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Wen Yuan remained motionless, letting the man hold him.

“In a few days, Im going to City B to participate in the finals of the baking competition.”

Hearing Wen Yuans voice, Qi Jinran let go and raised his head.

The past few days, he had been coaxing Wen Yuan, and almost forgot about this.

“Ill go with you.”

Wen Yuan had a car accident last time because he was rushing home from the contest in S city.

This time, he had to accompany Wen Yuan in person, and stare at him the whole time to prevent him from losing a single hair.

“But there are no spectators at the game venue, so you can only wait for me in the hotel.

Wont it be boring”

“No, I can handle my work in the hotel.”

Wen Yuan smiled, “Okay, then Ill let Huaite know, and buy an extra plane ticket.”

“You dont have to worry about the plane ticket, Ill let Zhuang Jie arrange it.

Lets go, lets go for a walk.”

The moonlight outside was just right, and the silvery moon hung in the deep night sky, bright and dazzling.

“What are your plans for this summer vacation” Qi Jinran asked as he walked holding hands.

Wen Yuan thought for a while, and said, “Of course, I will continue to learn baking.

When I come back from the competition, I can enter the advanced class.”

“By the way, Huaite told me two days ago that he wants to open his own bakery, probably in the form of a dessert shop.

At that time, Ill probably go there and help.”

“The wedding will be held in July, what do you think” Qi Jinran suddenly asked.

“Ah,” Wen Yuan said in surprise.

“Is July a little too fast Its already the end of June now.”

“I dont want to delay any longer.

The wedding will be held as soon as possible, the sooner the better.”

Wen Yuan probably guessed his thoughts, and shook Qi Jinrans hand with a smile.

“Okay, I will listen to you.

You can hold the wedding whenever you want.”

On a summer night, the cicadas are noisy and the cool breeze is pleasant.

The two wandered outside for more than an hour before finally returning inside.

Back in his bedroom, Wen Yuan obediently moved all his things back to the master bedroom.

Qi Jinran had already taken a shower and sat on the bed reading a book.

Wen Yuan took a shower, changed into pajamas, and finally left the bathroom after a while.

Its not that he is shy.

Theyve been married for quite a while and have done intimate things.

Its just, because of his leg injury, they havent been close for many days.

During this period of time, even when lying on the same bed, Qi Jinran was very disciplined.

The loss of control a few days ago was probably his limit.

Wen Yuan dried his hair and lay down on the bed.

Seeing that Qi Jinran was still reading, he couldnt help poking his shoulder.

“Arent you going to sleep yet”

Qi Jinran rubbed his eyes, put down the English book, and hummed softly.

After turning off the light, he got into the bed, and before Qi Jinran could do anything, Wen Yuan took the initiative to deliver himself into his arms.

Qi Jinran was the same as the previous days, just restrained himself and kissed his lips.

There was no other movement.

Wen Yuans leg injury was actually completely healed.

Grabbing the mans neckline, he couldnt help biting his neck with his teeth.

“Xiao Yuan, dont be like this.” The mans eyes were a little dark, as if he was suppressing something.

Wen Yuan chuckled lightly, leaned against Qi Jinrans cheek, breathed a warm breath into his ear, and said with a hoarse voice: “My leg is already healed, its fine.”

In fact, when Qi Jinran asked Chen Zhiming two days ago, the other party said that as long as Wen Yuans legs dont do strenuous exercise, there is no problem with normal walking and small runs.

He also emphasized that as long as their nightlife is not too intense, it will not affect his legs.

Seeing Qi Jinrans hesitant expression, Wen Yuan couldnt help smiling.

“You bit red marks a few days ago, so why are you pretending to be innocent now”

A trace of embarrassment and guilt flashed in Qi Jinrans eyes.

The boys hairy head was tucked into his neck.

The heat he exhaled made his heart itch, and his whole body was crisp and numb.

“Xiao Yuan, you said this yourself, dont regret it later.” Qi Jinran looked at him deeply.

Wen Yuan nodded and took the initiative to offer his lips.

Qi Jinran took advantage of the situation, wrapping his arms around his waist, pressed him tightly under him, and kissed him passionately…

When everything was over, Wen Yuans lips were red, his cheeks were sweaty, and his whole body was wet as if he had just been fished out of the water.

Qi Jinran hugged him from behind, gently kissing the back of his neck and ears.

Wen Yuan moved in his arms, and turned around and face him.

“Are you tired” He asked him.

Wen Yuan shook his head.

In fact, he felt that Qi Jinran could be a little more passionate.

“How about… lets do it again”

Wen Yuan smiled, raised his eyebrows slightly, and looked at him suspiciously.

“Can you do it”

Qi Jinran snorted coldly, pinned him down, and quickly demonstrated with his body whether he could or not.

When they finished, the sky had already begun to brighten.

Wen Yuan felt that his body was hollowed out as he lay on the bed like a dead fish looking out the window, tired and satisfied.


Two days later, it was time to go to City B to participate in the finals.

Before going to City B, Wen Yuan went to the hospital for another check-up.

After x-rays and an MRI, Chen Zhiming told him that the wound in his right leg had completely healed, and moving wasnt a problem.

With Dr.

Chens assurance, Wen Yuan completely let go of his hands and feet, and moved as normal, not having to worry like before.

Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran arrived in City B a day earlier.

Before going to the hotel, the two went to visit the ancient city wall and played around before returning to the hotel for dinner.

Zhang Huaite arrived a little later than them.

He entered the hotel in a dusty manner and went straight to the banquet hall.

Seeing the roast duck on Wen Yuans table, green light flashed in his eyes.

This was what he wanted to eat most coming to B City.

There is also zhajiangmian, lamb spine hot pot, and dou zhi.

He wants to try them all.

Its a pity that he is a light bulb, and no one is destined to accompany him to try these delicacies.

“Huaite, sit down quickly and have something to eat.” Wen Yuan greeted him.

Zhang Huaite nodded, put down his backpack, and was not polite.

He picked up his chopsticks and started to eat.

“Ah, this roast duck is so fragrant, especially this dipping sauce, its so delicious!” Zhang Huaite had already digested the airplane meal, and he was so hungry that everything felt delicious in his mouth.

It was rare for Qi Jinran not to oppose him.

Seeing that he was too hungry, he thoughtfully added two more meat dishes.

“You guys eat too, why are you looking at me” Zhang Huaite was puzzled.

“Actually, weve almost eaten and didnt leave, just waiting for you.”

“Why wait for me Waiting to show your love in front of me”

Qi Jinran hooked the corner of her mouth and looked at Zhang Huaite.

“I heard Xiao Yuan said you want to open a dessert shop yourself”

“Why, do you want to help me”

“Have you chosen the address for your dessert shop How are you going to do the decoration Im not funding, I just want to help you.” Qi Jinrans tone was sincere.

Zhang Huaite chewed the roast duck in his mouth with an expression.

“No, I havent decided where to go, its just an idea for the time being.”

“Huaite, but you didnt say you wanted to be on the pedestrian street in CBD-“

“Its too expensive there, its better to change the spot.” Zhang Huaite interrupted him uncomfortably.

“Price is not a problem, I just want to ask, why dont we open a joint venture together How about it” Wen Yuans face was serious.

Zhang Huaite looked at him suspiciously.

“Is it your joint venture with me, or your husband with me”

“Is there any difference between my money and his” Qi Jinran looked at him with a smirk.

Wen Yuan patted Qi Jinrans hand and motioned him to stop talking.

He turned to Zhang Huaite and said solemnly, “Of course the joint venture is in my name.

Jinran will not interfere, and only make some comments on the side.”

Zhang Huaite nodded and said reluctantly, “Thats fine.

You are my apprentice.

Of course I can rest assured that you will cooperate with me.

Outsiders dont need to come in and mix.”

Hearing the word “outsider”, Qi Jinran ground his teeth and looked at him with a sullen expression.

Zhang Huaite was terrified by his gaze, and compromised.

“Okay, you are my apprentices husband, so you can be considered half an outsider.

I heard that youre engaged in construction.

Why not this, can you help me think of how to renovate the storefront”

“Jinran has been busy with this for the past few days.

He has already drawn a drawing, and there are several plans you can refer to.” Wen Yuan took out a packet from his backpack and put it in front of him.

Zhang Huaite didnt expect Qi Jinrans efficiency to be so high.

He opened the file and looked inside to find that the decoration plans considered everything, from water, electricity, and plumbing.

The design of the back kitchen workshop is also very compact and reasonable, and there is also space to store various large-scale baking equipment.

Obviously, Qi Jinran referred to a lot of professional materials when making these designs.

Zhang Huaite was convinced – the CEO of the major Qi Group helped him design a small dessert shop.


Qi, there is still a small problem.

I have hired a designer.

Your plan—”

“Dont worry, its free, you can just use whichever you like.”

Zhang Huaite was relieved to hear these words.

Thanking him with a smile, he accepted the drawings.

He knew that his willingness to help him was entirely because of Wen Yuan.

Since he had already agreed to a joint venture with Wen Yuan, he didnt need to be polite to Qi Jinran.


Those food names…

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