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The Emperor’s Woman

When the woman took off her robe, black and lustrous hair sparkled under the lamp.

Her black eyes moved as if she was looking for someone.

“I’ve been waiting for a guest from Lishan.”

A short-haired man who seemed like he hadn’t reached adulthood yet, came up behind her quietly and whispered in her ear.

“I don’t know you, though.”

“You saw me last time! I went to Lishan myself!”


“You laughed at me because I had long hair back then! How can you not recognize me just because I cut my hair”

The man tried to explain himself with an awkward look, but the woman still frowned as if she was still suspicious of him.

The three robust men in robes were also looking at him with a rather hostile look, so the situation seemed somewhat dangerous.

“It’s true that a man with long hair came back then….but I forgot because he’s not handsome.

How can I trust you”

“Well, that’s….”

“…..We can’t give you anything if you don’t have a sign that you’re someone we know.”

The tall and thin man in the woman’s group spoke softly.

That made the man who struck a conversation first whining in a tearful face.

“That woman said you would remember my face.

So I left my sign behind…”

“You’re very careless, aren’t you Even if we remember your face, it doesn’t mean that we will hand it over without checking your sign.

I’m saying that we have to follow the instructions.”

The woman snapped sharply and turned away from the man.

Meanwhile, the man hesitated with an awkward look, but the four of them did not look at him.

“If I just leave like this, we’ll be in great trouble.

It will take at least two hours to bring back my sign….and if I don’t send the letter right away…”

Just behind the man, several men who seemed to be his group were looking at this side anxiously.

They all sighed deeply and gestured to him as if they were scared of their strict master.

“Stop being so frustrating! How do you expect me to hand over a letter full of business secrets to some strangers!”

“That’s why I came here…”

The man was about to burst into tears.

But neither the woman nor the three men in her group backed down.

“If my sister can’t recognize your face, there’s nothing we can do.

You should go back and get your sign…”

“How about me”

But before his words were over, a woman with light brown hair approached from the corner of the tavern and chimed in.

The four people in robes as well as the man and his colleagues looked back at her at the same time.

Everyone’s faces turned bright instantly.


The black haired woman smiled brightly and called her name.


Long time no see.”

Adrian gestured them all into a small room inside the bar.

Unlike before, none of them asked for a sign.

“Please wait here.

I’ll cut you some slack this time, but don’t do anything stupid such as leaves your sign behind again.”

Adrian briefly reprimanded the short haired man and his colleagues.

Despite her stern tone, they bowed their heads in relief.

“T-Thank you, Miss Adrian!”

After a brief nod, she entered a small room with the four people in robes already waiting inside.

“Adrian! I missed you!”

The black-haired woman smiled brightly, completely different from her sharp and sassy attitude she had just a while ago.

Her black eyes suddenly turned dark purple.

The three men behind her also took off their robes one by one.

They were also handsome men with rare eye colors.

“I think you’ve grown a little taller since the last time I saw you, Tanya.”

“Really My brothers told me to give up because I will never get taller! As expected, Adrian is the only one for me!”

“Don’t take our words too seriously.”

The oldest brother stroked Tanya’s head, but she shook off his hand in annoyance.

“How’s your grandmother doing”

Adrian asked with a smile.

She was used to the four siblings’s playful quarrel.

“She was still as vigorous as ever.

She studied various kinds of magic for the sake of Her Highness.

I’m not sure if it’s really working, though.”

“It seems that Her Highness could successfully break her engagement this time thanks to your grandmother.” Adrian answered politely.

“How is Sir Gunter doing”

At Apollonia’s request, Gunther completely settled there to become the acting leader of Lishan.

After discussing the estate management with her for a long time, he realized Apollonia’s wisdom little by little.

And he came to favor her from the bottom of his heart.

However, he didn’t reveal to anyone that Apollonia wasn’t a weak and fragile princess.

He was very cautious with the information he got.

It is probably more difficult to find someone with a heavier mouth than Gunther in the Empire.


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