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Finally, they have solved medicinal properties. 

Su Yunluo’s spirit relaxed.

Fatigue came at her, and she soon fainted. 

Wen Nanjin was reluctant to get out of her body so soon.

It took him a while to get his stick out.

Wen Nanjin picked her up and brought her to the bathroom. 

After filling the bathtub with hot water, Wen Nanjin let her lean against his arms and gently cleaned her body. 

Su Yunluo was exhausted.

She didn’t move all the way through.

After cleansing, Wen Nanjin brought her back to bed. 

He parted her legs and inspected the condition of her flower. 

Wen Nanjin was inexperienced, and he was worried about hurting her too much. 

Good thing it was just a little swollen and red.

There was no laceration.

After giving it some thought, he was still uncomfortable.

Wen Nanjin called his assistant to get some ointment. 

In less than half an hour, he brought it with him. 

Wen Nanjin read the instructions for use, stained his fingertips with the transparent ointment, and slowly applied it to the woman’s flower opening.

Wen Nanjin sweated for a few moments. 

Looking at the erect rod underneath him, Wen Nanjin smiled bitterly and went into the bathroom to settle it himself. 

He took one more shower before he went back to bed.

He embraced Su Yunluo’s delicate body, turned off the bedside lamp, and closed his eyes to sleep.

The next day, Su Yunluo slowly opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was the man’s bare and strong chest. 

She was startled, and when she raised her head, she saw Wen Nanjin with an affectionate face.

“You’re awake… Is there anywhere uncomfortable” 

The man looked at her attentively, his fingers caressing the tender face of the woman.

When she saw the man’s face, memories of last night came flooding back to her like a tidal wave.

She recalled that she accidentally drank the drugged wine.

That Wen Nanjin came along to pick her up, and then the two of them even made love.

Recalling that she harassed Wen Nanjin like a hungry b*tch last night, Su Yunluo was ashamed.

She grabbed the comforter and sat down in bed, pulling on her sore muscles and moaning a small, “Mmmm…”

“What’s wrong Where is it uncomfortable” Wen Nanjin looked nervous and was about to lift the blanket.


Nothing… “Su Yunluo shyly clutched the blanket.

“Last night… We…” Su Yunluo said after hesitating for a while.

“Luoluo… ” Wen Nanjin interrupted her, “I will take responsibility for what happened last night.”

Su Yunluo was a tad surprised.

She would just pretend that last night never happened, but Wen Nanjin said he wanted to be responsible.

If it was anyone else, she would have leaped for joy.

How come she felt weird

“Brother Nanjin, you don’t need to do that.”

Wen Nanjin frowned a little: “Don’t you want me to be responsible for you”

Brother Nanjin, that is not what I wanted to say.

I’m already grateful to you for saving my life yesterday, so how can I… “

Su Yunluo didn’t know what to say.

“Luoluo, I did not want to be with you only because of last night.

I loved you a long time ago.

I truly want to be with you.

I’m happy to be responsible for you, and I want you to have me for the rest of your days! Do you understand what I’m talking about”

Su Yunluo was a little messed up when he heard his confession.

‘Many men have confessed to me before, and I haven’t felt a thing, so how come this time I feel like my heart is racing faster, and I feel ecstatic.

Probably I really like him.’

The man continued, “Luoluo, I know you may still have Qi Yunxuan in your heart.

But will you give me a chance to look after you And if you end up finding it inappropriate, you can always break up with me.”

Su Yunluo was still stuck in her thoughts.

‘When did she start liking him Was it the day he bought the pink diamond just because she said something she liked it or that he flew to L country to see her Since you like him, give it a shot.’

Su Yunluo had come to a decision. 

She looked up and said, “Brother Nanjin, I can try it with you, but…”

Before Su Yunluo finished her words, Wen Nanjin interrupted her excitedly, “That’s great, Luoluo.” 

He hugged her so happily his body shook.

Su Yunluo hesitated for a moment and slowly hugged him back, “Brother Nanjin, currently, I may not like you as much as you like me! Are you willing to live with that”

“It doesn’t matter, Luoluo.

I’m happy that you’re willing to be with me.

I’ll try to make you love me and strive to make you happy.” Wen Nanjin looked at her affectionately.

Su Yunluo looked at him. 

‘This silly man.’

However, his heart remained stable.

The beloved girl agreed to be with him, and Wen Nanjin felt very happy. 

Seeing her delicate face, he couldn’t resist kissing the girl.

His “sneak attack” made Su Yunluo blush slightly.

Watching the girl’s shy appearance, the man smiled gently like water.


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