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After I left Vian’s room, I rushed to Captain Marius.


Meanwhile, I remembered what had happened earlier.


Now that they knew my last name, the case was closed! I guess…right


Hmmm, now what


A question popped into my head.

And then I came to a halt.


Wait, didn’t Victor call himself Harrist


But didn’t Vian just call himself “Vian Sanchez” Nope, not again.

I didn’t want to have another complicated relationship like Gramps Will’s….


But I guess in Ravaal Kingdom, it might be normal to have a mistress or two.


“Even if they have different mothers, they should have the same last name, right”


At the same time, my grandfather walked in front of me as I muttered to myself.


What perfect timing! I could have just asked him, and he would have told me.

…I wonder if he would think I was unfamiliar with the Ravaal Kingdom and become suspicious of me.


But if I didn’t figure this out now, I wouldn’t be able to sleep.


“Ria, what are you doing here”


“Uncle …Alberil-sama, I’m on my way to deliver this document to Captain Marius.”


I felt like I haven’t seen you for a long time.

These days, I was busy with Vian’s work.


“I see.

What in the world were you thinking so seriously earlier“


…You could see through everything Having such relatives was a scary thing.


“No, it’s just…”


I was at a loss for words.

Ignorance was not a bad thing.

If I didn’t know something, I could slowly learn about it.


I just didn’t want Grandfather to get suspicious of me.

Vian was the only one who knew who I was.


“You came from this way, that means you went to the first prince’s room, right”


Grandfather, you were perceptive.


“…Yes, I did.

I was recently assigned to Vian-sama by order of Victor-sama.”


“I see.

That’s good.

Because when you spend time with him, you see many things.

The First Prince is different, but that’s what makes him interesting.”


“Whose side was Alberil-sama on”


Grandfather solidified at my words.


Before, he was accompanying Victor on his expedition, but now he sounded like he was taking Vian’s side….


“I’m not taking sides.

I just want to see the path this country is taking.”


“…Can you tell me about this country’s history so far“


I cut in, thinking it was now or never.


Grandpa was not surprised, “That’s what you want to hear,” he muttered, and began to backtrack the way slowly he came.


Did he want me to follow him But then, Captain Marius….


That would earn me a bad reputation.

I wondered what kind of penalty I would receive later on.

Oh, I had to prepare myself for that.


Thinking of this, I let out a resigned sigh and followed Grandfather.


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