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Wen Ruoshui finally understood how it felt to be unlucky.

After cleaning up the house for a day, everything was ready and she could move in.

Unexpectedly, the water pipe in the house suddenly exploded.

Due to the long years of disrepair, the water pipe in the bathroom exploded at first.

Immediately after, the water pipe in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom exploded.

She called the maintenance company.

In about 10 minutes, the house was a mess.

She stood in the living room doorway and looked at everything, she wanted to cry.

Yan Yuanfei returned home early today to see if he could help her with anything.

He even specially brought flowers to celebrate her housewarming.

At the door of the living room, the young lady was standing with her back to him.

She was drenched, and her long hair was still dripping with water.

It was still snowing outside, and the snow in the courtyard was already half a meter deep.

She was alone in the cold wind, and her lonely back made his heart ache.

He rushed over.

Wen Ruoshui was still waiting for the repairman to arrive.

Her clothes were drenched, and she couldnt go home.

She could only wait outside.

When she felt someone approaching, she suddenly turned around.

Yan Yuanfeis heart ached as he took off his jacket and put it on her.

He held her shoulders and his voice finally lost its usual calmness.

“Come home with me.”

Wen Ruoshui looked at the mans handsome face that was right in front of her, this was the first time she had seen him with a straight face.

It was very serious and intimidating.

She swallowed her words.

“Ill just go change my clothes.”

In her current state and disheveled state, she couldnt bring herself to refuse.

She knew she needed a warm environment and dry clothes.

Otherwise, with her physical condition, she would definitely be seriously ill.

Yu Bo picked up the flower pot that Yan Yuanfei had placed in the courtyard and followed him, it was a pot of camellia.

It was 18 years old and was in full bloom and had to be taken good care of.

In less than two hours in the snow, it would definitely freeze.

He didnt know if Miss Wen was lucky or not.

It could be said that she was lucky that Sir had appeared in time when she was in trouble for the past two days.

However, it could also be said that she was unlucky to have been chased out of the Dongfang family last night and that her water pipe had exploded today.

The house must have been ruined, it was impossible for her to move in within days or half a month of repairs.

Wen Ruoshui took a hot shower and wore a mans bathrobe, on it was the clean and refreshing scent of ebony on his body.

She wrapped herself tightly in the blanket and nestled on the sofa.

Yan Yuanfei walked over and stuffed a warm water bag into her arms.

He half-squatted in front of her and looked at her with his narrow eyes.

“Stay with me tonight!”

Wen Ruoshui had no choice but to nod shamelessly.

“Sorry for disturbing you.”

Yan Yuanfei wrapped the blanket tightly around her and said in a low and sexy voice, “Do you want me to turn the temperature up a little”

Wen Ruoshui was too embarrassed.

She must have been possessed by bad luck recently and kept troubling him.

“No need.

This is good.”

Yan Yuanfei looked at the young ladys pale face.

Even her lips had turned grayish-white and her body was still trembling, his heart ached.

He really wanted to ask her why she was standing in the yard waiting when her clothes were wet.

Was she stupid

But now, to her, he was just a stranger she had met a few times.

He had no right to question her.

All he could do now was help her.

Wen Ruoshui watched as the mans tall figure entered the kitchen.

From her angle, she could see everything in the semi-open kitchen.

He was a gentleman.

The people in the capital did not have a bad impression of him.

His every move seemed to have a fatal attraction to her.

It made her heart race, but she didnt dare show it.

Did this feeling mean that she liked him

It turned out that when she met the right person and met the person she liked, her heart would really beat wildly, just like her now.

Not long after, Yan Yuanfei came out of the kitchen with a bowl of ginger soup.

“Give me the thermometer first before drinking this.”

Wen Ruoshui looked at the man in a daze and obediently handed him the thermometer.

She took the bowl from his hand and held it with both hands before drinking it in one gulp.

Due to her personal experience, she had never been picky.

No matter how bad the food was, she could swallow it.

Even if she didnt like the taste of ginger, she could still drink it all in one go.

Yan Yuanfei clearly saw the little girl frowning as if she was drinking medicine.

She finished the ginger soup in one go and stuffed a candy into her mouth.

Wen Ruoshuis heart trembled and her eyes couldnt help but heat up.

She held the candy in her hand and slowly opened it before putting it into her mouth.

The taste of ginger was still there.

The soup was not very sweet, but the sweet and sour plum sugar quickly covered up the taste of the ginger soup, leaving only the plum taste.

She suddenly felt a lump in her throat and looked at him gratefully.

“Thank you,” she said, her voice slightly hoarse.

Yan Yuanfei had already looked at the thermometer and saw that she did not have a fever.

However, she was still wet after all.

He did not know how long she had been standing in the cold wind, perhaps her body had not reacted yet.

Hearing her polite words, he felt inexplicably flustered.

“You dont have to be so polite with me.”

Wen Ruoshui watched as he left with the thermometer and the empty bowl, she hugged the warm water bag in her arms tightly.

For some reason, she felt that he was angry.

Yan Yuanfei could make simple noodles, but he did not know how to cook complicated dishes.

Dinner was sent over by the restaurant, it was a top private restaurant in the capital.

The chefs were all chefs of the level of national banquet chefs, so the food they cooked was naturally exquisite and delicious.

Wen Ruoshui did not eat much for dinner and did not have much of an appetite.

Before she went to bed, she even took cold medicine just in case.

Even so, she still had a fever.

In the middle of the night, she was in a daze from the fever.

She felt as if her body was being roasted in a fire one moment and fell into an ice hole the next.

Ice and fire were two different things, and she could not stop suffering.

Her mouth was so dry that her throat felt like it was about to crack.

She propped herself up and went to the living room to find some water.

However, she wasnt familiar with this place and the temperature was low.

After searching for a long time, she couldnt find the fridge.

In the end, she found the kitchen and turned on the tap to drink water.

Yan Yuanfei was already sleeping lightly.

When he heard movement in the living room, he quickly put on his clothes and got up.

When he reached the living room, he saw her holding the tap water and sending it into her mouth.

He quickly rushed up.

“Shui Shui!”

Wen Ruoshui turned her head and looked at the man rushing over with a straight face.

She pouted aggrievedly and said in a hoarse voice, “Im thirsty.”

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