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Mu Shuzhen felt very touched.

Although the princess was young, she could actually understand what she was trying to express.

If it wasnt because this was a very serious matter, Mu Shuzhen wouldnt have dared to make such a vicious oath.

She quickly said, “AYun and this servant were supposed to take turns to be on watch duty last night, but AYun didnt come in the latter half of the night.

This servant originally thought that she had overslept.

“This kind of thing often happened in the past, so this servant didnt think too much about it.

This servant just wanted to get some water to wash my face and keep watch until daylight.

However, when this servant opened the door…

“This servant saw that AYun had gone out sneakily.

It was already so late and her movements were suspicious.

Out of curiosity, this servant followed her.

Expectedly, this servant discovered that AYun had hidden flint and kerosene around the pagoda.”

After Mu Shuzhen finished speaking, Wanyin was the first to be shocked.

“Theres actually such a thing How dare she! In another day, the princess will be going to the scripture tower with Her Majesty to serve the Buddha for half a day.

What is she planning to do by harboring such evil intentions!”

The scripture tower they mentioned here was where Taishi Monastery stored the scripture books.

The place was filled with ancient books.

If the tower were ignited by fire, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Moreover, the scripture tower was a sacred place where the servants like them couldnt accompany the empress and princess inside.

This meant that on that day, only the princess and the empress would be going in to attend to the scriptures sincerely.

If AYun wanted to start a fire, then she must be wanting the empress and princesss lives!

Gu Nuoers small face was filled with contemplation.

Her black hair hung by her cheeks, making her look obedient, cute, and a little composed.

“AYun cant possibly want to kill the empress and me.

If she wants to make a move, she must have other motives.”

Mu Shuzhen hurriedly nodded.

“Before we left the palace, this servant heard AYuns good friends mocking this servant.

“She said that if this servant did something wrong, the empress would know that it was a mistake to keep this servant.

“This servant guesses that she must be thinking of implicating this servant with this event.

However, if something were to happen to Her Majesty and the princess, she would not be able to escape the responsibility.

“Therefore, this servant thinks that she will definitely set the fire first, then pretend to save the masters and finally frame this servant.”

Wanyin was furious.

“Ill tear off her face now!”

Gu Nuoer grabbed her sleeve.

“Theres no hurry.”

The child pondered for a moment and suddenly said quietly, “Elder Sister Wanyin, go and change the kerosene to water.

Remember to make it have a close resemblance.

After changing it, put it back and dont let anyone see it.

Elder Sister Shuzhen, just go back for now and dont say anything about this.”

Wanyin frowned uneasily.

“Princess, even so, its still too dangerous.”

“Dont be afraid.

We already know what she wants to do.

Why would we be worried that shell succeed Get the hidden guards to guard the vicinity.

Ill have my own ways to deal with things when the time comes.”

Since the princess had already given the order, Wanyin could only do as she was told.

After she left, Mu Shuzhen said apologetically, “Princess, this servant has let you down.

AYun hates this servant and this has implicated you.”

Gu Nuoer smiled sweetly.

“It has nothing to do with you.

Its just that she wants to show off too much.

Ive seen Mother deal with such people.

Dont worry, leave it to me.

Taking care of her will be just like playing!”

For some reason, with the princess here, Mu Shuzhen felt as if she had taken a calming pill.

Ever since she discovered this secret last night, she had not dared to close her eyes.

She was afraid that something would happen to the empress and princess.

Mu Shuzhen left Gu Nuoers room and returned to the empresss room.

AYun had just finished serving the empress breakfast.

Seeing Mu Shuzhen coming late, she said, “Youre always missing.

Its fine if you go out to play, but if you get lost, Her Majesty will be worried.”

Mu Shuzhen did not want to argue with her.

She picked up her broom and went outside to sweep the floor.


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