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In the reception room, Long Tianyu was sitting in the main seat.

In the face of Feng Zidies forced smile, his cold face did not change at all.

His long and deep eyes, with a slight chill, fell on Feng Zidie and then moved away.

And her hand hanging in the air was retracted awkwardly.

Feng Zidie gritted her teeth, but tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.

She put the teacup back into the maids hands.

It seemed that Long Tianyu was no longer patient with her.

Trying hard to calm down, Feng Zidie waved her hand and asked the maid to leave.

In the reception room, there were only the two of them.

Even though she had already understood that this mans heart would never fall on her, there was still a trace of expectation in Feng Zidies heart.

No matter how good that person was, she was now already dead.

She was the one who could stand in front of him alive.

As long as she married him, she did not believe that there would never be a trace of her figure in his eyes.

“Whats the matter, Your Highness”

Even in front of the person that she was infatuated with, Feng Zidie still kept her proud look.

Only her could match a man like him.

“The wedding dress has been sent here.

Ive given you what you want.

What about the thing that I want”

Long Tianyu had exhausted all his patience with the woman in front of him.

If it werent for the hope that he wanted Yaer to return to his side as soon as possible, he would never agree to Feng Zidies condition and marry her as a legal wife.

Lin Mengya was his only wife!

“The thing is in my dowry.

After we get married, the thing will naturally enter the princes mansion with me.

But I have another condition, and you must promise me.”

The threat of the woman made Long Tianyu extremely unhappy.

He hated being threatened the most, but this woman had broken his bottom line again and again.

“Who do you think you are talking to”

Long Tianyu almost couldnt control his violent emotions, but it seemed that Feng Zidie didnt notice it at all.

All she was thinking about was how to monopolize this man.

“Dont you want to marry me Im your wife.

No matter how many women you have in the future, Im your only wife.

I cant tolerate another woman standing between us.

If I enter the mansion, Lin Lang must leave!”

Feng Zidie was almost out of control.

She was jealous of Lin Mengya, but she was even more jealous of Lin Lang.

“Why He doesnt even give her a smile, but he loves that woman so much.”

“Dont go too far.

Just recognize your identity.

I can give you the position of the legal wife, but I can also take it back.”

Long Tianyus patience was going to be completely exhausted by this stupid woman.

The gloom in his eyes shocked Feng Zidie, who was a little excited.

Only then did she realize that she had done something so stupid on impulse.

“I… I didnt mean it.

Its not that I cant tolerate anyone else.

After all, Im just your wife.

But how can an outsider like her make all the decisions in the mansion”


Before she could finish her words, Long Tianyu slammed his hand heavily on the table.

Feng Zidie immediately stopped with grievance, but there was a hint of stubbornness in her eyes.

“Know clearly who you are.

Lin Mengya is my only wife.

Youre the only one who knows how you got the title of Princess Yu.

Humph, in my eyes, youre just a non-essential decoration.”

After saying this, Long Tianyu left.

But Feng Zidies tears had already burst out of her eyes the moment Long Tianyu disappeared.

“Things… shouldnt be like this.

“Why do they always end up like this”

“Miss, are you alright”

Seeing Prince Yu leaving with a cold face, the maids knew that there must be a dispute again between their Miss and Prince Yu.

A few people immediately rushed in and began to comfort their Miss.


Leaning against the corner of the courier station, Lin Mengya could not help but sigh slightly.

Although there was a voice in her heart telling her that she could not see Long Tianyu now, she couldnt control her honest legs.

However, she just needed to take a look at him.

She stood excitedly in the corner of the wall.

If she were in this position, Long Tianyu would definitely not be able to see her, but she could see Long Tianyu.

But when she thought of that guy meeting a beautiful woman in the room, she…

She stomped her feet.

“Why am I so sneaking”

She rubbed her little head in annoyance and wanted to leave in anger.

As soon as she turned around, she found that there was a slender shadow in front of her.

She lowered her head cautiously.

Before she could ask for forgiveness, her body was held tightly in someones arms.

“Why are you here”

The mans uncontrollable ecstasy words near her ears made Lin Mengya feel a little dizzy.

She thought that she had been careful enough, and even Feng Zidie did not recognize her.


“Your Highness, please behave yourself!”

As soon as she thought of the engagement between Long Tianyu and Feng Zidie, Lin Mengya was quite furious.

She used her small foot beneath her dress to stomp hard on Long Tianyus toes.

As expected, when she heard his breathing of pain, she felt sorry for him, but she also felt that he was asking for it.

He deserved it!

“My girl, you stomp on me so heavily.

Why are you here Is that Feng Zidie who took you here to threaten me”

“This man is really full of imagination!”

Lin Mengya raised her head with a mocking smile on her face.

“Prince Yu, really good for you.

You dare to flirt with your fiancées maid.

Whats wrong with you The day after tomorrow is the wedding.

Cant you wait”

When Long Tianyu looked at her who had changed her appearance, his expression froze.

He tried to touch Lin Mengyas cheek with his big hand, but Lin Mengya avoided it very cleverly.

“Its not what you think.

I know youre angry, but Ive never lied to you.

Youre the only one in my life!”

Although there was a sincere look on Long Tianyus face, Lin Mengya still felt as if her heart were being pricked by fine needles.

“Youd better use these words to cheat ghosts.

Its over between us!”

Lin Mengya shook off Long Tianyus hand with mixed feelings in her heart.

How could she trust him If she really passed away, she would definitely encourage Long Tianyu to marry someone else.

However, he had just gotten along with her, but he would marry another woman.

How could she believe his words How could she continue to stay with him

What she wanted was a unique and honest love.

If one day, this love was covered with the shadow of deception, then she would rather give it up.

“What do you mean You cant leave me, even if I die!”

He grabbed Lin Mengyas arm with his big hand forcefully, and his eyes were red with madness.

No matter how severe the injury was, it couldnt compare with her words of leaving.

“Long Tianyu, let go of me! No one can stop me from doing what I want to do!”

Lin Mengya did not know why she was determined to leave him.

But the courier station was obviously not a suitable place to talk.

Long Tianyu, who had already been disturbed by her words, had no time to care about anything else.

He shouldered Lin Mengya, who was struggling, and got on his horse.

“What are you doing Put me down quickly, and Ill be seen by others!”

The mans rough and overbearing actions hurt Lin Mengya and awakened her senses.

“Gosh! What happened to me just now Did I lose her mind How could I do such a stupid thing!

“Wasnt it just that Long Tianyu had a private meeting with another woman for a while

“How generous I used to be, but now I become so petty.”

At this time, Lin Mengya did not understand that in love, any smart and wise woman would be blinded by jealousy.

“You can never leave! Never!”

Lin Mengyas words frightened Long Tianyu and drove away his last trace of sense.

There was only one thought left in his mind.

She could never try to get away from him.

What happened that time had already made him feel heartbroken.

She was his life.

If she wanted to leave…

Just thinking about it made him feel as if his breathing had stopped immediately.

“Put me down first.

Lets have a talk.”

Being trapped on horseback by him, Lin Mengya even saw that someone had poked his head out of the courier station.

“Oh no, they would definitely see what is going on between Long Tianyu and me.

“It means that Feng Zidie will also know it.

In this case, the efforts I have made to sneak into this place are completely in vain.”

Lin Mengya had never hated her stupidity more than she did for this moment.

“Why couldnt I hold it Why was I blinded by jealousy due to my impulsion

“How am I going to end this”

No matter how much she struggled and pleaded, Long Tianyu continued to whip the horse away with a firm attitude.

The horse was galloping on the street.

The passers-by looked at the man on the horse and the woman whose face was completely covered in his arms unbelievably.

Hey, this was the childe from which family who was crude and rash for a beauty

Lin Mengya sighed deeply.

The only thing she could do now was to cover her face as much as possible and wait for the moment when Long Tianyu calmed down.

Fortunately, the horse was very fast.

After a while, she was held in Long Tianyus arms again and he hurried into Prince Yus Mansion.

“Your Highness—”


With a low roar, everyone who saw Long Tianyu kept quiet and did not dare to stop him.

In this way, Lin Mengya was carried to the inner courtyard by him quickly.

She finally found a place where her hips could lean, but then, the mans oppressive body covered her.

She, who was in a mess, only felt that the handsome face in front of her was so gloomy that it was scary.

She lowered her eyes.

“It is he who will marry others first.

Why do I feel so guilty

“Whats the matter”

“Say that you wont leave me!”

The man was eager to get a promise, and he didnt hesitate to tear off his cold disguise for her.

But Lin Mengya didnt even look up.

She lowered her eyes, thinking about something.

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