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Chapter 22.1

Banquet (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


“I brought you dinner.”


Song Nanqiao noticed that Wen Wenyao had a bag in her hand.


It contained the same sumptuous dinner as yesterday.


But now, Luo Ningmeng has also peeled the fruit.


“Put them all down there.

I’ll come down and eat them myself.” Song Nanqiao takes the initiative to get out of bed.


Both girls drew a cold breath when they saw this scene, urging Song Nanqiao to hurry back to bed.


“It’s okay, I’m fine now.”


She was really fine.

She took Wen Wenyao’s dinner and the fruits of Luo Ningmeng, put them on the big table, and was ready to eat.


Luo Ningmeng takes a look at Song Nanqiao and then turns her eyes to Wen Wenyao.


“Miss Wen, can we talk”




Wen Wenyao turned her head to take a look and nodded hesitantly.


What’s the matter with this girl


Wen Wenyao looks back at Song Nanqiao.

Song Nanqiao nods to her, indicating that she can go out.






The two girls went out.


The system pondered for a moment and slowly spoke.


“I always feel that Luo Ningmeng has some interest in you.”


“No, she doesn’t like me, she just doesn’t want me to get too far away from her.” Song Nanqiao drank a sip of water and said with certainty.


“Why” The system did not understand.


“She needs intimacy, and I helped her, so she has a sense of dependence on me.

To be exact, she hopes that I can become her best friend.”


It probably means that.


“Er…okay.” The system nodded vaguely.

The feelings between people are really complex, and it is completely incomprehensible.


On the other side―


Luo Ningmeng brought Wen Wenyao to a more secluded stairwell, there was no one around.


“Thank you for taking care of Song Nanqiao, but it is my responsibility that Song Nanqiao is injured.

I want to pay her medical expenses.” Luo Ningmeng took out a check from his bag, which contained twenty thousand yuan.


Then she bowed to Wen Wenyao and thanked her.


“No need.” Wen Wenyao frowned slightly, these words made her heart a little uncomfortable.


According to Luo Ningmeng, Wen Wenyao had entered the world of the two of them, and she had nothing to do with this matter at all.


“Hahaha, although I have a vague liking for her, I don’t like her.” Luo Ningmeng smiled freely.

She wanted to tell Wen Wenyao this sentence long ago.


Even a friend is possessive towards each other.

What she doesn’t like about Wen Wenyao’s contact with Song Nanqiao is that she is afraid that Song Nanqiao and Wen Wenyao will gradually forget her after being together.


This is the most terrible thing.

Even if they’re only friends, it’s a good thing to remember each other for a long time.


“I just want her to play with me, that’s all.”


“Is that all”


“Of course.”


Luo Ningmeng used an affirmative tone this time, and then directly put the check into Wen Wenyao’s hand.


“Whether you accept it or not, I’m responsible for her injury anyway.

I can’t just let it go.”


Wen Wenyao did not refuse this time and accepted this check.


“Thank you.”


Wen Wenyao thought about it, in this way, Song Nanqiao would not feel that she owed herself anything in her heart.


“I’m leaving.” Luo Ningmeng tidied up her clothes and waved to Wen Wenyao, as sunny and energetic as when greeting Song Nanqiao.


This is her original appearance.


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