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“Ten yuan”

The woman nodded.

She could still fork out 10 yuan.

Just as she was about to take out the money, Qin Xi shook her head and said, “Not 10 yuan, 100 yuan!”

“100 Why dont you rob a bank” The woman raised her voice so high that it cracked.

Everyone also felt that Qin Xi was asking for too much, but they were just onlookers and did not want to get involved.

“Do you think a hundred yuan for a child is expensive” Qin Xi rolled her eyes.

Everyone was speechless.

100 yuan indeed didnt seem that expensive at all!

The woman gritted her teeth.

“Alright, Ill give it to you! But how can you guarantee that Ill get pregnant”

Qin Xi said confidently, “Its up to you if you want to believe me or not.

If you dont believe me, you can choose to leave it untreated.

If you want me to treat you, you have to pay.

But I can tell you for certain that as long as I treat you, you will definitely be able to get pregnant!”

The woman was speechless.

What kind of stupid answer was that

However, if there was a chance, she did not want to let it go.

After thinking for a moment, she took out a hundred yuan from the counter.

“When will you treat me”

Qin Xi calmly took out an acupuncture bag from her pocket.


When everyone saw that, they thought Qin Xi was more like a swindler than a vegetable peddler.

“Now Here How” The woman frowned and asked multiple questions in a row.

At this moment, there were already many people coming and going in the shop.

Because there were a lot of people watching the show, the business was surprisingly good.

“Do you want me to treat you or not If not, Im leaving!” Qin Xi was a little impatient.

She still had vegetables to sell, so she had no time to waste with her.

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The woman panicked and said angrily, “I want, I want you to treat me, alright”

Qin Xi knew she wouldnt let this chance slip.

“Find a few chairs and put them together to form a bed.

Lie down.

Ill give you an acupuncture treatment.”

When everyone heard that, they stood up, put the chairs together, and retreated, determined not to disturb Qin Xi.

In fact, they were just expecting a show.

No one believed that Qin Xi had the ability to do so.

However, because Qin Xi was beautiful, no one went forward to stop thisfarce!

Qin Xi pointed at the makeshift bed and said, “Lie down.

Ill give you acupuncture.”

The woman asked hesitantly, “Can you really cure me”

“If you question me again, Ill raise the price,” Qin Xi said impatiently.

When the woman heard that, she did not hesitate and quickly lay down.

She grabbed the corner of her skirt nervously.

Being stared at by so many people, no matter how thick-skinned she was, she wanted to dig a hole on the ground to bury herself.


Qin Xi did not care about that.

She opened the acupuncture bag and took out silver needles of different lengths.

She put the silver needles into the acupoints on the womans abdomen at a speed that was invisible to the naked eye.

Before anyone could react, all the silver needles had already pierced the woman.

Then, Qin Xi gently brushed past the end of the needle with her hand, and all the needles began to vibrate.

The vibrating needles were controlled by Qi.

Wisps of true Qi were injected into the womans lower abdomen, making her moan comfortably.

Everyone was shocked by her superb acupuncture technique, and the entire restaurant burst into an uproar and discussions.

Han Dazhu and Han Shi, who were waiting outside, did not know what was going on inside, but seeing that Qin Xi had been in there for a long time, they wondered how the conversation was going.

However, there were so many people in the restaurant that they couldnt possibly squeeze in.

Han Dazhu could only wait anxiously at the door.


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