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On the National Day, Gu Yiyin drove Su Yunluo home.

B city was about two and a half hours away from H city.

They left at eight o’clock, and due to traffic jams on holiday, they arrived at Su Yunluo’s house at around 11 o’clock.


    Su Yunluo told her parents early in the morning that she would bring her boyfriend home for a holiday, and they said they were very welcome.

Inside the elevator, looking at the rising floor numbers, the two did not speak.


    At this time, Su Yunluo looked at Gu Yiyin, who was on the side, “You should not be so nervous.

My parents are very nice .”


    “I know.” Gu Yiyin took a deep breath and slowly spoke.


    Su Yunluo looked at him with amusement: This man tossed and turned last night and fell asleep very late, and he did not sleep for a few hours before getting up to prepare. 


    Looking at his large bags of gifts, Su Yunluo’s heart warmed.


    The elevator stopped at that floor.

The elevator door opened, and the two stepped out and stopped at the apartment entrance diagonally opposite.

Su Yunluo took out the key to open the door.

At this time, the door of the apartment next door opened, and a middle-aged woman came out.

“Yunluo is back,” the middle-aged woman greeted with a smile.


    “Long time no see, Auntie Li .” Su Yunluo greeted her with a smile.

As Su Yunluo called her, Auntie Li was an old resident and had moved here a year earlier than Su Yunluo’s family.

She was kind and had a good relationship with Su Yunluo’s family.


    “Is this your boyfriend” Auntie Li looked at Gu Yiyin curiously.


    “Yes, I took advantage of the holiday to bring him back to meet my parents.” Su Yunluo slowly spoke.


    “So that’s how it is.

He’s really handsome,” Aunt Li exclaimed.


    The door of Su Yunluo’s house opened, and it was Father Su.

“Luo Luo,” he looked at Su Yunluo with a loving face.


    “Dad.” Su Yunluo gave Father Su a hug.


    “It’s good that you’re back.” Father Su patted Su Yunluo and released her.

“This is little Gu, right” He looked at Gu Yiyin on the side.

Su Yunluo briefly told Father Su and Mother Su about Gu Yiyin on the phone, so they both knew his name.


    Gu Yiyin solemnly opened his mouth to greet, “I met you for the first time.

Hello uncle.

I’m Gu Yiyin, Luo Luo’s boyfriend .”


    “Good, good.” Father Su looked at Gu Yiyin’s appearance and had an excellent initial impression of him, “Don’t stand at the door.

Come in first.”


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