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Chapter 66 – Bai Huai is Such a Big Piece of Rubbish


Jian Songyi originally thought that their first date would be good at Christmas when it was snowing.

Theyll watch a movie, eat dinner, and then hit the road.


But for some reason, he sold roses and kept selling them all the way to the hotel, enough to make himself feel sore and flushed.


Jian Songyi huddled on the bed as he wrapped the blanket around him.

He buried his face against the pillow as he did not want to move an inch.


The bed at Beicheng University is really uncomfortable.

It has been a while since he last slept comfortably for a long time. 


Meanwhile, Bai Huai came out of the bathroom and saw how drained Jian Songyi looked.

He sat by the bed and rubbed his head.

“So tired”


Jian Songyi nodded meekly.


Bai Huai chuckled: “ Is that really the case Come on.

Let me see.

I still think you can still get up.”


Jian Songyi raised an eyebrow before giving him a vicious glare: “Dont be a rascal now!”


“Who was the first to get angry And who couldnt help but make a scene first And only after the fuss did you say I was being a rascal What did you do when youve gotten comfortable”




Before Jian Songyi had time for sophistry, Bai Huai had already cut him off.

“And this time, you are not in heat or drunk.

You were willing to do it yourself, so dont say I took advantage of you.”




Knowing that he was wrong, Jian Songyi returned to bed and buried his face against his pillow again, saying, “It was you who seduced me.”


“How did I seduce you”


“How did you seduce me I dont know where you learned these skills.

” Jian Songyis voice grew lower and lower.


Bai Huai was in high spirits and said with a smile, “Tell me more.

What are the techniques”


Jian Songyis ears start to redden again.


But Bai Huai was adamant: “The techniques that turn you on”


“Get out!” Jian Songyi pulled the blanket all over him in an attempt to hide.


“When you want my help, you call me Brother Huai.

But when youre done, you tell me to get out.

Do you have a heart”


“Do you have a heart”


Jian Songyi is all cooked under the blanket.

Thats just how red and burning he was.


Bai Huai leaned down and continued to say slowly: “If youre talking about these techniques, then its actually because I am an Alpha.

This is actually self-taught.

So, Mr.

Jian, you need to be responsible whenever you are aroused and make yourself comfortable.

After all, you have given another price.

Not to mention your good looks and praise for five stars.

What was it You can buy one get one free, which is very cost effective.”


Buy one get one free! He is still young! Bai Huai should take care of himself.


Jian Songyi couldnt stand the shameless man anymore.

He lifted the blanket and sprang to his feet.

Hee pushed Bai Huai onto the bed and tried to teach him how to be a man.


Now that Bai Huai has a reputation, he has strength and becomes unscrupulous.

As Jian Songyi pushes him, he directly grabs Jian Songyis waist and begins grinding against him.

As a result, the two of them rolled and have themselves tangled again together.


They were about to catch fire and start the heat, but unfortunately, Jian Songyis cellphone rang in time.


Jian Songyi kicked Bai Huai lightly.

He propped himself up and struggled to reach the head of the bed.

After successfully doing so, he picked up the phone and did not even think about it, but Jian Songyi threw it against the wall.


Without any kind of remorse, He looked down to see Bai Huai with a serious look on his face: “Does my mother know that youll be coming here to Beicheng”


“I dont think so.”


Jian Songyi lets out a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.”


“What is” Bai Huai arched an eyebrow toward him.

“Does this mean that its not going to be an explicit marriage”


Jian Songyi hastened to explain: “No, I just dont want my mother to know that we are good for the time being.”


“My father knows all about it, but your parents dont Then whats the point”


“That is different!”


“Why is it different”


“Bai Han is a scumbag, but he is a decent man.

Meanwhile, my father and mother are different.

If they happened to learn about us, they would tease me about it every day.

Ill be so ashamed.

So can we tell them after the college entrance examination is over”


Jian Songyi was afraid that Bai Huai would be unhappy, so he is putting aside the ferocious little tigers pride for now.

He rolled over to him and put his arms around his neck.

He then went to press himself against him.

“And then, well run after we spread out our cards, so they wont be able to shame me.


The man is very skillful in playing tricks.


Bai Huai put his hands under the back of his head and looked down at him: “What about school”


Jian Songyi wilted: “I dont want to have my head shaved.”


Bai Huai couldnt help but laugh.


Jian Songyi was so embarrassed as he laughed.

Thus, he hammered Bai Huai with a light punch.

“Laugh my ass! If we are to be found out, our desks will not have seats anymore.

On top of that, we will give a parting speech under the national flag and have our heads shaved! Your father would leave you alone, but my father wont be able to wait to see my shaved head! And then Ill be finished!”


Bai Huai laughed even more.


This fierce little bully.


The more Bai Huai laughed, the more relieved Jian Songyi became: “I am serious! Dont laugh!”


Seeing that he was really going to be in a hurry, Bai Huai coaxed with a smile: “Okay, its up to you.

Its whatever you say.

Well have our relationship into secrecy if thats what you want.”


Bai Huai feels that there is nothing wrong with a secret relationship.

In front of him is the shy, enthusiastic, and sweet Omega.

While his persona from the others is a grumpy school bully. 


This kind of contrast is cute and also kind of interesting.


It should be fun to watch Jian Songyi do the switch once in a while. 


When he thought of this, Bai Huai couldnt help being daring.

He reached out and scratched Jian Songyis chin.

“Boyfriend, you see that Ive been so compromising, so can we do it again”


The steel Jian Songyi simply raised his fist as if he is going to punch him.

“Bai Huai, do you want to die”


The sweet, sweet Omega always utilizes violence.


Should he report Jian Songyi for domestic violence


Jian Songyi kept hitting Bai Huais arm, which was holding him.

He was so angry and embarrassed, and yet he couldnt move.

He wanted to bite Bai Huai to death.


Bai Huai only watched him with a smile on his face before saying, “Arent you tired Is it refreshing to beat someone up”


“Beating animals makes me so energetic.”


“Then answer the phone and beat it up instead, okay It has been ringing for ten minutes now.

If you dont answer, your mother might think she should call the police.”


As Bai Huai got out of bed, he picked up the phone and handed it over to Jian Songyi.


Jian Songyi gave him a look.


Bai Huai raised his hands in defense.

“Alright, Ill avoid causing suspicion.”


After Bai Huai disappeared from the cameras phone view, Jian Songyi answered the video call: “Mom, what can I do for you”


“Honey, you should have finished the exam today.

Why didnt you come back And where are you That doesnt look like the dormitory.


“Oh, I am at the hotel.

Ill come back after the award ceremony tomorrow morning.

Remember to ask the school for leave for me.”


“Then do you want me to help and take Xiaohuais leave too”





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