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Early in the morning, Wen Yuan was asleep under the quilt, and was suddenly awakened by a phone call.

Without opening his eyes, he picked up the phone and put it to his ear.

It was Ye Xias familiar, loud voice.

“Son, happy birthday! Come visit mom for a meal at noon.” She knew that Qi Jinran was on a business trip and out of the country.

She was afraid that Wen Yuan would be alone on his birthday, so she specially called him over for dinner.

“Mom, yesterday grandpa also asked me to eat at his place today.” Wen Yuan was in a dilemma.

“Then isnt it easy, we can just eat together.

Ill tell your grandfather.”

Ye Xia arranged Wen Yuans day while he was still in bed.

“Mom will take you to go shopping in the morning, we will have a meal together as a family at noon, and in the afternoon, our whole family can go to a movie—”

Before she could finish speaking, she was suddenly interrupted by Wen Yuan.

“Mom, no, I have something to do this afternoon.”

“Whats the matter Where are you going on your birthday” Ye Xia was puzzled.

Wen Yuan couldnt help feeling a little excited when he thought of the plane ticket he bought last night.

He couldnt hide the truth from Ye Xia, so he simply told the truth.

“Isnt Jinran unable to come back I have nothing to do anyway, so I bought an afternoon ticket to Vietnam, intending to surprise him.”

Ye Xia sighed.

“He doesnt come back on your birthday, and you still buy a ticket to see him Xiao Yuan, you cant be so humble.”

“Mom, its true that hes very busy with work.

My times more free, so its fine for me to accommodate him.

“Fine, fine, fine.

As expected of someone who forgets his mother after having a husband.” Ye Xia sighed.

“Then get up quickly and pack up.

Mom will take you to buy some new clothes.

Make sure my son looks handsome.”

“Get up quickly, do you hear me”

“En.” Wen Yuan lazily rolled around in the quilt, sniffing the remaining scent on the pillow, before crawling out of bed.

While washing, he received a video call from Qi Jinran.

“Xiao Yuan, happy birthday.” There was a smile in the mans tone.

Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinran at the other end of the video, his eyes narrowed with joy, and he forgot about the toothbrush in his mouth.

He just didnt know what to think.

His lips pouted, and he was aggrieved as he looked at the man.

“You wont come back to accompany me on my birthday, I cant be happy.”

Qi Jinran smiled helplessly, with guilt in his black eyes.

“Im sorry, Xiao Yuan.

Its all my fault, you can punish me any way you want.”

“Then Ill punish you to come back to China to accompany me now.”

Seeing the mans embarrassed expression, Wen Yuan spoke again.

“Forget it, I was just kidding, I dont need you to accompany me.

Im spending the day with grandpa and my parents.

Much happier than you whos alone in a foreign country.”

“Well, its good if you are happy.

You can buy whatever you want, just swipe the card.” Qi Jinran knew that Wen Yuan was busy with renovations these days, and was very tired physically and mentally.

He hoped that he could take the opportunity on his birthday to relax.

After chatting with Qi Jinran, Ji Hong also called and wished him a happy birthday.

Hearing that Qi Jinran didnt accompany him on his birthday in China, Ji Hong was indignant.

“Whats the matter with your husband Its just a few days after your wedding, and even your birthday, and he went abroad for business He probably thinks that he has caught you, so he doesnt have to worry.”

“Jinran is not such a person.”

“I say, Wen Xiaoyuan, you cant let your guard down.

Getting married is just the beginning of your long-distance love run.

Its far from the end.”

“Yes, love expert, I will listen to you.”

Not long after, the Wen family car arrived downstairs, and Ye Xia came to pick him up in person.

She was wearing a classic cheongsam today, showing off her graceful figure.

From a distance, she was no different from the 28th girl.1assuming a call girl

“Mom, when I saw you from afar, I thought it was an 18 year-old girl.” Wen Yuans mouth was sweet, as he pulled Ye Xias arm and started blowing rainbow farts.

“Your mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter.” Ye Xia took his arm and brushed her black hair.

Suddenly, she noticed that Wen Yuans hair had grown.

“Your hair has grown so long that it almost covers your eyes.

Mom will take you to get a haircut first.

Buy two more clothes, and make sure that Jinrans eyes light up when the time comes.”

Wen Yuan was happy to have his mom arrange things, and went to the barbershop to have his hair cut, and then changed into a casual suit.

When he saw himself in the mirror, he felt a little strange.

“My son looks good in a suit.

Why dont you throw away all those sports clothes and stuff.

You like a small child wearing those things every day.” Ye Xia patted the folds on his suit with satisfaction.

“I feel more comfortable in sports clothes.” Wen Yuan knew very well that he is not suited for wearing suits.

He feels restrained wearing them, and its more suitable for business elites, like Qi Jinran, to wear a suit.

But it is quite interesting once in a while.

“What time is your flight ticket in the afternoon Did you tell Jinran”

“No, I want to surprise him.”

Ye Xias face was full of disapproval.

“Why dont you tell him in advance Who will pick you up then”

“Its alright, I know Jinrans address in Vietnam.

I have already asked Zhuang Jie.”

Seeing her own son being so stubborn, Ye Xia couldnt do anything.

Who made her precious son a lover

At noon, Wen Yuan accompanied his parents and grandfather to have a delicious lunch together.

As soon as he left the restaurant, he went to the airport.

On the way, he received another video call from Qi Jinran.

He was afraid of being seen in the car, so he didnt make a video with him, but a direct voice call instead.

“Xiao Yuan, have you finished eating What are you doing now”

“Im going shopping with my mother.” Wen Yuan made up a lie with a blushing face and an anxious heartbeat.

“What are you doing Are you still busy with the company today”

“I just finished having dinner with a partner.

I might visit a nearby factory in the afternoon.” In the first class cabin, Qi Jinran glanced at the dark blue gift box next to his seat.

“Well, then dont have to work too hard.

Im going to the bathroom and talk to you at night.”


Wen Yuan got out of the car and trotted all the way into the airport.

He had budgeted his time well, and it was about time to go through security now.

When he was about to line up, he saw a specialty gift shop next to him, and suddenly felt that he should buy something for Qi Jinran, so he turned around and walked towards the gift shop.

At the other end, a tall and handsome man took his luggage, holding a gift box in his other hand, and slowly got down from the elevator.

Seeing a gift shop in front of him, he suddenly remembered that he should also buy something for Wen Yuans parents.

After all, Ye Xia also endured hardship on Wen Yuans birthday,2as in the hardship of giving birth so he should also prepare a gift for Ye Xia.

He was dragging his suitcase and was about to walk to the gift shop when someone bumped his arm.

“Im sorry, Im sorry!”

Wen Yuan was thinking about what to buy for Qi Jinran, but he didnt look at the road very much, and suddenly bumped into a man.

When they raised their heads and saw the mans face clearly, both of them were stunned.


“Xiao Yuan”

“Why are you here”

“Why are you here”

Just as their voices fell, the two looked into each others eyes, seeming to understand something, and smiled.

“Good, you actually lied to me that you were having a meeting with a supplier.

It turned out that you were secretly returning to China and wanted to surprise me, right” Wen Yuan decided to preempt it.

“What about you Didnt you say you were shopping with your mother Why did you come to the airport You made a special trip to pick me up” Qi Jinran remembered that he had told Zhuang Jie not to disclose the news that he was returning to China early.

There should be no way for him to know he was on his way back.

 “How dare you say that! If you hadnt lied to me, I wouldnt have thought about buying a plane ticket to see you.

If I didnt come here to buy gifts, wouldnt we have missed each other” Wen Yuan looked at him angrily.

 Qi Jinran touched his hair, took him into his arms, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Im sorry, Xiao Yuan, its all my fault.

Next time, I wont plan such a failed surprise.”

Wen Yuan leaned on his shoulder and reluctantly hummed.

Suddenly, he noticed the gift box next to the mans suitcase.

“What is this, a present”

“Yes,” Qi Jinran picked up the gift box and gave it to him.

“Happy birthday, Xiao Yuan.”

“What kind of gift is it” Wen Yuan was very curious.

“Youll know when you go home and take it apart.” Qi Jinrans face was full of smiles.

He stroked Wen Yuans hair, and in the airport hall where people came and went, in the constant sound of the boarding announcement, he only felt that all the things and sounds around him were away from him.

All he could see and feel from the bottom of his heart was Wen Yuans face.

Before Wen Yuan could return to his senses, the mans warm lips pressed against his.

Qi Jinran hugged his waist tightly, the kiss was so enthusiastic and warm that he could hardly breathe.

Some passersby stopped, chatted, and talked, and even some girls took out their mobile phones and started taking pictures.

“Wu… Jinran, when I get home—” Wen Yuan didnt expect Qi Jinran to get bolder with each passing day, and kissed him in such a crowded place.

Qi Jinran moved away and hummed in a hoarse voice.

When he got home, the first thing Wen Yuan did was to unwrap the gift.

When he unpacked and saw the familiar logo on the box and the pattern on it, Wen Yuans eyes were filled with excitement.

“Lego of Neuschwanstein Castle! Where did you buy it” Wen Yuan remembered that there was no such model on Legos official website.

“I made it to order.”

Lego has only produced models of Disney castles, and they are all old models.

After thinking about it, Qi Jinran directly contacted the Lego headquarters in Denmark, called their general manager, and asked them to customize a Neuschwanstein Castle Lego model for his wife.

The other party was moved by his price and sincerity, and promised to expedite his order.

Needless to say, with the many twists and turns in the middle, this gift took a lot of effort to prepare.

But seeing Wen Yuans black eyes stained with excitement and delight in that moment, everything was worth it.

“God, this is too beautiful.” Wen Yuan couldnt put the box down.

But when he thought of how many days it would take to complete this model, his brows wrinkled.

What a sweet pain.

He opened the plastic bag with great interest and wanted to touch the building blocks, however, his body was suddenly free.

When he turned around, he saw Qi Jinran holding him up.

“What I still want to play and build a little.” Wen Yuans brain didnt follow.

“This cant be finished in two or three days, dont worry.” Qi Jinran looked down at him.

His eyes seemed to be full of broken diamonds, bright and dazzling.

“Lets do something more urgent first.”


Building a customized lego castle by hand from pieces takes a long time… they cheated!

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1assuming a call girl2as in the hardship of giving birth


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