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Ruan Yingyin didn’t know what Jiang Xingyuan was thinking, but she still couldn’t help but feel afraid.

He was a man with a belly as black as a black hole, who knew what he was plotting against her She started struggling, while praying earnestly for the bell to the next class to ring.

The bell didn’t ring, but her cell phone in the desk drawer vibrated.

Jiang Xingyuan loosened his grasp from her collar and extended his hands to the drawer.

He decisively picked up her phone and stared at the lit up screen.

The cell phone had a smart lock, and it could only be unlocked by her fingertips.

He was about to reach out and grab her hand but Ruan Yingyin unlocked the screen herself.

Jiang Xingyuan gave her a look.

Ruan Yingyin looked at his expressionless face and said seriously, “Classmate Jiang, I don’t know why you hate me so much.

We’re deskmates, can’t we get along”

Ruan Yingyin wanted to have a good relationship with Jiang Xingyuan.

After all, all the obstacles and pain Ruan Yingyin faced in the book was caused by Jiang Xingyuan.

Jiang Xingyuan stared at her for a moment before suddenly smiling.

He threw her phone back to her and replied in one sentence, “Impossible.”

Ruan Yingyin sighed and comforted herself, it’s okay.

As long as she didn’t stand in front of his path, she should be alright.

Beside, the college entrance examination was still two years away.

She was sure that sooner or later he would find out that the Ruan Yingyin he knew and the Ruan Yingyin now was completely different.

As she comforted herself, she looked at the message that just came.

[Dad: Yin Yin, I’ll pick you up after school.]

Ruan Yingyin lowered her head and rubbed the screen of her phone.

Even if she didn’t do anything, the plot of the book would continue as it was.

After the school was over, Ruan Yingyin packed her bag and left.

Before leaving, she didn’t forget to greet Jiang Xingyuan.

But Jiang Xingyuan didn’t say anything.

Ruan Yingyin knew why Ruan Xudong wanted to pick her up after school.

It was because he had brought his lover Yang Rourou and his illegitimate daughter Yang Qingwei at home.

Yang Qingwei was the female of the book and the half sister of Ruan Yingyin.

Ruan Yingyin’s mother Li Da, used improper means on Ruan Xudong and forced him to marry her, successfully snatching him away from Yang Ruorou.

But no one knew that Yang Ruorou was pregnant at that time.

After leaving Ruan Xudong, she gave birth to Yang Qingwei and raised her alone.

A year ago, Yang Ruorou found out that she had a terminal illness.

She was afraid that her daughter would panic and be left alone after her death.

So she had no choice but to find her old flame, Ruan Xudong and reveal everything.

Later, they found that she actually didn’t have any terminal illness, the hospital just gave them the wrong report.

But Ruan Xudong met his old lover and would obviously wouldn’t let them go.

Besides, they even had a daughter.

So he secretly bought an apartment in S city and kept them there.

That’s why Ruan Yingyin was alone most of the time in H City this year.

Ruan Xudong would occasionally visit his lover and their daughter.

Their family of three would have a family reunion almost every few months.

Now that Li Da, Ruan Yingyin’s mother was dead, Ruan Xudong wanted to marry Yang Ruorou.

He wanted his wife and both daughters to meet so he made a reservation for dinner tonight at an expensive restaurant.

When Ruan Yingyin arrived, the Yangs were already present there and seated around the table.

Yang Ruorou quickly rose to her feet seeing Ruan Yingyin entering the private rooms.

She sent a motherly smile towards her and said, “You are Yin Yin, right Come and sit down quickly.

Your father always speaks about you.”

Yang Qingwei, the female lead also stood up with her mother.

Her appearance was similar to other ordinary female leads, pretty face with a moderately curvey figure and elegant personality.

Ruan Yingyin pretended not to know the mother and daughter duo and stared at Ruan Xudong.

Ruan Xudong smiled and introduced them to Ruan Yingyin, “Yin Yin, this is Aunt Yang.

I told you about her a year ago.”

Saying this, Ruan Xudong’s face suddenly changed a little.

He had mentioned about Yang Ruorou to Ruan Yingyin a year ago.

But of course, he didn’t say that Yang Ruorou was his old lover and Yang Qingwei was his own daughter.

“Yin Yin, after your mother left Dad, your Dad felt very sad and lonely.

It’s thanks to her that I was able to feel alive again.

I brought them here today so that you two can meet and get along with each other in the future.”

In the book when Ruan Yingyin heard this, she threw her chopsticks and smashed the bowls.

Resistance was written all over her face as she denied to except Yang Ruorou as her stepmother.

So father and daughter had a huge fight.

After the fight, Ruan Xudong didn’t return to home and refused to meet her


But, seeing his rebellious daughter so well behaved after just a year later, Ruan Xudong was satisfied.

He didn’t hide his true intention and said, “I want to marry Yang Rourou, I hope Yin Yin can understand Dad’s grievance.”

Ruan Yingyin looked at the Yangs across the table and pursed her lips.

She ignored them, and didn’t say anything.

She just sat there and focused all her attention to the food.

In the book, Ruan Yingyin not only smashed everything at the mother and daughter duo, but also scolded them fiercely.

Which made Ruan Xudong even more angrier at her.

But all her screaming and smashing things had no effect on them.

Ruan Xudong still took his lover and daughter at home.

Ruan Yingyin was so enraged that she started harassing the mother and daughter pair.

Finally, Ruan Xudong couldn’t tolerate her behaviour any more and drove her out of the Ruan’s home.

Ruan Yingyin, who knew the plot well was aware that she couldn’t make the same mistake as ‘Ruan Yingyin’ in the book.

She knew that she couldn’t live well in a society, where money is everything.

When she became a human in her previous life, she suffered a lot because of lack of money.

She didn’t want to experience those hellish days again.

She was a very realistic woman and a hamster spirit.

She had to find a way to live and not depend on Ruan Xudong anymore.

So that when in the future she got kicked out from her Ruan family, she could survive with ease.

Seeing her not saying anything, Ruan Xudong said firmly, “Yin Yin, actually, your Dad and Auntie Yang have already married.

Tomorrow, Aunt Yang and Wei Wei will move in with us.

Your sister is only a few months older than you and is also in your class.

So Dad hopes you can get along with her in the future.”


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