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Jun-woo felt like he had the power to develop thanks to the auction.


Two more robots were added to the underground workshop through the auction, and one was an auxiliary robot with the highest profit.


Suppose the evolutionary auxiliary robot could handle mithril.

In that case, it could produce items of higher quality, but that was not possible yet due to Jun-woo’s lack of level.


[Exquisite parts are not allowed.

Trimming is possible.

Lack of level, Lack of level.]


“I’m sorry.”


Jun-woo’s current level was 97.


After entrusting the robots with their work, Jun-woo took the elevator to the master room.


In the master room, Murata and Yoshimura were sitting on the sofa.


Jun-woo said to the two as he sat down at the table.


“Murata, would you like to go on a business trip to Yoshimura”


Yoshimura asked, seemingly puzzled.


“What a business trip.

Do you want me to go abroad”


“No, the Earth Square.

I think we need someone to supervise, but I wanted Murata and you to work together.

Maybe at least a month.”


“Aren’t you trusting us too much If you roll like this, you never know when you will run away.”


Jun-woo smiled scornfully and looked at Murata.


Murata said.


“What should I do”


“In a nutshell, the miners will sell the land.

Watching them work there, catching monsters when they come, and managing the whole area while working hard.”


“I don’t think we can do it alone”


“You have to pack it up.

The general manager is you, Murata.”


“I know.

I’ll take Yoshimura too.”


Yoshimura let out a shallow sigh.


“Ah, now I am getting used to life in Korea… … .”




“CEO, Daenam Jeong is here.”


“Please come in.”


Yoshimura, who was wearing an interpreter, looked at Jun-woo and asked.


“Who is coming Shall we go out”


“You can’t go out.

He is a person related to this case, so listen closely and understand as much as you can.”


Murata nodded slowly.


Miner Jeong Dae-nam knocked on the door and entered.


“Come on in.

These are the people who will go on to become supervisors.”


“Ah, yes.



The two bowed their heads without saying a word.


And when Jeong Dae-nam sat down, Jun-woo said,


“I’m going to start working on it soon.

There must be a lot to prepare, but what do I need”


“Oh, yes.

What is needed is that the miners are not fighting for jobs, and their level is low, so they need protection.

Although there are very few monsters there, they do appear occasionally.

But which of the two are you going to dig”


Jeong Dae-nam asked carefully, and Jun-woo took out the documents and thought about it.


There were two places to dig.


The center of an equilateral triangle or the last area became a rhombus.


“Did you dig a place that turns into a diamond in Pungrim Do you know why”



We just dug it as we were told… … .”


Jun-woo looked at the figure on the map.


The diamond shape resembled a magic crystal in some way.


“I’ll let you dig where I dug.”


“Ah, then, as I said, monsters come sometimes.

And… Accommodation or something… It would be nice if you could support us in various ways.”


Jun-woo asked about the labor cost.


“Are you paid daily”


“Yeah, that’s right.

From 8 am to 5 pm, I work only with an hour break during lunch.

After that, I get night pay.”


“Do you know a lot of workers”


“Yes, we are working as a team.

You can call more if you need.”


“I think there should be about 10 people, and I would like people who can work until the end at the highest possible level.”


“of course.

They are all hard working friends.”


“I heard minerals or magic stones can come out while digging the ground How is that going”


“The person who commissioned it must take it.

The supervisor can pick up everything right away.”


Jun-woo nodded and looked at Murata.


“But, as I said, if the equipment doesn’t support it, it’s impossible for Korean miners alone.”


Jun-woo took out the blueprint from the item window and showed it.


It was an electric machine with thick, sharp metal attached to it.


It resembled a hammer that is often used by average construction workers.


“It is a two-handed weapon.

If the miner’s skill is applied, it will break stones effectively.


“Oh, yes.”


Then another one was shown.


It was an excavator using magic stone power.


“You can dig a hole by pressing the handle with both hands.”


“Yes, yes, that’s a drill.”


“Do you need anything more than this”


“It would be nice to have an earth wizard who can change the terrain.

You have to clean up the broken pieces of stone or put gunpowder in it and then fill the hole.”


There were so many things to prepare for.


“All right.

We will prepare tools, gunpowder, and other necessary items.

Daenam Jeong selects the workers, writes grades, levels, daily rates, etc., and informs them.”


Jeong Dae-nam answered with a smile.


“All right! How many people will I call”


“I think it will be about ten people first.

If there is not enough, I will call high-ranking miners from abroad.”


“All right.

If I think of anything I need, I’ll text you.”


“Yes, you can go out and see.

I have to talk a little more with the person to supervise.”


“Then let’s get up, Master.

Then see you next time.”


Murata shook his head lightly without saying a word.


When Jeong Dae-nam left, Jun-woo said.


“I am going to sell the land.

The problem is that there seems to be a Hidden Peace spot, so I don’t know who will put a spoon on the cooked rice.

Please watch over me, Murata.”


“I know.”


“I will send you a translation of the necessary parts, so please take a look.

And… … .”


Jun-woo made a deal with Murata.


Murata looked at Jun-woo with a puzzled look and accepted the deal.


A flying car appeared in the trading window.


“When you go there, take what you need in the car.

I will send someone to interpret, but I will bring a lot of interpreters.

Other than that, take care of yourself.”


“I know… … .”


When the deal was accepted, the flying car entered Murata’s item window.


Yoshimura asked with surprised eyes.


“car Is it a flying car I am Don’t I”


“Put it on and go.

Load all the others.

I think I need to load a lot, so I made a special trunk for that.”


“Brother, can I drive for a moment”


Murata coughed and looked at the flying car in the item window.


“Then let’s go out.”


As Yoshimura left the master room, he said to Murata as if he were ejaculating.


“Brother, can’t you come after that drive once”


“Ride next to me.

I’ll give it a try and give it a try.”


Yoshimura smiled, satisfied.


“Flying Karani.

I will ride it sooner than I thought.”


Yoshimura glanced at the signboard in the master room and spoke softly.


“But he trusts us too much.

My brother also follows me without saying a word.”


“Because I tend to acknowledge him.”




Murata recalled the days he spent with Jun-woo in the dimensional warehouse.


“There, he distributed the food perfectly equally to us as enemies.

He must have been thirsty and hungry too.”


Yoshimura said as he traced back memories of that time.


“iced coffee… He’s a great guy.

In many ways.”


“Aren’t you unwilling to work for Lewis Yoshimura”


“I hope.”


Yoshimura smiled and went outside with Murata.


At that time, Jun-woo’s notice was delivered to the guild members of level 80 or higher through the mobile phone.


[(Level 80 or higher) We are looking for guild members to be dispatched to the Earth Plaza.

You must stay for at least one month.

Please text the Master for details.]


Jun-woo, who wrote the notice, went back to the underground workshop to make explosives.


The materials for making explosives, purchased in advance, were put into the entrance of the auxiliary robot.


Black powder, red powder, blue powder, the dust of fire, migal charcoal, pentane charcoal, slime liquid, and paper were placed.


“Mix the ratio of 35:30:15:5:5:5:5, form a slime liquid, and wrap it in the paper.

How big is it”


As I recalled the size in my head, the assistant robot closed the entrance.


After a while, the entrance opened, and explosives like dynamite fell to the floor.


Jun-woo picked up one of them.


[Mixed explosives]


-Rank: Magic


-Effect: It explodes when the fire is ignited inside and has a maximum explosive power of 1,354.


-Item value: 642,120


-Producer: Lewis


“Okay, keep making it.

I’ll put the ingredients here.”


A long iron hand stretched out from the entrance of the auxiliary robot, which was 2m in width and height, and went in with the materials.


10 explosives were made and piled up in boxes.


And the explosives went into people’s item windows to go to the square of the earth.


Each miner put explosives in the item window.

Under the protection of the Aegis guild members, they went to the Plaza of the Earth.


There were 9 members of the Aegis guild and 11 miners.


Various items that could not be placed in the item window were loaded in the flying car Jun-woo gave, and Yoshimura drove slowly at the same speed.


Two days later, they were able to reach their desired destination.


The ground was dug for about 10m in the place, and the surrounding area was relatively empty.


Murata looked at the location and walked right next to the hole about 20 meters away.


“Build it here.”


Jeong Dae-nam, who was wearing an interpreter, said.


“Everyone poured in here.

The soil I bought.”


Dirt poured out of the sandbags that only miners could use.


Construction wizard Jiho Choi started moving the soil to build a house using the terrain change, and Yoshimura got out of the car and looked down the pit.


“Roughly speaking, this pit must go down another 300 meters.”


“You should try it once, chief.”


Daenam Jeong walked in front of Murata.


Murata held out the excavator he had received from Jun-woo.


[Magic Power Excavator]


-Rank: Epic


-Classification: Two-Handed Weapons


-Durability: 500/500


-Attack power: 147


*It deals 47 continuous damage per second in a close-knit area when activated.


*It deals 47 continuous damage per second in a close-knit area when activated.


*The attack power of the attached blade is added, and the attached blade may break.


– Item value: 5.7,000,000


Jeong Dae-nam took it and jumped into the pit.


Then Kim Seong-pan jumped in and held out his hands to the ground.


The purple energy from Kim Seong-pan’s hand flowed into the ground.


Daenam Jeong took his stance and turned on the excavator.




And I pressed it hard with both hands.


It was Jeong Dae-nam who only worked hard while reaching level 80.


He was confident in his strength.




Little by little, the excavator’s spiral blade dug into the ground.


Stones in the ground burrowed, and powdered stone dust climbed up the blades and piled up in the vicinity.


The eyes of those who watched it from above the pit widened.


It was an item that could not be seen anywhere.


It was only then that the miners vaguely understood why they brought the explosives into the item window.


Over 5 minutes, when the 1m-long day reached halfway, Daenam Jeong pulled out the excavator and pressed the switch to stop the excavator.


“Whoa… … .”


After putting the excavator on the ground, Dae-nam Jeong lightly jumped upwards.


“Is this going to work”


“Then let’s get started.”


“Yeah, let’s all start!”


Murata handed the excavator and the destruction hammer that Jun-woo had given them.


They took a seat at regular intervals and began to dig a hole, and Kim Seong-pan used his mana hard to cut down the defense of the position they made a hole in.


After 10 holes, each 1 meter in length, were made there, they began to install explosives.


Jung Dae-nam’s explanation began.


“Put this at the bottom like this.

The direction you put this way is down, put it in the hole in the store, and then put it on top.”


Choi Ji-ho quickly closed the hole using the surrounding stone dust and dirt.


“If it is covered like this, press it once, with this.”


Jeong Dae-nam stabbed the block with a round stick.


Then the soil clumps up and goes in a little more.


Explosives entered the ten holes, detonators were installed, and they climbed up.


Dae-Nam Jeong woven the wires connected to the explosives and the cables of the signal-generating machine.


“Shall we press it”


Murata answered.


“Try it.”


Jeong Dae-nam pressed the button on the square signal machine that Jun-woo had made.




The earth trembled, and with the sound of a powerful explosion, the dirt soared over the pit once.


“Wow… … .”


The miners looked at it with an exclamation, and Choi Ji-ho hurriedly moved the mana and scooped up the fragmented soil and stones.


Gray dirt piled up quickly to the left of the pit.


When I went down, the pit was dug about 1.3m further.


Jeong Dae-nam asked Murata, who was standing next to him, cautiously.


“This… Should we continue”


According to the situation, there were instructions, so Murata answered.




The first blasting operation was more effective than expected.


The miners dug again using an excavator, and if there was a stone in the place they were searching, they broke it with a hammer and then drove the excavator.


The three Epic miners who drilled first helped the other rare miners to speed up the drilling.




Due to the explosion’s sound, some golems ran and ran from a distance.


It was the responsibility of the Aegis guild members to deal with that.


After killing the golems, Choi Ji-ho built a house and waited for the miners’ signal.


Accommodations were built over time, the ground was dug, and the work there proceeded smoothly.


And at night, they rested in their dormitories.


Lying on the stone bed, Yoshimura watched the drama on the laptop he had brought with him.


‘I’m glad I’m not in a position where golems are zen… … .’


The golem did not approach.


However, only a few would approach each other occasionally when an explosion occurred.


I think the days will be more comfortable, so Yoshimura thought it was a good thing.


At that moment, Miner Kim Hyun-woo walked out of the dormitory.


Aegis guild member who was sitting outside said to Kim Hyun-woo.


“Where are you going”


“I’ll come and smoke a cigarette.”


“Don’t go far.”




Kim Hyun-woo took out a similar cigarette made of an item, bit it, took out a match, lit it, and walked.


And as I got a little further away from the dormitory, I took out an expensive magic crystal ball.


[Magic Crystal Orb]


-Class: Unique


-Durability: 500/500


-Effect: You can contact registered users within a radius of 30km.


– Item value: 5,754,400,000


As the light came into the crystal ball, Kim Hyun-woo said.


“Can you hear me”


Baek Jin-seong’s voice was heard from the Poongrim Guild.


“I hear it.”


“Work has begun.

It’s going a lot faster than I thought.

I contacted you to be aware of this, so I will hang up immediately.”


“All right.”


Hyeonu Kim hurriedly put the magic crystal ball into the item window and exhaled long cigarette smoke.


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