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Some good people went to grill Su Yunluo’s past and found out about her affair with Xu Xiangchen, and the two of them once reached the point of talking about marriage.

When asked about the matter, Su Yunluo admitted frankly that the reason for the breakup was just that their personalities were not suitable.

Moreover, she did not say anything terrible about Xu Xiangchen and finally asked the media not to bother him.


Su Yunluo’s attitude was very generous, and she was very clean in her private life except for this past relationship, so she won the goodwill of the people.

She and Jiang Hanfei were in a relationship, and everyone could see that the two were very much in love.

Plus, Jiang Hanfei’s popularity was there, so no one dared to take this matter into trouble.


On this day, Su Yunluo received a phone call from Xu Xiangchen.


“Luo Luo, it’s me.” Xu Xiang Chen’s voice was a bit tired on the other end of the phone.


During this period, the company had some problems.

Xu Xiangchen was busy with business affairs, and only after watching the news did he learn that Su Yunluo and Jiang Hanfei were together.


When he first learned this news, Xu Xiangchen’s heart was vaguely lost.

He did not expect Su Yunluo to get together with someone else so soon, and that person was also Jiang Hanfei.

So, did she let go of him Xu Xiangchen would like to ask her, but it was clear that he was no longer qualified.

There was just something he still had to say to her.


“Hmm, what’s the matter” Su Yunluo’s voice was unspeakably cold.


“Luo Luo, I just want to apologize to you.

I’m sorry for hurting you,” Xu Xianchen spoke with some difficulty.


After a moment of silence, Su Yunluo spoke, “Brother Xiangchen, I accept your apology, but I can’t forgive you now.”


Even though he had prepared for this, when he really heard Su Yunluo say it, Xu Xiangchen’s heart was indescribably bitter.

“I know.

I didn’t ask you to forgive me.

Luo Luo, you should definitely be happy,”


Su Yunluo hung up the phone and sighed.

Xu Xiangchen was very nice, but he wasn’t a good match.

It was good to make it clear like this, though.


After work, Su Yunluo went to the supermarket to buy food.

Jiang Hanfei found a job for Su Yunluo as an assistant in a studio, working from 9 to 5, which was very leisurely.


The studio was close to Jiang Hanfei’s apartment, so Su Yunluo moved in with Jiang Hanfei and lived with him.

On weekends, Su Yunluo would go home.


A week ago, Jiang Hanfei went away on a business trip, and today was the day he came back.

So Su Yunluo decided to cook a meal to treat him.


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