man in my sister-in-laws room!” Qiao Yanqi covered her mouth in feigned surprise, but her voice was so loud that it was as if she wished the entire world knew.

Some people in with the crowd started to discuss the incident with vicious words.

As Xu Qing watched Qiao Yanqis lousy performance, she sneered.

Since Qiao Yanqi had already made a move against her, dont blame her!

The Eldest Princesss expression darkened as she shouted coldly, “Everyone, get out!”

It was obvious that Ao Lier wanted to cover up the scandal!


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