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“Please guide me to the room.”

A man with long hair and a particularly delicate appearance asked in an alluring tone.

‘Is he an actor’

Latea thought he had a sweet voice and amazing eyes.

“Please call a woman named Luana.”

“Oh my, so you came to see Luana What about the others….”

Latea only served them alcohol because it was a mixed group and politely asked with a smile.

However, the answer that came back was unexpected.

“I just need Luana.”

Latea didn’t ask more.

They would be disappointed because there was only one prostitute called Luana, not to mention she was the most expensive women in the business.

“You’re lucky.

Even if you come early, there aren’t many people who can meet Luana right away.”

* * *

“This place is quite fancy and eye-catching for a brothel.”

“I heard that’s how exclusive the business here is.”

Listening to the conversation between Tan and Ben, Apollonia looked around the ceiling and walls.

She arrived in Bartan and changed her hair color to burning red using a new product from Luwan Company; a comb that changes her natural hair color when she combed it.

It was expensive and very rare to the point the young ladies would fight just to get it, but Apollonia had no trouble getting it.

Adrian had also changed her hair blonde using the same product.

All five of them changed their eye colors with a potion that the siblings’ grandmother gave them.

The three siblings were gray, Adrian was brown, and Apollonia changed to her favorite dark blue eyes.

“This place looks like it has been established for a long time.

But the last time I visited here was five years ago, so I didn’t know that such a place still exists.”

“Your Highness, are you only taking that Luana woman today”

Apollonia didn’t express any dissatisfaction, but Adrian asked out of concern.


I’ll do that if I can.

I don’t think it’ll take long anyway.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Latea’s voice was heard outside the door, and a woman gracefully entered the room.

“My name is Luana.”

Apollonia, who raised her head at her greetings, could not hide her disappointment.

The beautiful woman who appeared in a provocative outfit had dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and porcelain white skin.

Coyness flowed from each of her gestures, and her facial expression was fascinating, but she was completely different from the portrait.

“Are you…..Luana”

“That’s right.

Which one of you shall I serve tonight”

She saw the three brothers subsequently before finally heading to Apollonia and Adrian.

She maintained her seductive smile throughout all that.

“By any chance….Did you have black hair before”

Apollonia asked.

It was out of expectation that they might call the wrong person, but the answer was so disappointing.

“Oh my, how did you know At first, I had thick black hair just like the three guests in front of me.

Because blonde is the trend lately, that’s why…”

She smiled honestly and had her own charm.

However, she was too different from the person Apollonia was looking for.

“Thank you for answering my question.

I will end the arrangement here, so please take the money and go back.”

Apollonia gave a gold coin to Luana.

Her beautiful blue eyes crinkled into a smile.

“I’m not sure what’s going on, but thank you so much for this.”

She took the gold coins and left the room.

“What a complete failure.”

Apollonia let out a deep sigh.

Adrian tried to comfort her master with a worried look

“It was definitely not the face in the portrait, I guess the artist must have drawn it wrong.”

It was so awful.

Where in the world can you find a painter who draws a portrait uglier than the original face These people seemed to be severly incompetent in their job.

“Let’s go out.”

After she judged that there was nothing more to do, Apollonia stood up without touching the alcohol.

The three brothers, Ben, Tan, and Lun also followed her closely.

Although neither food or alcohol was touched, Apollonia paid for everything and headed to the entrance of the ‘Latea’s Paradise’.

It was the moment when she was about to reach the exit after passing several rooms.


“Where do you think you are going!”

A woman fell on the hallway.

Someone in the room seemed to have pushed her hard.

“It was my name! Why would that be my fault”

“Shut up! Why would a customer of that caliber ever look for you!

She stood up, leaned her body against the wall while holding her pained shoulder.

She wore similar clothes to the blonde woman Apollonia saw a while ago.

Obviously, she worked in this place.

However, she gave off a slightly shabby impression, perhaps because her black curly hair flowed down and covered her face.


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