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Chapter 37.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


    Su Yunluo, at this moment, was still in the afterglow of her climax, looking lost in thought and a trance.

She heard the man whisper in her ear, and a tearing pain immediately came from her lower body.


    “It hurts.” Su Yunluo wrinkled her pretty eyebrows.

The corners of her eyes could not help but shed a string of teardrops.


    Gu Yiyin did not dare to move.

He leaned down and kissed Su Yunluo’s tears away.

His thin lips licked her red lips gently, and his warm palm held her softness, kneading and caressing them.


    When the woman’s brow was loosened, Gu Yiyin lifted her thighs to wrap around his waist.

He moved hard his waist and abdomen, one after another, towering.


    “Mmmm ah.

Ah ha.

So much.

” Su Yunluo gradually got the fun.

Her red lips overflowed with sweet moans.


    The man’s movements gradually increased, holding the woman’s soft waist and thrusting wildly in and out.

The sound of flesh slapping “pop, pop, pop ” sounded constantly.

Love juice mixed with wisps of virgin blood from the intersection of the two were squeezed out, dripping on the bed sheet rendering a smear of red.


    The woman’s p*ssy was warm and tight, and when the rod was inserted, the flesh swarmed up from all sides to wrap it tightly.

When it was withdrawn, it firmly clung to it and did not let it go.


    The sweat on Gu Yiyin’s head came down in drops, falling along his rigid jaw line into the woman’s snow-white breasts.

The woman underneath him was deeply loved by his waist and abs, nine shallow and one deep.

The thick, long meat stick was moistened with love juices and glistened with water, weaving back and forth between the narrow slit of the flower.


    “Mmmmmm.  So deep.

So heavy.  Yiyin.

” Su Yunluo babbled and breathed out a confusing moan.

The narrow flower path was stretched open again and again by the thick and long thing.

The huge tip deeply jacked the tender flower center, which contracted tighter and tighter as it was stimulated.


    Gu Yiyin’s burning eyes looked at the woman beneath him: He saw her charming body, such as seaweed-like long hair scattered on the pillow, delicate face with a strong expression of spring, the small red lips spitting moans, the snow-white breasts trembling slightly, and the delicate hole gulping his own male symbol, a living siren.


    This lascivious appearance made Gu Yiyin turn into a wolf.

With red eyes, his waist and abdomen pounded furiously, eager to break her.


    He tightly wrapped his arms around the woman beneath him, and his c*ck was deeply rooted in her p*ssy.

When he pulled out, only the large glans were left at the opening, then plunged in again, and so on.


    The sweet love juice from the two of them splashed out.

The lower part of their belly was stained with a wet, love juice at the man’s high speed in and out movements.

It turned into white foam and stuck to the woman’s p*ssy, and it was incredibly lascivious.


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