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Under such circumstances, Ren Qi and the others could only send out their aerial troops to deal with the situation, preventing the enemys aerial troops from quickly surrounding them.

The main force was Zhao Yuhengs Undying Blood Phoenix.

A large number of undying blood phoenixes spat out large amounts of flames, covering the area behind them, preventing the invading aerial troops from directly approaching Zhao Yuhengs aerial fortress to launch an attack.

The aerial troops of the invading lords could only choose to part with a portion of their aerial troops to go around and surround Zhao Yuhengs aerial fortress from both sides.

Ren Qi calculated the time.

From the time when the large army of the invading Lord Alliance arrived until they retreated, there was a total of twenty minutes.

During this process, the death plague succubus had been spreading the power of the death plague, covering all the invading lords and troops in front of them.

In other words, after another ten minutes, the death plague power that had spread to all the invading suzerains and troops would directly erupt.

At that time, the fighting strength of all the invading suzerains and troops would be greatly reduced.

At that time, the chances of Ren Qi and the others safely retreating would be much greater.

Of course, Ren Qis backup plan wasnt limited to these.

These methods werent enough to ensure their safe retreat.

Ren Qi still had some backup plans.

Looking down at the invading horde of suzerains chasing after them, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

You like chasing, right

In a moment, Ill let you all know the price you have to pay for catching up.

Turning around, Ren Qi quickly arrived in front of the Succubus Legion.

At this moment, the Succubus Legion had also entered a weakened state due to Elise using his balanced power.

In a short period of time, they wouldnt have much combat power.

This was also an important reason why the surrounding new lords were more pessimistic.

Ren Qi found Hiri and brought her to the edge of the Flying Fortress without hesitation.

Pointing at Li Fuqing who was among the invading lords, Ren Qi slowly asked, “What are the chances of assassination”

After observing, Ren Qi already knew that this guy should be the leader of the invading Lord Alliance.

If he could get rid of the other party, he would definitely heavily injure the invasion of the Lords Alliance.

Hearing Ren Qis words, Xiruis eyes flickered slightly.

Then, he said, “If he brought a death god Succubus squad, the success rate would be around 50% .”

“That low”Ren Qi raised his eyebrows.

Ren Qi agreed with Xiruis assassination ability very much.

Xirui nodded slowly.

“Thats right.

Theres nothing I can do about it.

There are a few saint-level soldiers protecting him.

I Cant enter his shadow to assassinate him.

I can only attack from the shadows of the soldiers hiding under him.”

“If the enemys saint-level soldiers are tense, theyll be able to defend against my attack.”

Ren Qi nodded slightly when he heard Xiruis words.

Xirui was right.

After all, he was the leader of the invasion of the Lords Alliance.

It was unlikely that he would be killed so easily.

After thinking for a while, Ren Qi looked at xirui and said, “In that case, you should try your best to assassinate him.

Try to kill this guy who invaded the Lords Alliance.”

“Remember, everything is under the premise that you are safe.

If there is any danger, just withdraw.”

Hearing Ren Qis words, a smile appeared on Xi Ruis face as he nodded at Ren Qi.

Following which, Xi Ruis figure disappeared from where he stood.

At this moment, Li Fuqing, who was in the Lords Alliance, seemed to have sensed something.

He raised his head and met Ren Qis gaze.

The two of them exchanged glances.

Their eyes were extremely cold.

“For such a long time, the other partys succubus soldier has yet to appear and continue fighting.

It seems that the other partys super strength can no longer be maintained and has directly disappeared.”

“Get the aerial soldier above to prepare to charge and quickly surround the aerial fortress.

We must stop them!”

Li Fuqing looked at his confidant beside him and spoke with a cold and stern expression.

The surrounding confidants nodded upon hearing Li Fuqings words.

After which, they flew towards the aerial troops in the sky and gave the order.

The aerial troops of the invading lords in the sky received the order and also stepped forward one after another.

They ignored the flames spat out by the Undying Blood Phoenix and began to use all sorts of methods to extinguish the flames.

After which, they began to attack the aerial fortress in the sky.

At the same time, the aerial troops of the invading lords on both sides of the road began to surround Zhao Yuhengs flying fortress in the sky.

If this continued, Zhao Yuhengs flying fortress in the sky would soon be surrounded.

“Get the aerial troops in the surroundings to attack with all their might and lengthen the time it takes for the aerial troops of the invading lords to surround the territory.”

Ren Qi looked at the situation around him and calmly commanded.

Upon hearing Ren Qis words, the surrounding new lords nodded one after another.

Following which, they had their aerial troops attack and swiftly attack the aerial troops that were pouncing over.

The two sides quickly engaged in battle in the air in front of them.

A large number of attacks were unleashed, causing the battle around them to instantly become intense.

On top of the Flying Fortress, Zhao Yuhengs various defensive facilities also directly opened fire.

A large number of cannonballs were unleashed in all directions, continuously repelling the spatial flying soldiers that were pouncing over.

Under such a situation, the invading aerial flying soldiers that were chasing after them were repelled time and time again.

However, the trend of being surrounded continued to increase.

The surrounding aerial flying fortress that was surrounded by the invading aerial flying soldiers became faster and faster.

However, they managed to hold on for ten minutes.

The Death Plague Succubuss death plague power erupted!

The flying speed of the invading aerial troops in front of them instantly decreased by a lot.

Some of the invading aerial troops even let out a sorrowful cry and directly descended from the sky.

When they were about to crash onto the ground, they stopped their bodies.

It was obvious that the outbreak of the plagues power had a huge impact on them.

On the Flying Fortress in the sky, joy appeared on the faces of the surrounding new lords.

They had never expected that things would turn out this way.

“Great! The plagues power has erupted! All the invading lordsaerial troops have become soft-footed shrimps! hahaha!”

“The troops of the invading lords have also become weaklings.

We should be able to retreat safely now, right”

“Hahaha! Theyve been affected by the power of the plague.

If they continue to attack us, theyll have to pay a huge price.”

The surrounding new lords all felt that the situation was stable.

After all, the spread of the power of the plague had caused the combat power of the invading lords to drop drastically.

If they continued to attack, the losses of their troops would reach an extremely terrifying level.

The invading Lord Alliance below instantly panicked.

The speed of the invading lord troops in the surroundings suddenly dropped.

Li Fuqing was also shocked.

The speed of the troops below him suddenly slowed down, and they almost did not throw him out.

Just as Li Fuqing stabilized his body, several figures appeared from the shadows of the soldiers around him.

They directly charged toward Li Fuqing.

It was the death succubus!

Li Fuqing was greatly shocked.

The soldiers around him also protected him as they charged toward Li Fuqing.

At this moment, a figure quietly appeared from the shadows of the soldiers under Li Fuqing.

He held a dagger in his hand and directly stabbed toward Li Fuqing.

It was xirui!


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