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Chapter 4139: The Other Side 108Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The actor made this remark because he thought Natalia was acting too strangely today.

Gong Fan was obviously fine when they saw him in the kitchen, but why did he faint soon after she had walked in

What was more startling, was that he had inadvertently caught a glimpse of an indescribable coldness in Natalias expression as she looked at Gong Fan.

It gave him a sudden sense of unfamiliarity.

Gong Jie felt helpless, however.

He had already overstayed and if he continued to delay returning to the Hurricane Group, it would probably be in chaos.

Hua Jin saw his hesitation and immediately said, “Actually… its fine if you dont stay.

Ill try my best to deal with it.”

“Ill send someone to look after her.

If anything unusual happens, just let me know.”


The actor nodded.

“Yes, alright.”

Yun Shishi accompanied Gong Fan so that he would go to sleep.

As she hummed softly, the boy gradually allowed his exhaustion to take over and finally fell asleep in her arms.

Seeing that he had fallen asleep, she considered getting up, but was worried that if the boy should wake and find her missing, hed be sad and disappointed, so she simply slept next to him.

At some point, she was woken up by a movement beside her.

She opened her eyes subconsciously and saw that the little one was already awake.

She was about to call out “Gong Fan”, when she saw him rubbing his eyes and opening them.

His stunned gaze made her realize that it was not Gong Fan who had woken up, but Youyou.

“Are you awake, Youyou” She patted his cheek gently.

The boy opened his eyes and looked dazed for a moment, because when he had gone to sleep the night before, it had been in his own home.

Now he had woken up in a strange room.

He was smart enough to realize that he had been asleep “for a while”, and the person who had woken up earlier would have been Gong Fan.

“Where am I” Youyous voice was hoarse from just waking up.

‘At Natalias house.

“Eh How many days has it been since I fell asleep”

“Today is the day you were going to make a series of desserts for Natalia.

Have you forgotten However, it was Gong Fan who woke up this morning.

Its understandable that you dont have any impression of it.”

“Ahhhhhh…” The boy tapped his head.

“What time is it”

“Its past noon! Ive already spoken with her for you to beexcused.”

“Why” The boy paused, then caught himself.

“Oh, I forgot.

Gong Fan doesnt know how to make desserts.”

“He did try on your behalf today.

Maybe he thought that since it was something youd promised, he should deliver your promise for you, so he gritted his teeth and tried,” she explained.

The boy could not help feeling exasperated.

“How would he know how to do it”

“Uh huh.

It failed several times.” Yun Shishi was silent for a moment.

“In the morning, Gong Fan suddenly fainted.

I thought he hadnt slept well, so I put him to bed for a while.”

The boy nodded at that, feeling warm inside.

He too, realized that when he opened his eyes just then, Yun Shishi was stunned for a moment, but she had quickly recognized that he was not Gong Fan, but Youyou!

It was heartwarming.

In the past, when he and Little Yichen stood side by side, many people would mistake them for each other.

But Yun Shishi could always tell them apart.

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