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“Whats going on”

Lu Beiqing frowned.

Without Lu Xiaocha saying anything, they all knew that the matter was serious.

Lu Beilin touched the jade talisman with his fingers and frowned.

“I dont know.

There were too many people at the banquet just now.”

Their eyes darkened.

“Who would attack you in such a place Do you have a candidate in mind”

Lu Beilin pondered for two seconds.

“Ive offended a lot of people in my line of work, but Shen Wenyan is one of those who can appear on such an occasion and mess with me without anyone knowing.

But I cant figure out how he did it without anyone knowing.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Brother, come here.”

Lu Beilin leaned over and Lu Xiaocha took off a transparent wing from the back of his collar.

It was very small.

Such wings were usually only found on some inconspicuous flying insects.

“What is this”

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips.

“Im not sure yet.

Ill take a look when we get home.”

The banquet was about to end, but no other accidents had happened so far, so this accident was targeted at Lu Beilin.

After the banquet ended, Fu Ye walked to Lu Xiaochas side and asked, “What happened”

He acutely sensed that the Lu siblings were a little distracted in the latter half of the banquet.

Lu Xiaocha told him about her third brother.

Fu Yes expression turned ugly.

“You suspect that its a Gu insect”

In a five-star hotel, such banquets would be specially disinfected to remove insects.

There basically would not be any insects here.

Lu Beilins protective jade talisman was activated.

No one believed that this was a coincidence.

However, ordinary insects would definitely not trigger the protective jade talisman.

Fu Ye immediately thought of the Gu worms he had seen in the Nangong Family.

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“Stay with Grandpa Fu.

Ill bring these wings back for the little fatty to try.”

The little fatty referred to the worm she raised, it could tell if it was the wings of a Gu insect.

After returning home, Lu Zhan looked at Lu Beilin and the rest.

“Tell me what happened.”

It was hard to say at the banquet, but he didnt have to worry about it when they went home.

Lu Beilin took out the jade talisman and showed it to everyone.

“I was set up at the party.”

Pei Anran, Lu Zhan, and the others expressions changed.

“By who”

Lu Beilin shook his head.

“I dont know.

There are too many people.

Let me think.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Brother, think about it.

Was there anyone who looked like a foreign minority”

She remembered that her uncle had said before that Southern border people were good at cultivating Gu worms, and they looked different from the people here.

While Lu Beilin was thinking, Lu Xiaocha went to her room to take out the little fatty.

“This is my worm, it can distinguish Gu insects.”

She placed the wing beside the little fattys head.

Under the gazes of several pairs of eyes, the originally motionless white bug began to squirm.

It lowered its head and rubbed it against the transparent wings, then started eating it.

When the results were out, the expressions of the Lu family members turned ugly.

This was really not an ordinary insect.

Who was so scheming to harm Lu Beilin

Lu Beilin suddenly said, “I remember now.

At the banquet, there was indeed a woman who looked exotic who passed by me.

She just passed by me.

I didnt pay much attention to her.”

It was only for a moment, so he didnt think much about it.

Lu Zhan said, “Go to the hotel and ask for surveillance cameras.

Find out if she has any relationship with the enemy you know.”

Lu Xiaocha handed the little fatty to her third brother.

“Brother, get Little Fatty to look for Gu insects in your body.”

Some Gu insects had incubation periods or stayed quietly without their masters orders.

Lu Xiaocha was worried about this situation.

After checking everyone in the house and confirming that there were no hidden dangers, she put the little fatty away.

“Brother, take Little Fatty with you.”

Lu Beilin was a little unwilling.

He finally knew how powerful this little bug was.

He would only be at ease if his sister brought it with her.

As if reading her third brothers mind, Lu Xiaocha said, “Im fine.

Those Gu insects are useless to me.”

Lu Xiaocha insisted on giving Little Fatty to him.

Lu Beilin could not refuse and could only accept it in the end, keeping it with him at all times.

Lu Xiaocha even handed him the poison fed to Little Fatty and some of her blood.

It was good to have someone to take care of it for her.

The Lu family was investigating the banquet, and Old Master Fu quickly received the news.

He was furious that day.

“Investigate who brought that woman to my banquet!”

Seeing that he was so angry that he could not stand steadily, Fu Ye quickly opened the box Lu Xiaocha had given him.

There were two round pills lying inside.

He knew that the emerald green one was a life-prolonging pill, and the brown one was a Vigor Consolidating Pill.

After feeding both to the Old Master, the changes were not obvious, but he had indeed recovered.

“What did you just feed me”

Fu Ye said, “A life-prolonging pill can increase ones lifespan by ten years.”


Hearing Fu Yes words, the Old Master immediately stood up in shock, his eyes widening.

“What did you just say!”

Fu Ye calmly repeated what he had just said.

The Old Master staggered and sat down again with the chair.

However, his head was buzzing.

Life-prolonging pill, life-prolonging pill…

Ten years of lifespan, ten years of lifespan!

What kind of heaven-defying thing was this!

Fu Ye said, “There was also a Vigor Consolidating Pill.

That will make you feel better.”

The Old Masters fingers began to tremble.

“Is it really a life-prolonging pill”

Fu Ye nodded.

At this moment, Old Master Fu finally understood why his grandson had asked him to keep that thing well.

Ten years of life was a huge temptation for anyone who was about to die.

He took a sip of tea to calm himself down.

“Why did Xiaocha give me such a precious thing!”

After saying that, he glared fiercely at his grandson.

“You fed it to me just like that!”

Fu Ye leaned back in his chair.

“What else It was originally a birthday gift for you.

If you dont eat it, who will”

Old Master Fus eyes were a little complicated.

“Im already halfway into the coffin, yet Im still ruining such a good thing.”

Just thinking about it made his heart ache.

Fu Ye smiled.

“Grandpa, the reason why the life-prolonging pill is called the life-prolonging pill is to extend your lifespan.

You know that youre old.

If we dont give it to you, would we give it to us young people”

No one could refute those words, but…

“Xiaocha gave me such a precious thing.

Then the Lu family…”

He was a little worried.

No matter how open-minded the Lu family was, this was a heaven-defying thing that could extend ones lifespan by ten years.

Could it be that the Lu family really did not have any thoughts

Even if they could not use it now, what about when they were old

“Uncle and Auntie know about the life-prolonging pill, but they still support Xiaocha.”

Old Master Fu could only sigh.

He had already eaten it, and he couldnt vomit it out.

“We owe the Lu family a huge favor.

Young brat, help the Lu family more in the future.”

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