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“Luo Luo, are you okay” Jiang Hanfei saw Su Yunluo’s brooding face and was a little worried.


Su Yunluo returned to her senses.

“Brother Hanfei, I’m fine.

I just didn’t expect that Bai Yunyun was pregnant.

It seems they are a natural pair.” She spoke half-jokingly.


“Luo Luo, if you want to cry, don’t hold it back.

It will be better if you let it out.” Jiang Hanfei was still a bit uneasy.


Su Yunluo smiled helplessly.

“Brother Hanfei, I’m really fine.

I’ve thought about it a lot during this time.

Brother Xianchen has no feelings for me and treats me like a sister.

It had always been my wishful thinking.”


Jiang Hanfei saw Su Yunluo’s eyebrows at peace.

He finally felt relieved.

“It’s good that you were able to think about it.”


A month later, Jiang Hanfei’s movie was officially released, and the name was set as “The Harem’s Rise to Power.” On the day the film was released, the box office exceeded 150 million, and many fans watched it because of Jiang Hanfei, an international director.

The plot was intense, the special effects were full, and the actors’ faces and acting skills were right on target, which was the evaluation given by most fans.


After that, the box office rose all the way up, breaking 500 million yuan in three days, and breaking the 1 billion yuan mark in seven days.

No other film in the same period could compete with it, and all the major social networking sites discussed the film.

The fever was very high.


The film’s creators were invited by major TV stations to appear on the program, and the program’s ratings were at an all-time high.

When asked about the person they wanted to thank the most, everyone chose Jiang Hanfei.


As we all know, Jiang Hanfei was very strict and had very high requirements for the actors’ acting skills, and the slightest flaw was not allowed during the shooting.

Even the simple act of serving tea and water could not be wrong.

Therefore, after shooting Jiang Hanfei’s scenes, the actors seem to have shed a layer of skin, but their acting skills have significantly improved.


A particular talk show.


“Director Jiang, all the actors who have appeared in your films, have become famous, and you have been called “Golden Hand” by the media.

What do you think about this name” The host asked.


“In fact, I don’t really approve of this name.

Those actors became famous because of their hard work, and I just happened to discover them,” Jiang Hanfei said.


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