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Since that day when he officially visited Su Yunluo as her boyfriend, Jiang Hanfei no longer hid but openly and honestly dated Su Yunluo.


At the same time, some reporters caught the two on a date, so Jiang Hanfei once again appeared on the headlines of the entertainment pages of all the major newspapers.


Busted! Jiang Hanfei and a woman on a late-night date!

Jiang Hanfei and a woman kissed intimately in the street!

Jiang Hanfei & That Woman!


The news of Jiang Hanfei’s relationship was all over the headlines and caused a big stir.

The telephone number of Jiang Hanfei’s studio was about to be broken, but no one answered.


It didn’t take long for Jiang Hanfei to send out a Weibo post with just five words: [Yes, my very own woman! At the same time, a photo was attached of Su Yunluo sleeping with her head on the side.

Jiang Hanfei was sitting beside her, looking at her with a gentle expression in his eyes.


As soon as this tweet was posted, countless comments flooded.

[Ahhhhh! My male god is really in love!]

[What a beautiful young lady!]

[Well, the god and the girl are a good match!]

[Oooh…] [Sister, take good care of our husband…]

[This is the first time I’ve seen a man look at a person so gently.

So jealous of the girl ~ ~ ~ ]


Su Yunluo sat on the sofa, holding the tablet and swiping the comments on Weibo.

“These netizens are so cute.”


The two did not deliberately cover up the fact that they were dating, so the disclosure of the romance did not feel very strange.

However, when Jiang Hanfei sent that Weibo post, he asked for Su Yunluo’s consent.


Jiang Hanfei put his arm around Su Yunluo and kissed her cheek.

When the news was not yet out, Jiang Hanfei had already received the information.

At that time, he was a bit apprehensive, wanting to announce to the world that they were together, but he was afraid that Su Yunluo would be unhappy.


The good thing was that Su Yunluo was very generous and did not mind if their love affair was exposed.

So, with Jiang Hanfei’s consent, those newspapers dared to release the news.

With this, the romance between the two was announced to the world.

Most people blessed this relationship, and occasionally a few nasty comments were drowned out under their wishes.


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