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Reincarnated as the Demon Kings Son Chapter 30 Fishing 2

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Aldred was having fun spearfishing with his comrades until someone shouted for his name.


He turned to the side and saw a petite and beautiful woman pouting with both hands on her waist. She wore a simple shirt that revealed her smooth belly and tight pants with a rope around it. On her shoulder was a yellow string.

“Did you forget about our date”

Aldred felt panicked. He didnt think the lady was serious at that time. Mareona strode with large strides. Her feet splashed in the water as she towered over him. She raised her fist and knocked his head.

“Ow. That hurt.” Aldred rubbed his head.

“Aldred, who is this” Mary asked. She looked at the woman with a polite smile.

Mareona smiled back. “I am Aldreds girlfriend. Isnt that right, boy”

“Uhh… Maybe.”

She knocked his head again. “What do you mean maybe. You took my first kiss already.”

Aldred rubbed his head in pain again. “But it was you who kissed first.”



“Were going on a date right now. Show me around the area.”-.

“I cannot. I must help my friend catch fish.”

Mareona looked at the soldiers stabbing their swords into the water. The swords pierced through the fist as it wiggled around. Carefully, they put the fish inside the basket.

“That looks fun. I will help you.”

And so Aldred taught Mareona how to fish with her swords. He remembered what Juhel taught him perfectly. “You have to slowly move forward, and then dip your sword into the water.”

“Like this”

Aldred shook his head and grabbed her hand. His hand suddenly slip and caught her breast instead. He blinked as he squeezed a few times. It was soft, and squishy.


“Ow. That was an accident.”

Mareona snorted while her cheeks turned red. “You naughty boy. Quick. Teach me how to fish properly.”

Aldred approached her and grabbed her hand. “Put it closer to the fish like this. Just imagine that rock right there is a fish.” He grabbed her waist. His hands slipped a little to her butt.

Mareona felt something wrong, but Aldreds serious look convinced her otherwise.

Meanwhile, inside Aldreds head.Man, this butt is to die for.

He cleared his throat, and then guided her whole body to relax while stabbing the rock. “And that is how you do it.”

“Are you sure” Mareona asked. She glanced at a soldier with powerful arms and big chest. It was Jeffery. “Hey you.”

Jeffery looked up at her, blushed then continued looking down. “Yes” he nervously replied.

“Can you teach me how to fish”

“Uhmm… It was Juhel who taught us how to fish, but Aldred is the one who fixed our technique.”

Mareona looked back at him. “Is that true”

Aldred raised his head proudly. “You might not know this, but I am a genius myself. I can through anything with a glance.”

Mareona smiled and raised her sword. “Then can you see through this” She moved like a snake snapping onto a target. Her sword cut through the water without obstruction and stabbed into a fish. She showed Aldred the fish with a proud smile.

Aldred narrowed his eyes and nodded a few times. “Yellow panties, bright blue bra. Interesting choice.”

Mareona knocked his head again.

“Ow. What was that for”

“How do you even know that”

“I told you I can see through anything.”

“I thought you mean see through my skill.”

“Its not my fault that you misunderstand.”

“Damn, you little perverted boy!” She started chasing him.

Aldred started running. The fish around them scattered. Water splashed.

Mary looked at Aldred with a smile. It felt like seeing her own son having fun, sadly he had to grow too soon. But why did his parents put so much expectation on him Aldred was a smart and talented kid, but putting them directly on the battlefield was another matter.

Maybe they protected him from the shadows, Mary thought. She still recalled that blue fairy who appeared occasionally during her travel with Aldred.

At that time, Aldred was still a lazy boy who had to be spanked every day. He was also goofy and perverted kid.

Mareona caught Aldred and they fell into the water. The boy came out of the water waving around a thin piece of yellow cloth.

“I got a treasure!” Aldred shouted happily.

“No! Thats my underwear!”


Mary giggled. Well, he was still the same perverted kid as before.

Aldreds cheeks were swollen red as he sat down on the grass. He looked at Mareona who gave her a sharp glare. The fish filled up the twenty baskets in front of them. All of them were freshly caught. They look so meaty, colorful, and delicious. They werent even cooked, and yet, Aldred was already salivating at it.

Bartrem led the soldiers in creating the fire, and then each of them stabbed one fish by the mouth with a stick.

“Wait,” Mareona said. “You guys, are just going to eat the fish like that”

“Whats wrong with that” Aldred asked. He couldnt wait to eat the fish because he was so hungry.

“We need to enrich the flavor.”

Aldred nodded. “With spices right”

“No. With flowers.” She showed a handful of purple and white flowers.

Where did she even get that Did she pull them out of her butt hole or something

“How can we increase the flavor with flowers”

Mareona approached him and squeezed the flower above his fish as it got roasted above the fire. Her slender fist produced purple and white liquid as it dripped and washed over the fish.

“Try it,” Mareona said.

Aldred was skeptical, but he bit into the soft meat. And that was when he truly experienced the taste of heaven. The flavor of the fish enriched that it tingled every atom of his tongue. It tasted a bit sweet, salty, and juicy, combined with many other flavors that could only be considered divine.

“Mareona, this is so good,” Aldred said. “Where did you get all this flower”

Mareona reached out inside her pants and pull out another handful of flowers.

Aldred raised an eyebrow in confusion. Did… Did she just really pull out flowers from her ass hole That was impossible. His godly eyes should have detected them.

“Here if you want to have more.”

“Uhh… no thanks. This is already enough.”

Aldred looked at the fish and wanted to decide whether or not he wanted to eat a fish that had been washed over with flowers. Flowers that came from her—

Well you know.

Mareona handed the flowers to everyone, and they squeezed the liquid onto their fish.

Aldred shrugged and decided to finish his fish. He gulped a big chunk of meat and then felt something stuck in his throat. It was a bone. Aldred gagged. He thumped his chest repeatedly, trying to get it out.

Mary immediately came to the rescue. She went behind him and pressed his stomach with both hands. The bone came out immediately.

Mary looked at him worriedly and gave him a canteen of water to drink from. Aldred sighed in relief after the pain in his throat disappeared.

“Thank you, Mary.”

She caressed his head with a smile. “You have to be more careful next time.”

Then gave him a kiss.


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