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Wen Yuan slept in until after ten in the morning.

When he woke up, the sky was bright and the warm sun was pouring in from the window.

His phone was filled with New Years greetings.

Except for those spam text messages, Wen Yuan replied manually to each one, and then sent a big red envelope to the dormitory group on WeChat.

Boss: @wen xiaoyuan.

Thank you, Happy New Year (*^▽^*)

Second child: Thank you dear gold father! When I get the national award, I will invite you to dinner! Cheers!

Ji Hong: Tsk tsk tsk, married people are just different, they are so generous!

Second child: Im curious if the male god is lying next to you…

@wen xiaoyuan: Dont think about it, hes already up.

Ji Hong: Oh~~~

Ji Hong immediately sent a voice message to him privately.

“Are you living together these days”

“En, were on vacation.”

“Is there any progress” Ji Hongs voice was like a worried old father.

Wen Yuan rubbed his bare feet under the quilt, glanced at the pillow beside him, and typed the next line with a smile –

[The raw rice is cooked.]

Ji Hong: Fuck!! Is that what I think

Wen Yuan: Yes.

Ji Hong: You guys really slept

Wen Yuan: Keep your voice down, I dont have headphones.

Ji Hong: Ah ah ah! As expected of you! Im going downstairs to run a lap!!

Ji Hong: Wait! How many times have you slept Down there, theres nothing wrong… right

Wen Yuan: He is normal.

Wen Yuan: Dont ask for details, or dont dream of eating what I make in the future.


Ji Hong: Woo woo woo old fathers wish has finally come true… finally [Weeping.gif]

Wen Yuan: Go away!




After staying on the island for another three days, the two families finally returned to Wancheng.

Before parting, they first went to the cemetery in the southern suburbs where Qi Jinrans parents were buried.

The north wind was bleak.

Wearing a black coat and holding a bottle of wine, Wen Chengmin stood in front of the tombstone, looking at the young face of the man in the black and white photo, with tears in his eyes.

“Time flies so fast.

Whenever I close my eyes, I can still remember when we were both students.

It seems like it was yesterday…”

“I said that I want to have a daughter after I get married.

If you give birth to a son, the two of our families can get married… Who knew, but it really came true…”

“Though this daughter-in-laws gender isnt right, hahahaha.

You, dont be angry… But well, as long as the children are happy, the rest is not important…”

“As for you, lying down there, dont you want to come and see what your daughter-in-law is like”

Wen Chengmin drank half of the bottle of wine, and poured the rest in front of the tombstone, staggered, and stood up.

“Xiao Yuan, come and kowtow to your Uncle Qi and Aunt Lin.”

Wen Yuan held the flower in his hand, walked over, and placed it down in front of the tombstone.

Then he knelt in front of the photo, and kowtowed three times respectfully.

Wen Chengmin glanced at Qi Jinran who was silent behind him, then looked at the photo on the tombstone and smiled lightly.

“Dont worry, Jinran will also be my son in the future, and my godfather will be my father, and I will take care of them for you.”

Qi Donghui, with gray hair on his temples, stood not far away, leaning on a cane, with slightly reddened eyes.

Wen Yuan felt particularly heavy after leaving the cemetery.

He has been doted on by his parents since he was a child.

He doesnt worry about food and clothing, and everything goes smoothly.

He never imagined what his life would be like if he lost the protection of his parents one day.

However, Jinran lost both his parents and a healthy leg when he was 12 years old.

He couldnt imagine how he had survived such inhuman torture and pain.

At night, Wen Yuan lay in bed alone, tossing and turning.

Back at Shuixieju, Wen Yuan was not used to only one persons temperature on the bed.

But thinking that Qi Jinran was probably in a bad mood, Wen Yuan didnt bother him.




Le Cordon Bleu classes resume on Friday.

Considering he didnt have much vacation time left, Wen Yuan cherished this opportunity to learn more about baking.

Given that no one was at school, he often went to the classroom to practice.

That evening, he was thinking about how to make an English bread in the classroom when footsteps suddenly sounded behind him, accompanied by a laughing voice.

“Are you that top student from T University”

Pausing in the middle of sprinkling flour, Wen Yuan turned to look at the person who came.

“Who are you”

He looked at the black-haired youth with a high nose and deep eyes in confusion.

After meeting those green eyes, something flashed in his mind.

The picture…hes the champion of the Youth World Series Competition in that picture in the school hallway!

“Recognize me” The young man walked up to him with a smile, glanced at his table top, and frowned.

“The temperature of your dough is not right, it will collapse after baking.”

“But I am doing it according to the book— ”

“Sure enough, a nerd.

Making this kind of thing depends on hand feel.

Why blindly believe those books”

Wen Yuan smiled from anger as he replied helplessly: “Not everyone has your talent.”

“Already angry” Seeing Wen Yuan ignore him, the young man couldnt help but lean over and poked the dough on the table.

“Next time, dont use warm water.

Just use cold water below ten degrees1Celcius to ensure the perfect shape.”

Wen Yuans heart moved.

He had been using warm water to mix dough before, because it was written like this in the book.

But each time he made it, the taste and shape was always wrong.

Could it really be a problem with the water temperature…

“Ill try it next time.” Wen Yuan put the dough into the fermentation pot.

“Introduce myself first, my surname is Zhang, my name is Zhang Huaite.

Im just like you, left home halfway through.

I used to study at Cambridge2University, but felt bored, so I dropped out of school and came here to learn western pastry.”

“I didnt drop out of school.” Wen Yuan wasnt very happy.

Zhang Huai laughed and forcibly shook hands with him.

“Trust me, it feels good to drop out of school.

As long as you dont care that the tuition you put in is wasted.”

Wen Yuan: …

Wen Yuan made his first friend at Le Cordon Bleu, but calling him a friend isnt right.

Zhang Huaite is a student in the advanced class, and will graduate soon.

He occasionally came over to guide students in their elementary class, more like a lively teacher.

After school one day, Wen Yuan was waiting for the driver to pick him up at the school gate.

He hadnt waited for two minutes before someone patted him on the shoulder.

“Wen Yuan, Black Swan is going to open a branch in Wancheng.

Do you want to visit the store this weekend”

Zhang Huaite appeared out of nowhere.

Black Swan is a famous high-end dessert shop in Germany, famous for its French desserts.

He believed that Wen Yuan would be interested.

Sure enough, Wen Yuan revealed a longing look.

But before he spoke, a black Bentley Mulsanne arrived at the school gate, and the rear window lowered to reveal a handsome face.

“Jinran!” Wen Yuan didnt expect Qi Jinran to come to pick him up in person, and was very surprised.

Qi Jinran glanced at the green-eyed youth beside him, frowned and said, “Who is this”

“He is the one I told you, the very powerful genius, the champion of the Youth World Series Competition!”

Touted by Wen Yuan, Zhang Huaite smiled proudly.

“All exaggerations, Im just an ordinary baker.

Dont know who this is…”

“Hes my—”

Wen Yuan didnt have time to finish, when Qi Jinran cut off the conversation.

“Im his husband.”

He put his ring-wearing right hand on the edge of the car window.

Dismissing Zhang Huaites shocked expression, he hooked his fingers towards Wen Yuan.

“Get in the car quickly and go home for dinner.”

“En, coming.”

Standing in the cold wind, watching the black Bentley drive away, Zhang Huaite was very depressed.

Its not easy to find a good-looking kid in the school, but hes already married at such a young age!


Zhang Huaites an interesting character, but his name is a pain to translate.

Its phonetically Huaite, but should it be “White” (if hes from abroad)


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