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Catherine greeted awkwardly and stepped slightly on the hem of Apollonia’s dress.

She just wanted to see that girl losing her disgusting mask and stagger.

As she intended, the dress had slightly torn at the bottom, but in the next moment, a bigger problem arose.

Clang-! Clang-!

Catherine was so anxious to enact her petty revenge, that when she tried to get out of her seat, she dropped the kettle onto the ground.

The kettle shattered right below Apollonia’s body, causing Apollonia to fall onto the shards.


Apollonia did not scream that much.

She preferred not to do that.

“Oh, my god! Your Highness, are you alright”

“Let me see your wound, Your Highness! You’re bleeding!”

“Someone call the doctor!”

People flocked in astonishment at the commotion, and Catherine backed off in bewilderment.

Maya, who was next to her, hurriedly took out a handkerchief and wrapped Apollonia’s left arm that was torn by the fragments and bleeding.

“It’s all right.

I’ll be properly treated in my room.

Everyone please go back to the banquet.” She wasn’t alright.

That night was the first time she turned pale.

It would be a while until she could forget about Catherine, and for the pain in her arm to leave.

How can I hide this wound

Apollonia hurriedly rubbed the hot tea water and the blood that flowed in her arm with her hand and impatiently looked around.

She hadn’t seen it yet.

She must get out of here quickly.

She grabbed Maya’s arm and quickly headed to the banquet hall’s door.

But it was too late.

The moment she was about to leave the banquet hall, a familiar shadow interrupted her.

“Oh my god, Your Highness, what happened to your arm”

Unlike the passionate words, an unemotional voice was heard.

Standing in front of her was the real power of The Imperial Family.


Petra Liefer.

Under the perfectly tied-up black hair and raised eyebrows, a pair of golden eyes looked down on Apollonia as if stalking prey.

There was no concern in her cold face.

‘Ha….I’m doomed.’

Apollonia bit her lips painfully.

From the beginning, Apollonia was not serious about having a battle of nerves with Catherine.

The reason was not to prioritize the imperial palace’s order, nor to have a meaningless women’s power dispute.

Catherine Loenheim was unable to take control of the Imperial Palace from the first place.

Those who did not know of this fact were only Catherine and few of her close aides, who recently arrived at the capital.

“I heard there was a commotion, so it must be true.”

The real hostess of The Imperial Palace was different.

The icy Petra Liefer, The Emperor’s sister and The Duchess of Liefer.

Emperor Gaius had incredible trust in his sister, Petra.

She was bold and smart just like her brother, but more cruel and detailed than Gaius.

Having good business skills, she set up a small headquarter where she bought and sold silk and jewelry by herself from decades ago.

It took less than five years for her headquarter ‘Rowan’ to become the nation’s top luxury brand.

Petra raised the influence of The Leifer family, which was merely a provincial government by investing lavishly in the money earned from its business.

Some said Petra was also the first to arrange a meeting between Gaius and Ellenia.

And now, she became an influential politician and actually controlled the imperial family after the death of Princess Ellenia.

“Is it because the servants didn’t treat you properly in front of the guests”

Her words made the nearby servant’s body stiffen, showing just how influential Petra’s authority was.

Without her realizing, Petra’s gaze made her sweat.

Seven years ago at the funeral of Princess Ellenia and The Emperor, Petra whispered in Apollonia’s ear.

‘Live as if you’re dead.

If you want to live, you shouldn’t have any specialty.’

With a benevolent motherly look on her face, she had moved away from the trembling Apollonia.

Since then, Apollonia followed Petra’s advice with all her might.

“Show me your arm.”

“I’m not that hurt.”

Apollonia hid her arms behind her, but Petra grabbed her niece’s wrist without batting an eye.

“The wound is not deep compared to the bleeding.”


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