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Su Yunluo closed her eyes and felt the man’s caress on her.

Her thin lace bottom had been soaked with love juices, and the moist fabric clung to her tender flower, making her rub it lightly with difficulty.


The man’s mouth kept moving, and his hands didn’t stay on the sidelines.

A big thick palm went down along the woman’s waistline and touched the woman’s inner thighs.

The man’s fingers went around the most tender piece and caressed it slightly ambiguously.

When the woman was teased, the man’s fingers hooked the edge of the panties.

He gradually pulled them down, revealing the soft, forbidden area between the woman’s legs.


The big palm covered and gently stroked, and he soon felt the slippery fluid all over his palm.

The man’s finger explored the woman’s garden.

When he touched a bulging pearl and pressed it, he heard the woman let out an “ahh” sound, and then the juices flowed even faster.

So, his fingers circled around that spot, sliding up and down against the point and rubbing it.

Sometimes he would reach out two fingers to hold it and gently pull it out.


“Mmm ah.

Ah.” when the sensitive point was stimulated, Su Yunluo wriggled her slim waist.

She kept panting with her red lips, one more charming than the other.

Her lower body was like losing the inhibition, continuously flowing the burst of love fluid.

The bedsheet underneath is drenched with large ambiguous watermarks.



Aha.” Su Yunluo opened her legs wide and panted urgently.

Both her upper and lower sensitivities were fiercely played with by the man.

Gu Yiyin used his hands and mouth, using all kinds of tactics to tease her and provoke her so that she could only moan and squirm helplessly under him.


After Gu Yiyin squeezed the bulging pearl once again, Su Yunluo finally couldn’t help but let out a scream.

Her legs spread wide helplessly, and she released a large stream of water, climaxing under the man’s hand.

Gu Yiyin took his mouth out of the red-colored nipple.

He kissed her hard on her luscious lips, then stood up straight and took off the last layer of coverings on his body, revealing the long-standing hard desire between his legs.

The stick was thick and long, with veins twisting around its body and a few drops of viscous fluid spilling out of the small hole at the very front, which twitched slightly to show the man’s impatience.


Gu Yiyin took a handful of the woman’s fluid between her legs and applied it to his stick.

He pressed his tall body towards the woman again, with his burgeoning giant between his legs against the woman’s sensitive core.

He spoke deeply and said, “Luo Luo, I’m coming in.” After that, his rod squeezed open the two pink flower lips and pushed towards the warm and tight hole.


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