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Su Yunluo didn’t drink much tonight, but that wine had a strong aftertaste.

By the time she got to the back, the wine was on her head, making her dizzy.

She leaned her back against the sofa to rest.


“Luoluo, are you okay” A female colleague looked at her worriedly.


Su Yunluo shook her head, “Fine, just a little dizzy.”


“How about I get you a car and send you back first” The female colleague spoke.


Su Yunluo smiled, “No, thank you.

My boyfriend will come to pick me up later.” Her colleague smiled, nodded, and seated aside to watch her.


Not long after, the door was pushed open.

A tall man dressed casually came in, none other than Gu Yiyin.


The crowd looked at him suspiciously.

Among them, a man spoke up and asked him, “This gentleman, may I ask who you are here to see”


“I’m here to find Su Yunluo,” he said as his eyes searched the room.


At this time, he saw Su Yunluo with her eyes closed in the corner.

He walked over with big steps, “Luoluo Luoluo Wake up.”


Su Yunluo dazedly opened her eyes and saw Gu Yiyin in front of her.

She smiled stupidly at him, “Yiyin.”


“It’s me.

How come you’re so drunk” Gu Yiyin was helpless and upset.


“I drank a few shots to not get drunk.” Su Yunluo muttered.


At this time, the female colleague sitting next to Su Yunluo spoke up, “This gentleman, you are Luoluo’s boyfriend, right She’s a bit drunk, so I’ll trouble you to take her back.”


“Thanks for taking care of her.

I’ll take her back.” Gu Yiyin thanked the female colleague and then patted Su Yunluo.

“Luoluo, be good.

Wake up, I’ll take you back.”


Su Yunluo was so drunk that she was too lazy to move and reached out to Gu Yiyin, “You hold me.” Gu Yiyin smiled dotingly, picked up Su Yunluo, and after talking to the people in the room, he carried her away.


Driving home, he passed by a pharmacy to buy a box of sobering pills.


Gu Yiyin gently put Su Yunluo on the bed when he arrived home.

He then poured a cup of warm water and gave her the sober medicine, “Luoluo, be good and drink the medicine.

You will not feel so bad.” Su Yunluo cooperated and obediently opened her mouth to swallow the medicine.


After a while, she opened her eyes, “So hot, I want to take a shower.” She said and was about to get up from the bed.


Gu Yiyin hurriedly held her up, “Can you”


Su Yunluo nodded and then walked into the bathroom.

After taking a shower, Su Yunluo realized she hadn’t brought any clothes in.

She grabbed a large bath towel from the side, wrapped it around her body, and went out.


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