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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Mu Siyin… I-I… Cant Forgive You!

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Mu Siyin tugged at Li Tongzhis hair mercilessly. She stretched out a finger and knocked violently at the latters forehead while scolding her. It was a shocking sight to behold!

Mu Xingyu, who had been shoved aside, was so stunned for a moment that she froze up on the floor and forgot to stop Mu Siyin.

“Ah… Mu Siyin! Let go! You little b*tch!”

“Slap!” Mu Siyin landed another slap.

Li Tongzhis screams grew louder. Her shrieks and wails could shake the foundations of the entire house!

“Little b*tch! I wont forgive you!”

“Youre the little b*tch! All of your family members are little b*tches!”

Mu Siyins relentless yelling at Li Tongzhi then shook Mu Xingyu back to her senses.

“Enough! Mu Siyin! Stop it at once!!!”

Old Madam Mus wrathful voice resounded from a doorway.

When she heard Old Madam Mus voice, Li Tongzhi, who was still pinned down by Mu Siyin and pulled at the hair, screamed even more hysterically.

“Mom, youre finally here. That b*tch Mu Siyin is about to rip my scalp off…”

Only when Old Madam Mu arrived did Mu Siyin release Li Tongzhi with a scoff.

However, she released Li Tongzhi so quickly that the latter accidentally hit her head hard on the floor. Li Tongzhis vision blurred and she nearly passed out.

“Mu Siyin… I-I… cant forgive you!” It was a great ordeal for Li Tongzhi to be abused by Mu Siyin like that. Right now, she could not wait to skin Mu Siyin alive!

Mu Xingyu hurriedly helped Li Tongzhi up. She then glared at Mu Siyin and chided, “Mu Siyin! Youre too much!!!”

Mu Siyin sneered, “Youre the ones whore too much, not me!”

Mu Xingyus expression darkened. “My mother only wanted to air your belongings under the sun. You didnt have to get physical.”

Mu Siyin smirked. “Air my belongings under the sun Then who scattered the photo and my other items on the floor A ghost”

Mu Xingyu tried to keep her cool. “Who told you to piss us off My mother is now in a daze because of you.”

Mu Siyin laughed. “Mu Xingyu, dont you have some dignity Or perhaps, you dont even have one!”

“Mu Siyin!”

“Enough!!!” Old Madam Mu hushed them.

Mu Corporations stocks had plummeted the moment they opened this morning. The company was now in turmoil, and they were all asking for help everywhere, trying to come up with ways to save the corporation. This made Mu Siyins father, Mu Heyuan extremely anxious!

Earlier, he had phoned Old Madam Mu to ask for updates regarding the Lu family.

She was about to phone Mu Siyin when she discovered that the latter had come home on her own.

“Tongzhi, who told you to break Yinyins belongings”

To placate Mu Siyin, Old Madam Mu put on an act and accused Li Tongzhi.

Li Tongzhi never thought that Old Madam Mu would blame her. After all, it was the old madam who ordered her to search for the succession certificate.

She paused for a while before realizing what was going on.

The old madam was blaming her for the sake of the company!

Despite her immense displeasure, Li Tongzhi had no choice but to swallow her pride. With her messy hair and swollen face, she muttered pitifully, “Mom… It was an accident…”

Old Madam Mu frowned and waved a hand at her. “Alright, alright, go wash up. Dont make a fool of yourself.”

Li Tongzhi balled her fists and lowered her head bitterly. “Yes.”

Today, she would let Mu Siyin get away with it, but she would make her pay in the coming days!

Mu Xingyu supported the unkempt Li Tongzhi and just as they were about to leave, Mu Siyin suddenly cried out, “Stay there!”


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