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Eileen Idena was seen together with Uriel Biche, and rumor had it that she was sponsoring the Grand Duke Evinhart.

Recently, she even provided Paris with the best weapon free of charge.

Even Gareth participated in the war with the weapon she provided.

Idena Company had become too big to get rid of.

Their influence could not be overlooked.

“Shut down the jewel businesses in the south.”


And another problem is….”


Carlin expected an answer but immediately shut up when she saw Petra’s distressed eyes.

Petra drank a glass of cold water and changed into a gown.

She went to bed early to ease her mind.

She didn’t lose.

No, there’s no way she ever loses.

No matter how brilliant the Idena Company was, Petra still had the emperor to back her up.

He would be on her side forever, and as long as she had the Imperial Family on her back, she would have the empire’s business within her grasp.

So the relationship between her and the Emperor had to remain strong forever.

It was a must.

* * *

The Bartan district was located on the outskirts of the capital.

It was a small and shabby village until 20 years ago.

The residents were poor, and few people resided there for a long time.

With no specialties or large companies established there, it was a place that wouldn’t be strange even if it was ruined.

The lord there was Baron Aaron.

He had been living like a scoundrel, but he was quite greedy.

Having inherited this useless land from his father, who passed away early, he found a way to revive Bartan in his own way.

‘As expected, the easiest business is to swindle young aristocrats.’

Thus, he began to extort money to start a business he was good at.

A gambling house was built in the middle of the village.

Whether he had an excellent business skill or the fact that there was a luxurious gambling house in the empty land was quite fascinating, his business began to thrive.

The conceited young noblemen all over the empire gathered in Bartan to drink and gamble.

‘If there’s a gambling house, there should be a woman, too.’

Soon after, he joined hands with several businessmen he knew to set up a recreational facility near the gambling house and built a red light street.

He also acquired great success.

The pinnacle of fantasy and immorality.

That was the reality of Bartan.

Exactly 5 years ago.

Five years ago, Baron Aaron met a woman.

She introduced herself as ‘Eileen Idena’.

She was a very young, perhaps 20 years old woman.

With dark brown hair, gray eyes and poised tone, she gave him tremendous wealth and proposed a deal.

To get rid of all the prostitution establisments except gambling houses and build theaters.

“Don’t do such a dirty business, instead, do a respectable business.

With your ability, I’m sure you can succeed in all of your endeavors.”

Having lived like a gangster all his life, he experienced discrimination from the nobles and vowed to not get entangled with them for the rest of his life.

But he didn’t have another choice.

Moreover, Eileen Idena’s proposal to provide all the funds and support Bartan until it grew into a successful theater and entertainment center was inevitably attractive.

But before she gave him a bag of money, she tied him up and ordered her subordinate to beat him up for assaulting the women in the red-district area.

That is also the reason he agreed to her proposal.

Furthermore, her masked subordinate showed him inhumane strength and movement.

“I’ll do whatever my master says.”

So he obeyed her orders.

Gambling houses still open for business as the nobles’ gathering place, but he shut down all the brothels.

He got a lot of complaints from people, but he was a man who could beat up and kick out those who did not listen.

Eventually, less than three years later, huge theaters were built in Bartan district, which soon became a sanctuary for actors and performers all over the empire.

However, there were flaws in his business.

Some of the business oweners in the red district area pretended to be an ordinary bars and secretly running a prostitution business.

They were able to run their shady business smoothly after bribing the investigators.

Among them, the most famous place was Latea’s Paradise.

A fancy red building where beautiful ladies gathered to charm you.

A new world full of alcohol, music and intimacy.

“Please come in.”

Latea, the business owner, and her husband, Ronald, welcomed five guests early in the evening.

Three young men and two women.

It was a perfect combination because women were also frequenting the bar.

However, it was their remarkable appearance that stood out the most.

The three men had shiny black hair and gray eyes as if they were siblings, the shorter woman among the two had blonde hair and lively brown eyes, and the taller woman had fiery red hair and sky blue eyes.

All five of them had beautiful features, so they drew people’s attention the moment they entered the bar.


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