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Chapter 46.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



“Uhhh,” the woman let out a short moan.


The man stopped moving temporarily, dipped his head, and kissed her red lips, “Does it hurt” The two hadn’t done it for long, and the man feared he’d hurt her.


The woman shook her head and wrapped her legs around the man’s waist, signaling him to continue the action.


Gu Yiyin understood, and his waist began to move one after the other.

At first, the speed was not very fast, and it was not until the woman’s hole became wetter that the man gradually increased his movements.


The “snapping” sound of flesh slapping in the room, accompanied by the ambiguous panting of the man and woman, makes people blush and pulsate.


The man grabbed the woman’s slim waist and kept thrusting in her tightness.

The constant friction between the stick and the sensitized cavern walls brought a burst of intense pleasure.


“Mmmm ah.

So fast.


Ah ha.” The woman’s voice was charming and moving.

Feeling the man’s s*x organ pounding furiously inside her, her body was tingling.


The snow-white plumpness jumped up and down on her chest, nearly making the man’s eyes flash.

Gu Yiyin covered one of the sides.

His big palm gently kneaded and watched the smooth snow mass turn into various shapes according to his intention.


The woman was still lactating, and her breasts were sensitive.

When the man gently pinched her, a small stream of milk sprayed from her nipples.

The man leaned over and licked it, and the sweet milk made the man very happy.

He took one side of the nipple and sucked greedily like a baby drinking milk.

The sweet milk entered his mouth in one gulp and was swallowed into his stomach.


“Mmmm ah.

So comfortable.” The woman looked down and saw the man buried in her breast and sucking milk.

Unlike when a baby sucked milk, the man would bite the nipple with his teeth and nibble and rub it, making the woman ache and comforted.


At the same time, the man’s lower body was racing.

The meat stick stroked inside her tight, juicy canal almost without pause.

The thick s*x organ was pushing open the incredibly tight hole, repeatedly bringing out warm nectar with each pull.




So deep.

Mmmm.” The woman chanted.

Her insides squirmed and contracted when the man’s rod was inserted.

The flesh was like a small mouth clinging to the man’s pole, sucking and squeezing inch by inch… as if to squeeze out the essence inside.


The man’s forehead had already gathered a layer of sweat beads.

The woman was wet and tight, strangling and sucking his rod.

It almost made him lose all his senses, only wanting to do so, never to part.


“Baby.” The man lovingly and deeply kissed the woman’s red lips, and his lower body ruthlessly pounded down the woman’s wet and slippery cave.


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