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Before being released from the hospital, Su Yunluo had another complete body checkup to confirm there was nothing wrong with her before going through the discharge procedures.


This time, Su Yunluo was involved in a big car accident, which terrified her parents.

They refused to let her go out to work and wanted her to rest at home for longer.


Mother Su had a few years before retirement but retired early for Su Yunluo.

The most important thing for her was to give Su Yunluo a healthy body.

Every day she stewed her soup in the same quantity.

Over time, Su Yunluo became fat and white, and her body was screaming to lose weight.


On this day, Jiang Hanfei came to visit her.

“Little Fei is here.

Come in.” Mother Su was happy to see him.


“Ma’am, Luo Luo,” Jiang Hanfei’s hot gaze fell on Su Yunluo.


Su Yunluo slightly blushed: This man, can he not restrain a little


“Ma’am, where is the teacher” Jiang Hanfei asked.


“He ah, ran to the park to play chess with someone.

He will come back only at mealtime,” Mother Su spoke.


“By the way, Ma’am, I asked a friend to bring back a set of purple sand teapots, so I can make tea for you and Teacher,” Jiang Hanfei said smilingly.


“That’s really too much money.” Mother Su was a little embarrassed.

“Luo Luo, go to the kitchen and have a plate of fruits.”


Shortly after Su Yunluo went to the kitchen, Jiang Hanfei left the living room on the pretext of going to the bathroom.

Seeing that Mother Su was not paying attention, he turned his feet and went into the kitchen.


Su Yunluo was slicing apples when a tall body was pressed against her back, and she was startled, almost cutting her finger.

Su Yunluo turned around and looked at the man with dissatisfaction.

“What’s up You scared me.”


The man did not get angry and wrapped himself around the woman and asked for a kiss.

“I miss you so much.

Let me kiss you for a minute,” said the man and kissed the woman’s red lips.


The woman’s red lips were captured by Jiang Hanfei.

The woman’s red lips were kissed repeatedly as she moved around.

Su Yunluo hurriedly pushed the man away because he would not stop.

“You go out, or my mother will find out.”


Jiang Hanfei looked at her sorrowfully.

“Am I so bad”


Su Yunluo hadn’t yet told her family about her relationship with Jiang Hanfei, and her mother had ordered her to stay home and take care of her health.

So the two of them had little chance to meet.

Jiang Hanfei, who was in love, could not bear it, and he had no choice but to find excuses to come to her house again and again to relieve his longing.


“No, I haven’t found a chance to tell my parents yet.

If we suddenly say we’re together, wouldn’t that be strange” Su Yunluo spoke.


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