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“You know”

Qin Xi shrugged.

“You know best whether I know or not.”

Seeing how confident she was, the woman began to waver.

Although she did not like Qin Xi, Qin Xi did point out her symptoms very accurately.

Even Doctor Huang in town could not do that, but she could.

Could it be that she really had the ability to treat her

The woman restrained her arrogance and asked, “Then tell me what illness I have.”

Qin Xi was waiting for her to say this.

A sinister smile suddenly appeared on her face.

The womans eyelids jerked and she suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Its very simple.

You need a man!”

Pfft ~

In the restaurant, the sound of food being spat out could be heard, followed by laughter.

The womans face instantly turned red.

She did not expect to be made fun of by a little girl.

Just as she was about to flare up, Qin Xi took the opportunity and continued calmly.

“You have to believe me.

Before you discovered this symptom, did you have work every day and only feel empty when you had nothing to do Besides, you really want to do that, but your body wont allow it, so youre frustrated, cant eat well, cant sleep well, and have a strange temper.”

The woman was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

Just about every word Qin Xi said was right on.

In the past, she would find someone to get laid at night, but recently, for some reason, her body didnt allow her to do so.

Gradually, her temper became very strange.

However, was it really appropriate to talk about this in public

“Bullsh*t!” The woman reprimanded sharply.

“If you dare to spout nonsense again, I will…”

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“Tear my foul mouth apart” Qin Xi interrupted.

“You…” The woman was furious.

“Forget it.

I wanted to treat you out of kindness, but I didnt expect you to be so ungrateful.

Take it that I didnt say anything.

However, I still have to give you a piece of advice.

If you dont get treated in time, Im afraid it will be very difficult for you to get pregnant in the future.” Qin Xis expression suddenly became serious.

The woman was already in her thirties and had been married twice, but she had never had a child.

She had been with so many men but had never gotten pregnant.

She thought that she would never have the chance to be a mother in her life.

When she suddenly heard Qin Xis words, she seemed to have found hope.

She looked at Qin Xi excitedly.

“What did you say Did you say I can get pregnant”

“Of course, but… Im in a bad mood now, so I dont want to treat you!” Qin Xi said with a smile.


The woman took a deep breath and softened her tone.

“What do you want Are you going to treat me after I buy all your vegetables”

Qin Xi said meanly, “Hmph, I only sell my vegetables to good people.

Youre not worthy!”

The onlookers did not know whether to laugh or cry.

They had never encountered anyone who would only sell her goods to good people.

However, what they did not know was that the vegetables Qin Xi sold were not ordinary at all.

In the innermost corner, a well-dressed middle-aged man was amused by Qin Xis words.

He shook his head and laughed.

He recalled the first time he met his wife, who praised him as a good person.

It was also because of this that they struck up a conversation and ended up getting married.

The womans face turned pale as she gritted her teeth.

“What do I have to do for you to treat me”

Qin Xi looked at her as if she was an idiot.

“Of course money.

Dont tell me you want me to treat you for nothing!”

Everyone laughed again.

The woman heaved a sigh of relief.

“How much do you want”

Qin Xi smiled and raised one finger.

“This number!”



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