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Silence fell on the table.

Ruan Yingyin who had her attention on the food seemed to be…a little stunned.

She put down the chopsticks and looked at the mother and daughter duo across the table.

When Ruan Xudong saw her line of sight falling on them, he spoke with guilt, “Yin Yin Dad is sorry.

Aunt Yang and Dad didn’t tell you before collecting the marriage license.

We weren’t thinking of keeping it a secret from you.

Don’t blame Aunt Yang, she also didn’t know that I didn’t tell you.”

Yang Qingwei was also surprised, she looked at Ruan Xudong and Yang Ruorou as her eyes became wet.

“Uncle, my mother had suffered a lot since I was a child! She raised me alone.

I’m relieved to know that now she has someone to look after her.

Thank you, Uncle, please don’t blame yourself.

You and my mother must be happy.”

As Ruan Yingyin listened to her heart warming speech, she thought in her heart, as expected of the female protagonist.

Even every line matched with the book, not to mention the plot.

It was just that she was not the ‘Ruan Yingyin’ in the book, who would get angry and flip the table in protest.

All she cared and loved was food.

She just once again bowed her head and continued eating without saying a single word.

As Ruan Xudong heard Yang Qingwei’s words, he felt pleased.

But when his eyes landed on Ruan Yingyin, he frowned, feeling something was wrong.

According to Ruan Yingyin’s behaviour in the past, after he declared their relationship to her, she should have gotten angry and smashed everything in her sight.

But she was just sitting quietly, eating in silence.

Her obedience was not bad but he wasn’t pleased with her either.

Especially after hearing Yang Qingwei’s speech, he even felt that Ruan Yingyin was too rude.

He called her and exclaimed, “Yin Yin, did you hear what Dad just said to you now”

Ruan Yingyin raised her head and looked at Ruan Xudong as she nodded, “I heard.”

Ruan Xudong’s face wrinkled even more, “Since you’ve heard me, why didn’t you say something Shouldn’t you thank Aunt Yang for taking care of your Dad You should at least congratulate both Auntie and Daddy!”

Ruan Xudong was angry…because of Ruan Yingyin’s mother, Li Da, he had to break up with his lover Yang Rourou and marry her(Li Da).

Even though they lived so many years as husband and wife, and also had a daughter, all the bad blood between them should have gone away.

But Ruan Xudong didn’t like her, so even if she died in a car accident, he didn’t feel much sadness about her death.

Rather, he felt sorry for himself, Yang Ruorou and Yang Qingwei, who had to grow up without a father.

Ruan Yingyin was born with a golden spoon, she didn’t need to do anything except order the servants around.

But Yang Ruorou worked hard to raise Yang Qingwei.

He even heard that Yang Qingwei had to do houseworks after reaching home from school.

How pitiful.

That’s why Ruan Xudong wanted to give them a luxurious life.

He wanted to let them enjoy the life of the rich, so that all their grievances in the past could go away.

They must be very happy and grateful in their heart for his generosity.

Yang Ruorou hurriedly came between them to ease his anger, “Xu Dong, Yin Yin is still a child.

Why are you scolding her It’s we who are at the fault.

We should have told her sooner so that she could be prepared.”

Ruan Yingyin only looked at Yang Rourou but still didn’t say anything.

Ruan Xudong was even more angry, he wanted Ruan Yingyin to get along with Yang Ruorou and Yang Qingwei and live together.

But seeing her perfunctory attitude made him very displeased with het.

Next to Yang Rourou, Yang Qingwei smiled at Ruan Yinyin with ridicule as she saw Ruan Xudong getting angry with her.

Ruan Yinyin saw her smiling at her and pursed her lips.

Since she read the book, she knew the pair of mother and daughter duo of Yang weren’t good.

Although Yang Qingwei was the female protagonist of the book, she wasn’t your typical white lotus female lead, rather she was a green tea bitch who carefully calculated every step before taking.

When Li Da used improper means to get married to Ruan Xudong, she was only in her teens.

So obviously her means were low and unfair.

But Yang Ruorou was a soft-hearted person, even knowing that Li Da framed her and snatched away her man, she still didn’t do or say anything.

She silently left their lives and painstakingly brought Yang Qingwei up.

Who knew that she would be found as having an incurable disease in the future.

Yang Qingwei was very filial, apart from taking care of her mother, she also had to do several part time jobs after school.

She wanted to borrow money for her mother’s illness, but no one helped her.

Some people even gave her improper suggestions such as selling her body or working in a bar.

Obviously, Yang Qingwei refused to do those kinds of works.

But when people saw she was a young girl who only had a sick mother to guard, they became courageous and wanted to forcibly drag her away.

They even threatened her saying that if she didn’t agree, they wouldn’t let her treat her mother.

Seeing no other choice, Yang Ruorou contacted Ruan Xudong.

The result of all these fiasco was that Yang Rourou was misdiagnosed, but Yang Qingwei and Yang Ruorou saw the real face of people and understood that in the society, they are nothing without money.

They finally threw away their rose tinted glass and saw how realistic the world was.

Yang Qingwei was Ruan Xudong’s daughter, and her mother was Ruan Xudong’s lover.

Now that she has found the person, why not take back everything that she(Yang Rourou) deserved

After knowing everything, Yang Qingwei rather felt that it was Ruan Yingyin who stole everything from her.

She was the daughter of Li Da, the same blood of that shameless woman was flowing through her, so she was also disgusting.

Now that Li Da is dead, the pain and despair that she and her mother have experienced over the years should naturally be paid to Ruan Yingyin one by one.

Just wait.

It’s only just the beginning.


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