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When they got into the car, Qi Jinrans face was still gloomy.

Wen Yuan looked at him cautiously.

Why did Jinran come over suddenly Was it Ji Hong who informed him

“Jinran, you—”

“If something like this happens in the future, you must tell me as soon as possible.” Qi Jinran interrupted him.

His dark eyes surged with indescribable gloomy emotions.

“No need to protect me, and take this risk.

If I was one step behind, what will you do”

“I can beat him, its fine.” Wen Yuan didnt seem to realize the seriousness of the matter at all.

“Its not a question of whether you can fight.” Qi Jinran took a deep breath and looked out the window irritably.

As soon as he saw Zou Yanyu looking at Wen Yuans frantic eyes just now, he felt like something was blocking his chest, and wanted to lose his temper.

“Do you still have classes in the afternoon” He didnt want to get caught up in that negative emotion, and distracted himself with other things.

“No, they finished in the morning.” Wen Yuan took a sip of water from the car and looked at him expectantly.

“Arent you going back to the company”

“Song Guanghai asked me to play golf in the afternoon.

You can come with me.”

“But I cant play golf.”

“Then watch from the side.

Be a caddie, and help me clean the clubs.”

“Oh, okay.” Wen Yuan put down the mineral water bottle in despair.

He knew that Qi Jinrans anger would not dispel so easily.

When they arrived at the golf course in the suburbs, Song Guanghai was already waiting at the door.

When he saw Wen Yuan coming, his eyes narrowed with joy.

“Little sister-in-law, its been a long time.

Do you still remember me”

“Of course I do, Mr.


I dont have amnesia.”

Song Guanghai laughed and let the caddie help carry their bags over.

Wen Yuan greeted him and followed Qi Jinran to the dressing room.

He had never been here before, so he was naturally dressed in Qi Jinrans clothes – light gray casual long sleeves, long trousers, and soft spiked sneakers.

After putting on a golf cap, and slinging the golf bag over his shoulder, he really looked like a caddie.

Qi Jinran and Song Guanghai went to the hillside to see the venue.

It was the first time Wen Yuan came here, and he couldnt help driving around in his scooter.

The scenery here is very good, the mountains are rolling and the lawns are well maintained and green.

Wen Yuan had seen enough, and turned the car to drive back when suddenly saw a somewhat familiar figure on the ramp.

“President Luo”

Luo Haoxin was talking with his partner when he heard the voice and surprise flashed in his eyes when he saw who it was.

He remembered that this was Qi Jinrans partner, who seemed to be a student of T University.

But after thinking for a while, he couldnt remember his name.

“Sorry, I met an acquaintance, excuse me.” After greeting his partner, Luo Haoxin walked to the car.

“My name is Wen Yuan, I dont know if you still remember me.” Wen Yuan had a bright smile on his face.

Luo Haoxin didnt smile.

When he was in trouble at Yu Hengs house that day, Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan were sitting next to him and could see clearly.

He couldnt hold any grudge against Wen Yuan though and kept his expression calm.

Wen Yuan seemed to have noticed something, and said apologetically, “I know what Yu Heng said before hurt you.

Im sorry.

In fact, he doesnt have any bad intentions, but his mouth is a little bit poisonous.”

“Is there anything else” Luo Haoxin frowned, as if he didnt want to continue talking about this topic with him.

“No, I just saw you and wanted to say hi.” Wen Yuan took out a bottle of freshly squeezed juice from the car and handed it to him.

“Its sunny today, have something to drink.”

Luo Haoxin stared at the bottle of juice for a few seconds, and accepted it.

“Thank you.”

“Im going to find Jinran, bye.” Seeing him take thes juice, Wen Yuan smiled and drove back to the lawn on the other side.

On the hillside, Qi Jinran was testing clubs.

He imitated a swing, arranged his gloves, bent over to move his muscles and bones, and observed the wind.

After adjusting his posture, he raised his slender arms and swung the golf ball on the ground.

The small white ball flew away like a shooting star and landed on the grass in the distance with a beautiful arc.

Wen Yuan sat in the car and couldnt help applauding.

He put on his hat and was about to walk up the slope, but found Qi Jinran surrounded by two caddies.

Among them, the girl caddie, with a slender figure, bright features, and a towel in her hand, was looking at Qi Jinran with unblinking large eyes full of admiration.

Wen Yuan watched her tidy up Qi Jinrans collar, and his whole body was sour.

Quickly speeding up, he walked to the green imposingly.

“Jinran, the weather is good today, and the wind is not too strong.” Song Guanghai looked into the distance, holding a club in hand, eager to start.

“Look at my play.”

A confident light flashed in his eyes, and he raised his hand to swing.

The white ball arced, and landed in a pretty good spot.


Song, you play well.” The female caddie next to Qi Jinran said with a smile.

“Im still far from Jinran.

Lets go, lets change to another place.”

Qi Jinran nodded and handed the pole to the caddie behind him.

The girl took the pole, put it into her pocket, and looked at him earnestly.

Her big eyes blinked.


Qi, youre sweating, let me wipe it for you.”

How could Song Guanghai not see the girls mind He sneered in his heart, waiting to see a joke.

Unexpectedly, Qi Jinran caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye, and didnt move, letting her stand on tiptoe with the towel.

Before the towel in the girls hand touched Qi Jinrans face, one hand grabbed her arm and snatched the towel from her hand.

“Miss, Im Mr.

Qis caddie today, so we wont bother you.” Wen Yuan raised the brim of his hat and looked at the girl with a smile.

The girl was a little dazed, looked at the clothes on his body, and said puzzled, “But youre not wearing—”

“Hes my caddie.” Before he finished speaking, the handsome and tall man had already wrapped Wen Yuans waist.

Turning his head to look at the boy, a rare smile appeared in his black eyes.

“Go serve Mr.

Song, dont worry about me.”

Song Guanghais eyes became straight lines.

Jinran is such a clean person, but doesnt deal with these eyeliners It turned out that he was waiting for Wen Yuan to be jealous! This method really is too deep.

Seeing the female caddie following Song Guanghai with a frustrated expression, Wen Yuan chuckled lightly.

Immediately, he became vigilant again.

Qi Jinran just came out to play golf, and there were beautiful female caddies jumping on him.

How much temptation might he face in other situations!

“Why dont you drive, arent you my caddie” Qi Jinran sat lazily in the back seat and looked up at him.

Seeing Qi Jinrans eyes on Song Guanghais car in front of him, Wen Yuans heart became more and more sour, and he couldnt help say, “Why, I ruined your good deeds, and youre not happy without the beautiful lady”

Qi Jinran wanted to laugh.

This guy is so cute when jealous, and he cant wait to rub his head twice.

“Im looking at the tires of that car.

The left rear tire seems to be out of air.”

Qi Jinrans voice just fell and there was a “bang”, and the scooter in front had a flat tire.

Fortunately, the caddie driving the car reacted quickly and stopped the car in time, and everyone in the car was fine.

Wen Yuan didnt expect Qi Jinrans eyes to be so poisonous, and exaggeratedly tskd.

“Arent I right” Qi Jinran looked at him with a light smile, pinching his cheek.

“Driving, dont bother me.” Wen Yuan looked ahead, ignoring him.

Qi Jinran looked at him with dark eyes, and half complained, “Why are you so temperamental.

Youre jealous when you see me with someone else”


Chapter 37 is just a large dose of vinegar… First QJR, now WY.

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