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Gu Yiyin returned from a business trip today.

The moment he stepped into the house, he was stunned for a moment.

For no other reason, he saw Su Yunluo cooking in the kitchen.


The two had been dating for so long, yet Su Yunluo had never done any hands-on cooking.

He had always been the one cooking at home.

Therefore, seeing her cooking in the kitchen, Gu Yiyin was surprised.


Su Yunluo hadn’t noticed Gu Yiyin’s return.

She was wearing a pink bear apron, happily chopping carrots and humming an unknown song softly.

She was skilled with her knife and quickly sliced a carrot into beautiful shreds.


At that moment, she finally sensed someone was looking at her.

When Su Yunluo raised her head, she saw a man standing a short distance away with a suitcase beside him.

The man saw her raise her head and smiled at her; it was Gu Yiyin.


Gu Yiyin’s figure was tall and straight.

The kind of refined type handsome man.

His eyes were as deep and charming as the sea; his high nose, thin lips, and face were firm but soft.

Especially when he smiled at you with his eyes full of affection, it was really something.


Gu Yiyin slowly walked towards her.


Su Yunluo finally came back to her senses and adjusted her mood.

Raising her head, she smiled lightly, “You’re back.”


“Well, I was going to take you out to dinner, but I didn’t think you’d cook.

Looks like I’m in luck tonight.” Gu Yiyin teased.


Su Yunluo blushed slightly, “Go put your luggage away first.

I’ll fry up two more dishes, and you can eat them soon.”


When Gu Yiyin returned to the bedroom, Su Yunluo was relieved.

She almost dropped her cover.

Fortunately, the original Su Yunluo knew how to cook, or else she would have been exposed.


When Gu Yiyin came out of the bedroom, Su Yunluo was untying her apron.

Seeing him, Su Yunluo smiled and spoke, “You can eat now.”


The two sat down at the dining table.

Su Yunluo manually scooped him a bowl of rice, “Hurry up and eat.”


Su Yunluo made four dishes and one soup.

Those were very common home-cooked dishes.


Gu Yiyin put a piece of ribs in his mouth.

It was sweet and sour, and the meat was tender and delicious.


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