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When Liang Xinrans trending topic suddenly appeared, she and her manager were completely caught off guard.

There was a short video on the trending topic.

In the video, Liang Xinran was smoking something, and then her behavior began to become strange.

All her actions pointed to one thing—doing drugs.

The video had been taken three years ago.

Soon, someone found some photos of Liang Xinran from three years ago.

In the photo, her hair looked a little yellow, her face was drawn, and there was a very dry layer of dead skin on her lips.

No doubt she might have done something like this three years ago.

She just hadnt been discovered.

“This is really a crime of ignorance.

She actually did such a thing just because no one exposed it!”

“Oh my God, this is horrible.

Look at this drug addict.

Shes lost her mind.

Shes completely inhuman.”

“Doing something like that three years ago.

No wonder shes been relegated to supporting roles.

Wonder why shes in the lead now.”

“Once this thing is touched, its impossible to quit.

Lets just say that in the end, this kind of thing ends with either death or continuing.

Continuing also leads to death!”

“In other words, its very likely that Liang Xinran is still doing drugs! How can such a person still stay in the entertainment industry!”

“Thats right.

Not only is she a bad influence on children, but shes also spreading an extremely bad culture.

Such a person should be banned!”

“Just get out of the entertainment industry!”

“I hope the production crew of Wind and Rain will deal with this actor quickly.

Dont let a piece of rat ** spoil the pot!”

Ren Xinjies fans were even more furious.

“What did our brother do wrong It wasnt easy for him to film a drama, but he actually got involved with such a thing.

The production team should quickly deal with it.”

“Dont let Xijies shoot go to waste! I hope the crew makes up their minds soon!”

“If we dont deal with it now, the whole show will go down.

Dont regret it!”

When Liang Xinran got off the set, she saw her manager standing in front of her with a serious expression.

“Whats wrong Didnt anyone give you a packed lunch tonight Why do you look like that”

“Somethings happened, Xinran.

Someone dug up your video.”

“Whats there to hide” Liang Xinran smiled easily.

“The video of you auditioning with Director Yuan previously! The part where you played the role of someone who did drugs!” the agent said anxiously.

“This—how did someone get it”

The agent was also surprised.

“Thats right.

Thats a clip of your audition.

At first, we all thought that there were no videos left.

Director Yuan died of a heart attack three years ago.

That movie wasnt filmed or prepared.

Only when you went to see him did you try two scenes alone.

At that time, I contacted his company and family to ask for the videos.

They all said that they didnt know the content of the new movie Director Yuan had planned.

The videos should have all been deleted.

Who would have thought that it would spread now! Even if we clarify now, no one will believe us!”

Liang Xinran turned on her phone and glanced at the content.

It was already at the top of the trending searches.

There was a lot of scolding and it was already very serious.

One could only imagine how bad the impact of this would be.

“Xinran, Producer Fang wants you to come over.”

Liang Xinran knew that what should come had come.

She joined the manager in Producer Fangs office.

Producer Fang rushed over and went straight to the office.

When he saw Liang Xinran, he asked, “What exactly happened”

This was a serious matter.

Producer Fang sounded anxious.

Liang Xinran briefly explained the situation.

“Im convinced by your explanation.” Producer Fong still approved of her abilities.

“But your priority is to convince the outside world.”

“Ill issue a clarification statement immediately,” Liang Xinran said.

Producer Fang nodded.

“Xinran, you have to be mentally prepared.

If the outside world pursues you and you cant produce evidence to prove yourself, I wont be able to answer to the investors.”

“I understand your difficulties.

I will deal with them as soon as possible.”

After Liang Xinran walked out, she looked worried.

The manager said, “Let me hurry up and make a statement.

If Im late, everyone will think were tacitly agreeing to this.

The later we delay, the worse the impact.”

She immediately made a statement and explained everything about the audition for Director Yuan three years ago.

The tone was very sincere and the attitude was very sincere.

However, there was no real evidence after all.

Many people still expressed their disbelief.

“Thats right.

Wheres the evidence”

“Is there something wrong with Liang Xinrans team Where did they find such a deceased director to take the blame for them”

“Director Yuan suddenly has to take the blame for something like this.

Are they trying to curse us so that we can ask Director Yuan underground”

“Director Yuan is really unlucky to be dragged along with such a woman.”

“Bring out the evidence and well believe you.

If theres no evidence, dont harass the famous director who has already passed away!”

Obviously, a statement like that wasnt enough.

It served no real purpose other than to make a point.

Liang Xinran rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

Ren Xijie passed by her and glanced at her before saying, “Liang Xinran, since something like this has already happened, I think you shouldnt insist and take the initiative to leave the production team.”

“Why should we quit the crew when weve done nothing” her manager retorted angrily.

“You didnt do anything Then prove to me that you didnt do anything first,” Ren Xijie said.

“Whats the point of persisting If you quit now, everyone will save time and effort.

If you persist, Ill have to reshoot my scenes.

I dont want to spend several times the effort only to get the most mediocre ending.”

The manager was about to speak when Liang Xinran stopped her.

Liang Xinran looked at Ren Xijie levelly.

“The producer didnt even ask me to quit, youre even less qualified.”

“Then Id like to see how long you can hold out,” Ren Xijie said before turning away.

Liang Xinrans phone rang.

When she saw that it was Shi Jin, she immediately adjusted her mood and picked it up.

“Hello, Shi Jin.”

“I saw everything on the Internet.

Whats going on”

Liang Xinran pretended to be relaxed and explained the cause and effect of the matter.

She said, “Dont worry, Ive already asked my manager to contact Director Yuans family.

As long as we find evidence to prove that I was auditioning, all the rumors will collapse.”


Do you need my help”

“No need, no need.

I can do it here.” Although Liang Xinran had yet to make any progress, how could she ask her little sister for help

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