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Di Jingkun took a deep breath.

When he could finally resist the pain, he continued, “But…if you were born with 1 million, its definitely easier for you to get 100 billion from it! Its much easier than earning 1 million from nothing! Gaining more money by using money is one of the easiest things to do.

The only thing that was difficult was to start!

“I wasnt as lucky as you.

I have been abandoned when I was just a boy, but you were pampered by your father.

As you lay in his arms, I had to fight for my first pot of gold.

We started off at different places.

What I have earned today is nothing you could have achieved.”

Di Jingkun held his head high up when he said this to the rest of the room.

In his point of view, the world was unfair, but even when he was at his worst, he managed to live the best he could.

To him, he was a success.

No matter what Di Jingxuan thought of him or how they were judging him, he still managed to survive today with his own efforts.

But, as soon as he was done, he heard Xie Qingyan laughing.

Di Jingkun looked at the woman he once loved, but all the love he had for her was gone when she hammered him.

She broke everything beneath his waist.

This woman…

Di Jingkun looked pale, and his entire face indicated he was getting weaker, but he refused to lower his head.

“Why are you laughing Did I say anything wrong He got lucky he wasnt the one taken away from the family.

He had the first pot of gold since he was born.

Then, he met you, an internationally renowned assassin.

He had such a powerful woman supporting him and the ticket for him to enter the high-class social circle.

If it were me, I would have been able to do the same and become one of the most respectable men on earth.

As long as one isnt too dumb to understand this, everyone would have been able to take the chance!”

When he was done, none of them bothered answering him.

They were all looking at him with pitiful eyes.

This infuriated Di Jingkun even more.

“Why are you looking at me like that What Did I say something wrong!”

As soon as he was done, there were a large number of people suddenly rushed into the halls of the estate.

The huge hall that could have fit 100 people suddenly seemed crowded.

The moment he saw Bazel, Di Jingkuns eyes shuddered with shock.

Bazel was the head of the strongest mafia group in Country I, The Geeks, and he was known as the Father.

The Geeks influence had infiltrated every level of the society in Country I.

They were everywhere and were involved with everything.

It can also be said that the Geeks were similar to the royal family.

Foxx may also be the head of a mafia group, but compared to people like Bazel, Foxx was merely someone who could carry Bazels shoes.

Seeing how Bazel was walking in so strongly, he thought Di Jingxuan would be having a long fight with Bazel.

He looked excited.

He didnt mind if Di Jingxuan died since he would be dead soon as well.

He wouldnt allow Di Jingxuan to obtain the things he didnt have.

Dont even bother telling him that he should be embarrassed to face his parents.

His parents were the ones who lost him, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Di Jingkun could feel his heart beating faster, and the blood left in him started boiling with excitement as well.

There were dozens of tall, muscular mercenaries who entered the room, and instantly, the entire room was filled.

As Bazel got closer to them, Di Jingkun turned to look at him as well.

Xie Qingyan took two quick steps and stood in front of Bazel.

That was when Di Jingkun scoffed.


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