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Xie Qingyan was delighted as she hugged Jinqian.

Then, she gently patted Jinqians shoulder and said, “You are my dear daughter after all.

Such courage! Then….even if it was with surgery, you will have no way of saving that part, right”

Jinqian shook her head.

“There are too many nerves there, and it would be a hassle.

Plus, I am not interested in helping other men fix their problems in that region.”

Xie Qingyan let out a breath of relief.

“Thank god, you cant fix it.

If you can, Ill then chop his head into two.”

Di Jingkun was now covered in blood as his body trembled.

He could feel his life slowly draining away.

He wouldnt have thought that the only reason why Xie Qingyan was torturing him in this manner was so that Jinqian would not be able to save him in the future.

She was crushing all of the hopes he had.

As expected––

Xie Qingyan looked at Di Jingxuan, “Back on the plane, you said you want to break his leg and imprison him, but you never said you would kill him.

However, without killing him, I wont get to release the anger I have against him.

So, even if I cant kill him, I must torture him.”

Di Jingxuan obviously understood the hatred his wife had.

He took away the hammer from her and hugged her.

“Dear, I know how much you hate him.

He used his child to swap away Qianqian and Xiao Yang.

He even allowed his daughter to live with us happily for the past 20 years while our children suffered.

“Not only that, he even tried to kill us multiple times.

Although I never took him seriously, there was still a time when he caused me to suffer a heart attack, and I almost died.

Later on, when we found Qianqian, he even found someone to kill her.

Both of us might have the same mother, but other than being blood-related, I dont know this man.

“So, he is my enemy, the man that I hate most.

No matter what you do to him, I will not be mad at you.

I think he deserves it.

The only reason why I didnt want to kill him was that he is my brother, and I dont want him to disturb my parents so early on.

I only take him as an enemy whom Ah Chuan has captured.

You can do whatever you want to him.

I have no opinion about it.”

Xie Qingyan, who was initially angry and furious, finally got comforted by the words coming from her husband.

That was right.

Di Jingkun was indeed just a fly, an annoying little fly.

He wasnt even that powerful, but he kept disturbing them all the time.

The one thing she couldnt stand the most was the theft of her children.

Also, there was an incident where Di Jingxuan was alone while he had an episode.

If she didnt sense that something was wrong and go to him on time, he would have died.

Plus, no matter how powerful her daughter was, she still was unhappy that this man tried to harm her daughter twice.

So, even if she had to keep Di Jingkun alive, he had to become someone disabled.

“Di Jingxuan, I am your brother.

I….am your biological brother.

Ahhhhhh!!!! How could you do this to me!”

There were tears running down his face.

He curled his body into a ball.

He knew that everything was over.

There was no way he would rise to power again in his life.

Since he was a boy, the only goal he had was to beat Di Jingxuan.

After beating him, he would definitely take him as his younger brother, but his younger brother could never be better than him.


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