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That wasnt a far stretch because only one demonic god could exist in the Demon Continent.

If the ancient demonic god woke up, there was bound to be a war.

The demons were still discussing the matter, but Himmel Soan had disappeared from the inn.

He had a rough idea of where to go next.

To find which continent Gina had gone to, he had to figure out this Demon Continent first.

He needed to travel through this continent to reach the one Gina was in.

The quickest way to do that was to find the ruler of this continent, namely the demonic god.

The demonic god was in the same area as the ancient demonic gods corpse, which was very convenient for Himmel Soan.

He would support whichever demonic god could get him out of this continent.

At that thought, Himmel Soan headed for the area the demons were talking about.

Shortly after, he was out of the capital city.


The Oogh family manor.

“I didnt think Stelladom Academy would be like that.” Elpin sighed.

He then poured another glass of wine down his throat.

Erp frowned a little.

He was obviously displeased by Elpins demeanor, but Elpin was Emperor Oogh, and there was nothing he could do.

Erp sighed and said, “What happened to Stelladom Academy was because of the Tzi familys intervention.

We never anticipated it.

“I guess weve overlooked the possibility.”

Elpin drained the liquor in the pot and smashed it on the floor.

He smirked.

“The Tzi family I thought you were taking care of them.

“Youve overlooked it, not us.


“Everything has been going smoothly, but your negligence destroyed Stelladom Academy.

“Weve lost another card to play.

What should we do now”

Erp asked solemnly.

He gripped his fan tightly and narrowed his eyes.

He was waiting for an opportunity, but it wasnt time yet.

Elpin was equally nervous and had switched on his ring.

The tension between him and Erp was like a time bomb that could go off at any moment.

No one knew when the trigger would be lit.

“Stelladom Academys reputation is ruined, but maybe its a good thing.

As the principal, Eman is to be blamed.

“Hell only hate the Tzi and Baih families more and wont lash out at us.

Hes like a mad dog now, and all we need is to feed him,” said Erp.

He had already prepared his way out.

Even if this strategy failed, he would still have a plan B.

However, Elpin scolded him before he could bring it up.

Elpin was warning him with the change of his attitude.

Only Erp could withstand him.

Finally, he had a chance to share his plan.

“Ill leave it to you.

You need to make up for your mistakes.

If you fail again… Of course, I dont think you will.” Elpin smiled.

His tone was full of threat.

“Of course.

Ill never disappoint my dear brother!” said Erp.

He confronted Elpin for the very first time.

It meant when the whole thing was over, the two brothers would be officially at war.

It was inevitable.

Only one would survive.

“Im off.” Erp left.

The two Oogh brothers finally had a fallout.

Elpin watched as Erp walked away.

He was filled with emotions.

If they hadnt been born into this family, maybe they would be loving brothers.

However, they were Ooghs, and there could only be one alpha male.

This was bound to happen ever since the twins were born.

Elpin sighed again and took out another bottle of wine.

“This was made when we were born.

Brother, Ill give anything to drink with you.”

Elpin heaved sigh after sigh and opened the bottle.

The aroma filled the air.

He downed the bottle in one go and fell asleep on his seat.

Meanwhile, Erp was on his way.

He found Eman in a remote place.

Eman looked untidy and disheveled.

If Erp hadnt sensed his energy, he wouldnt be able to tell it was him.


Sket, what happened to you” Erp sighed.

“What” Eman raised his head and looked at Erp with glassy eyes.

He remembered his face, but he couldnt recall who this person was, nor did he want to.

He was even afraid of Erp and wanted to dash off.

Erp stopped him.


Sket, its me, Erp Oogh.

Im Emperor Ooghs brother.

“Why are you in such a state Im so sorry to see you like this!” said Erp.

Finally, Eman recognized the name and calmed down.

“Erp” Eman seemed to return to his senses.

“Yes, its me.


Sket, what happened” Erp asked.

“What do you think Dont you know the answer Its the Baih and Tzi families! Its all their fault!

“Stelladom Academy is destroyed!” Eman seemed to be losing control again.

Erp said, “Mr.

Sket, do you really want to live like this Those two families have destroyed Stelladom Academy.

Dont you hate them”

Eman laughed.

He found his stupidity and incompetence amusing.

He didnt hate them How was that possible

However, his hatred wouldnt change a thing.

Stelladom Academy was destroyed and had become the public enemy.

So what if he hated them

“The Oogh family wants to help you out!” Erp immediately offered to help.

“You Help me You only want to use me!”

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