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At noon the next day, at the entrance of the Treasure Power Hotel, a black Mercedes MPV appeared on time.

The person driving was Shen Manges manager, Sister Wen, and Shen Mange was sitting in the back.

“Are you really sure you want to take this guy down the aisle with you”

In the car, Zhang Wen could not help but confirm with Shen Mange.

Yesterday, when Shen Mange said that she wanted to bring this guy on the red carpet, she was also shocked.


Shen Mange nodded again, her eyes firm.

“Mange, youre a popular celebrity! This guy isnt from the entertainment industry! Cant you just follow some big shot Why do you have to follow this guy Do you know how much of a sensation youll cause! You might even be trending tomorrow… This wont be beneficial to your future development at all.” Zhang Wen advised Shen Mange earnestly again.

She felt that it was not a wise decision for Shen Mange to bring Li Hao to the red carpet.

She felt that Shen Mange was being impulsive.

She had to take advantage of the time.

“Hes indeed not from the entertainment industry, but hes not an ordinary person either! Sister Wen, its okay! Dont worry.

Its okay even if its trending…”

When Shen Mange heard Zhang Wens words, she immediately spoke again, but her voice was filled with confidence.

Li Hao was the chairman of the Billionaire Group.

Just these two identities were enough.

Even if she would stir up a scandal by walking the red carpet with Li Hao, it did not matter.

Moreover, Shen Mange had such thoughts to begin with.

“Not just anyone”

When Zhang Wen heard Shen Manges words, a strange expression appeared on her face.

“Sister Wen, youll know when the time comes…”

Shen Mange did not say it directly.

Instead, she kept him in suspense.

“Sigh, I cant be bothered with you…”

Zhang Wen sighed again and glared.

At this moment, Li Hao walked out of the Treasure Power Hotel.

He was wearing a suit and was slender.

The suit seemed to be tailor-made for him.

It fit him very well.

One word: handsome.

Two words: Very handsome.

Three words: Super duper handsome.

Four words: Super duper extremely handsome.

Li Hao, who was wearing this suit, was in high spirits and had an extraordinary aura.

He was domineering and attracted countless gazes wherever he went, especially those girls.

Their eyes were filled with endless infatuation.

“Wow, President Li is so handsome.”

“This is a domineering CEO! I like him so much.”

“Im in love with him…”


Even the receptionists of the Treasure Power Hotel could not help but let out infatuated voices when they saw Li Hao at this moment.

“Buddha really depends on his clothes! Hes really different in a suit…”

At this moment, Zhang Wen could not help but be shocked when she saw Li Hao.

“Wow, hes so handsome!”

In the backseat, Shen Mange exclaimed, her beautiful eyes shining.

Then, she opened some windows and said to Li Hao, “Li Hao, get in the car.”

In the next moment, Li Hao opened the door and got into the back of the Mercedes-Benz.

As soon as Li Hao got into the car, he saw Shen Mange and was stunned.

Today, Shen Mange was wearing a long white dress.

Her makeup was exquisite, and she had her hair in a bun and diamond earrings…


She was so beautiful! Li Haos eyes lit up.

Today, Shen Mange was really too beautiful.

Even sitting, Shen Mange was filled with nobility and magnanimity.

Her fair skin and round curves made it harder to look away.

“Am I beautiful”

Sensing Li Haos gaze, Shen Mange could not help but blush slightly.

“Youre beautiful,” said Li Hao directly.

When Shen Mange heard Li Haos praise, the smile on her pretty face widened.

“Lets go, Sister Wen.” Then, Shen Mange said to Zhang Wen.

Zhang Wen immediately drove towards the red carpet.

“Today is the Mid-Year MTV Music Festival.

Many big celebrities and singers will appear tonight…” In the car, Shen Mange said to Li Hao again.

The MTV Music Festival was a Chinese popular music awards ceremony jointly launched by China Television and MTV Global Music Television.

It was held twice a year, once in the middle of the year, and once at the end of the year.

This time, it was in the middle of the year.

The address of the celebration was a large conference center in a high-end resort in Shanghai.

Beside it were a few very famous hotels.

In short, this high-end resort had many luxurious sets and many tours, but the price was also very expensive.

Ordinary people could not afford it.

This resort was located on the seaside east of Shanghai.

It was quite far away.

Zhang Wen drove for more than two hours before finally arriving at the entrance of the resort.

From afar, he could see many people gathered at the entrance of the resort.

At the entrance, a red carpet had been laid.

It was hundreds of meters long and connected to the conference center.

There were countless police officers at the scene who controlled the roads at the scene.

Security guards were everywhere.

Some were parking, while some ushered.

There were security as well.

The celebrities attending this celebration and the big shots of the entertainment industry had special passages.

Then, they got out of the car at the entrance and walked in on the red carpet.

Many people had already gathered at the venue.

They were all here to see celebrities.

Of course, there were also many reporters.

There were even photographers carrying professional cameras who had taken up positions.

They all wanted to take the best photos and write the best articles.

This celebration had yet to begin.

It would not start until later and would last until night.

The red carpet ceremony was at the start.

It was also the best segment.

Every celebrity, singer, actor, and big shot in the entertainment industry would walk on this red carpet.

This was the best opportunity to show their faces.

Especially for some female celebrities, this red carpet was very important.

It determined if they could become more popular or end up on the front page of the news.

The scene could be said to be a competition of beauty.

Even now, there were already many celebrities on the red carpet.

One by one, the celebrities got out of the car after specially dressing up.

Then, they went through all kinds of poses.

Under the flashes, they wanted to show their most beautiful and stunning sides and become the star of the day.

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