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 Intimate (3)

"Student Ning Zhen, I think this book is very good.

Several similar questions were tested in this exam." After he understood the question, he flipped through the material and found it helpful.


Ning Zhen nodded, "I also think it's quite good."


Wei Yijie was a good student who really loved to study meticulously.

He flipped to page 58, and his gaze slid down.

"This problem, I see you wrote another solution next to it.

I can't understand how the penultimate step came about.

Can you give me a lecture"


Xia Xiaoshi sat in her seat nibbling on an apple and happened to see the two top students in the front row discussing a problem.

She put away the Japanese manga on her desk and wanted to remind them that class was about to start.


And ......

Why was the class president how so slow-witted, ah.....

Standing in Lu Zhi's seat.


She just said two words, "It's almost......"


A boy wearing a black jacket walked over with an expressionless face.

He walked so fast that a gust of wind carried Xia Xiaoshi's hair.


The rest of her words were swallowed back and turned into a silent prayer.


Chen Dongshu was particularly sensitive to Lu Zhi's anger, and at a glance, he knew it would be a disaster.


He didn't dare to go up by himself.

This time Lu Zhi's childhood friend was rather calm.

Chen Dongshu lightly bumped Lin Zichuan beside him.

"Chuanzi, quickly stop these people ah.

Brother Zhi is angry."


Just now, they came in through the back door and saw the class president "talking and laughing" with Ning Zhen.


Lu Zhi's face, which was originally smiling slightly, instantly sank.


Without saying a word, he walked towards the front row.


With the expression on his face, anyone could tell it was going to be over.


Lin Zichuan hurriedly chased after him, but Lu Zhi had already reached his seat.


He didn't say a word.

He sent a kick to the leg of the table.

The table shook and hit Wei Yijie's thigh.

The pain came faster than the shock.

Wei Yijie turned pale on the spot and wanted to hide.


Behind him was Ning Zhen.


Lu Zhi grabbed him by the collar and dragged him out.


Lin Zichuan held Lu Zhi's arm.

"Ah Zhi, calm down." He was also a little afraid.

Every time he saw Lu Zhi like this, his scalp tightened for a while.


"Don't make trouble or that side at City B ......"


Lu Zhi pretended not to hear it, and his face did not show any emotion.

But instead, his eyes had a light touch of violence.

His face was emotionless.


Ning Zhen stood up sharply.

"Lu Zhi." She was pale, and her voice was soft, "It's time for class."


With such a huge affair, everyone's eyes were looking over.


Lu Zhi slowly released Wei Yijie's collar.


His voice was a little cold, "Go back."


Wei Yijie was stunned but didn't need Lu Zhi to say anything.

He went back to his seat at the fastest speed.


Lin Zichuan breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Lu Zhi didn't go crazy and hit someone in class.

He let go of Lu Zhi's arm and headed for his seat.


The English teacher walked into the classroom.


Surprised that the class was unusually quiet, she frowned.

"It's morning self-study time.

Everyone, make use of this time to read aloud and recite."


After this sentence, the messy sound of reciting words could be heard.


The English teacher sighed.

Ai, this Class 7.

They are almost in the third year of high school, yet they still make this teacher worry.


Lu Zhi has sat in his seat.


Xia Xiaoshi felt so terrified she didn't dare to look again after one glance.


The class made use of the sound of reading to converse quietly.

At first, they were not sure, but now everyone was certain.

Changing seats, almost beating people...

ah, ah, ah, they found something amazing! Lu Zhi has a crush on Ning Zhen!!


Ning Zhen's mind was foggy.

Just now, she suddenly stood up, making her even dizzier.

She frowned, trying to relieve herself for a moment.

Lu Zhi had suddenly lost his temper, and she had reflexively stood up to appease him.


But this time, the pain of being sick came up, and she didn't want to say anything.


Her throat was uncomfortably clogged.


Lu Zhi turned his head to look at her.

In that short moment, he almost lost all reason.

She hated him so much but was so gentle and patient with others.


The strong feelings of youth were like the wind.

A breath could bring the touch of warmth, but it was also like fire, capable of burning oneself ashes.


Ning Zhen's forehead suddenly felt cold and icy.


She felt comfortable and seemed to be clearheaded for a minute.


The skin under the palm of Lu Zhi's hand was scalding, and all his emotions dissipated cleanly in an instant.


"Ning Zhen, you have a fever." He frowned, and his cold fingers touched her cheek, "Leave and go see a doctor."


Ning Zhen whispered, "No need.

I'm still in class." She was used to waiting out her sickness.


She didn't want to talk at the moment.

Her little hands were warm, and her breath was hot.

But she felt cold again.

The temperature dropped today.

Although she put on a coat, the cold came from the inside.

People suffering from colds don't have enough resistance.


She felt that Lu Zhi's cold fingers were really comfortable, but her reason was still there, so she moved his hand away.


Lu Zhi touched her arm, "Ning Zhen, be good and go see a doctor."


"Don't move me." Ning Zhen simply lay on the table, her cheek buried in the crook of her arms.

"I'll just rest for a while."


Lu Zhi couldn't let her do this.

He got up and left his seat.


After a while, he returned and gently touched Ning Zhen's head, "Ning Zhen, I've asked for leave for you to see a doctor."


Ning Zhen was dizzy, and when she heard the word "leave", she forced herself to look at him.

"I said no~."


Her voice was soft, a little temperamental, like a sick person.

The ending sounded more like a spoiled child.


But the whole person looked listless and sick like a wilted flower.


He didn't even know whether to coax or threaten.


This was the first time he went through the formal procedures to help someone take leave.

He knows she is a good student, and she cares about this, yet she refuses to go throwing a tantrum.


Usually, people like this who were well-behaved were always obedient.

It was rare for them to be stubborn in this manner.


He was too soft-hearted.


"I'll buy you some candy after you see the doctor, okay"


Ning Zhen was so uncomfortable that she didn't want to move.


Lu Zhi, don't talk to me." She really just wanted to lie down, and she would be fine after a while.


"Ning Zhen.

Do you want to go by yourself or should I carry you now" His voice lowered, "You know, I'm not kidding."




This chapter was about 3400 words as opposed to the usual 2000 words, so I decided to split it into 3 parts.


I was kinda upset when I was translating this part of the chapter.

Lu Zhi's actions were absolutely unnecessary.

Poor Wei Yijie.


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