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Lu Qingxin didnt know how to respond.

The little fat boys mother didnt seem to care at all.

She said, “Miss Lu, Im sorry.

I really hit it off with you at first sight.”

“Why” Lu Qingxin instinctively felt that something was off but didnt know exactly what.

Lu Qingxins styling had been done after a while, and now all she wore were clothing from top brands.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Lu Qingxin thought of herself when the Lu Group was still around.

She was living in considerable style and always up to date no matter what brands came out back then.

The account managers of those brands made her like a fairy in the sky.

Lu Qingxins life took a nosedive ever since Qin Lili died thanks to Ye Tianxin and the Lu Group going bankrupt

She had changed from a girl who could buy anything at any time to a woman who needed to calculate before spending any money.

She hadnt dressed so extravagantly in a long time.

Lu Qingxin didnt know if it was an illusion, but she thought she looked a thousand times better in the mirror now than she usually did.

Sure enough, it was as the old saying goes: just as the gods rely on their gold clothes, people rely on their clothes.

She changed her clothes and felt immediately different.

“Miss Lu, you are so beautiful.”

Lu Qingxin said with a reserved smile, “Thank you.”

The little fat boys mother took some money out of her bag and handed them to the stylist and the others.

The people involved were satisfied after being paid for their services.

Lu Qingxin asked, “Why are they all gone”

The moment Lu Qingxin saw these people leave, she felt that something was wrong.

The little fat boys mother said what she had prepared in advance.

“The interview requires absolute silence.

Itll be too noisy with too many people around, and the noise would be hard to edit out afterward.”

Two American chairs with tiger-printed seats were placed in front of the camera, and both of them sat in their respective positions according to the arrangement.

The little fat boys mother took out two bottles of mineral water and handed one to Lu Qingxin.

“Miss Lu, have some water, please.”

Lu Qingxin said softly with a proper smile, “No, thank you.

Im not thirsty yet.”

She looked so elegant now.

She looked so different from before.

Lu Qingxin was not thirsty, but she was afraid of the water washing away her lipstick.

“Miss Lu, your makeup is waterproof.” Then the little fat boys mother took her interview outlines and said, “If Miss Lu needs nothing else, we will start the interview now.”

Lu Qingxin took a deep breath and made an OK gesture.

“Hello, everyone.

Welcome to our program on Strawberry Channel.

The beautiful lady sitting in front of me is the daughter of Lu Jijun of the former Lu Group, Lu Qingxin.”

Lu Qingxin raised her eyebrows when she heard Lu Jijun, the former Lu Group.

A gleam of displeasure crept into her eyebrows.

“Miss Lu was involved in the death of a primary school student a few days ago, and the police once suspected that Miss Lu was the murderer.

Miss Lu, is there anything youd like to say to our audiences about it”

Lu Qingxin smiled sweetly at the camera and said.

“Im sure everyone in the audience has their own judgment.

The fact that Im even here means that I didnt kill anyone.

I couldnt even hurt a fly, let alone another person.”

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