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In the meantime, after washing and taking care of my arms and legs, she raised me up and sat me down.

“Relax, madam.

Try to enjoy it.”

“Do you think you’d be able to enjoy this if you were in my shoes”

“There’s a lot to experience.

First of all, starting tonight.”

My face burned.

When she saw that I couldn’t even respond properly, Ashna nodded as if she understood.

Thanks to this, I wanted to disappear into a hole.

“I’ll go out and brush your hair.

Do you want to lie down”

A thin silk gown was wrapped around my body.

I didn’t even feel like I wore anything because the fabric was so soft and lightweight.

She tied the ribbons on the robe nicely and turned me around to face the mirror.

I nearly cursed, “Honestly, I…’

My face was really quite flushed.

“This is the first time that I…”

Ashuna paused at my confession and soon a smirk found its way onto her face.

“It’s also Master’s first time.”


“I was surprised to hear that someone who had never dated before suddenly decided to get married.”

I opened my eyes wide.

I didn’t expect that.

That was strange.

Rather, I was told he had a splendid past and lived an unconventional life of freedom.

However, it would not have been as surprising as what I was hearing now.

He didn’t have any dating experience

Lennox would have been a huge sensation from the moment he appeared in society.

The status of a duke, the enormous wealth and honor in his hands, and the fact that he was a young and beautiful bachelor.

No one would have left him alone.

It was impossible for the nobles to do so without being blinded as a group.

I asked a straightforward question, “…I think he must have been popular.”

“I guess so.

But you’re assuming everyone has seen his face.” Ashuna lowered her voice like what she was saying was very important, “He’s never appeared in public before.

Our Highness, that is.”

“No way.”

“It’s true.

I’ve never seen him go to a banquet, a ball, or any other event in the capital.” Confidently affirming, she even added, “I assure you, few of the living imperial nobles know his face.”

The nobles didn’t even know Lennox’s face

“The master says he will not attend the next emperor’s coronation, so I’ll bet all of my vacations for next year.”

Dumbfounded, I scanned my memories.

“However, it seemed that the crown prince knows him.”

“Oh, that bum”

My head went blank.

I didn’t know there was anyone else besides Lennox who evaluated the crown prince so freely.

“Madam, think carefully.

You saw how close they are.

Is it a relationship of equals No.

The crown prince chases after Master like a puppy.”

I thought it over.

Their relationship was clearly closer to the latter.

Lennox did not regard the crown prince as a lord or a close friend.

He was consistently annoyed with Edwin.

“I don’t think Lennox likes the crown prince…”

Ashuna nodded vigorously.

It was such a powerful movement that I thought that she might break her neck.

“The prince would go and escape to the estate to meet Master without fear when he was a child with a runny nose.

It was a long time ago.”

While I admired her outspoken remarks, I didn’t neglect the important information she had revealed.

“Has the crown prince ever been caught sneaking into the Kravant estate”

“Yes, that could have been ten years ago, or a little bit earlier.

Anyway, he went into the office, and the master caught him.”

It was really petty and pathetic for a person who would become the master of the empire to do so in the future.

However, considering that Edwin was only a boy at the time, it was not something I could not understand.

But wasn’t that also when Lennox was a boy He might be older than the crown prince, but was he the duke ten years ago

Come to think of it, I realized I didn’t know Lennox’s age.

’Or maybe he just looks younger than I think.’

I organized my thoughts.

“So what happened”

“What do you mean The master immediately called for the shadow—” She quickly added an explanation when I didn’t understand, “Ah.

Shadow is a generic term for the master’s subordinates.

I am one of them, as well as Nasir.”

The term was a little… dark.

I nodded, thinking it was all.

“Anyway, he ordered the shadows to chase him out of the estate.”

“He kicked him out The crown prince”

“Master was courteous enough to send a message to the emperor to take good care of his son.”

I was stunned and touched my forehead.

Ashuna sighed lightly as if she understood how I felt.

“I thought he went too far, but the crown prince did upset Master.” She spoke of the crown prince as if he was an immature younger brother.

Her casual attitude was likely strongly influenced by Lennox.

“Anyway, Master is in the same situation as you, so don’t worry.” She winked.

“Isn’t it a special sort of fun to do something for the first time together”

It was obvious that she was teasing me, but there was no offense, so I laughed helplessly.

“There’s really nothing you can’t say about him, it seems.”

“Oh, did I cross the line”

“You stepped on it, but I’ll let it slide this time.”

Ashuna and I burst out laughing at each other.




[How long did you spend in the bathroom I’ve been here in the bedroom for ages,] Ash grumbled dissatisfiedly as if he had waited the whole time.

[Why did it take so long]

‘I’m sorry.

I’ll give you double the snacks tomorrow.’

Ashuna led me to the sofa and entered the dressing room.

Moments later, she pulled out a rack.

My eyes almost popped out of my head.

Ash’s beak also opened.

“What is all this…”

Ignoring my shock, she replied with a bright smile, “Your nightclothes that I’ve prepared with all my heart and soul!”

White, black, red, purple… There were various colors, but they were all designed in a way that minimized the fabric used for it.

One of them was half mesh.

Sensual in every sense of the word, both good and bad.

“How about this” Ashuna held out one hanger.

“It’s translucent and—”

“Is there anything else”


“You know, the pajamas I usually wear… Just give those to me.”

“I didn’t bring them with us!”

I teared up.

“You brought everything else, so why not those”

“Because you have new ones”

Flustered, I kicked them both out of the bedroom.

[I didn’t do anything wrong.


’Just be quiet and get out!’

Peace finally came over me.

Of course, the future became bleak when I saw the feast of colorful clothes in front of me.

I picked up the one that looked the best between my thumb and index finger.

“How am I supposed to wear this…” I buried my face in my hands.




Night soon fell.

Dinner was excellent as usual, but I was worried.

Ashuna couldn’t even eat properly and was just nibbling on her food.

Her tension worsened as time passed, and so did mine.

I felt nauseous and my mouth was dry.

“Should I talk to master I’ll probably get scolded…”

“No, you’ll be okay.”


I’m fine.

Ashuna, you should go back and rest.

You’ve worked hard today.”

She hesitated, but had no choice but to leave the room.

Finally alone, I wandered nervously around the bedroom, feeling thirsty for a beer.

However, there were only weak drinks on the table, which was surprising.

I had been expecting some wine.

In stories, there was usually alcohol involved during the first night.

’Should I ask for some’

I rejected the idea immediately.

It would be terrible on my part if I called for Ashuna after working hours.

But still.

“Isn’t there supposed to be a bottle of alcohol in the bedroom on the first night” I murmured discontentedly.

“We’re not doing this drunk.”


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